Like ‘dem audio books?

A few weeks ago I signed nearly a hundred audio book covers for Tantor Audio to help them celebrate June being audio book month.  They’re going to be giving them away later in the month, the first of them starting the 23rd, but if you can’t wait for a “maybe I’ll win” you can jump on over to Tantor right now and pick up the titles you want for 50% off.  This link takes you to my main page, and from there you can get to the reduced price.  Also at this link is the interview that I, Jocelynn Drake, and Vicki Pettersson did earlier this year for Sirius radio.

Tantor is the group that produced the first five Hollows titles, giving us the talented Ms. Gavin.  I swear, when I’m working with Ivy, I hear her voice, but Jenks is my favorite.  It’s hard to make a high voice sound butch and dangerous, but she can do it.  Even if audio books aren’t your thing, it’s worth jumping over there just to hear Ms. Gavin bring them all to life.

My work went better yesterday, but 14 pages in two days isn’t cutting it.  I’ve got to abuse my keyboard today and get some pages in the cabinet of awesomeness or I’m going to have an ugly weekend.  Also, manic Monday books are starting to go out, so if you’ve not paid your invoice yet, your shipment will be delayed a few weeks as Guy and I take care of one of our summer projects.  I just may shut down the drama box for a week.  We’ll see . . .


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11 responses to “Like ‘dem audio books?

  1. Rhonda

    You absolutely scored with securing Ms. Gavin as the reader!

  2. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Keep up the good fight Kim. I have no doubt that if ur cabinet of awesomeness is hungry.. u will feed it. However, I can’t help but wonder if u having a down day means someone in the book will now get their ass kicked.. or possibly die. Ha! And of course Jenks swearing a lil more.. which makes me smile, everytime. 🙂

    Have fun doing ur summer project with Guy. You guys deserve fun in the sun.

  3. Yeah, that figures. Audiobooks go on sale AFTER I buy them! At least I’m covered wherever I am. Hardcovers for home. Audibooks for the car. Paperbacks for everywhere else. As for your work, just keep on keepin’ on! If you need a break, take it. You know, “All work and no play….”!!
    We don’t always say it, but your readers sure do appreciate all of your hard work.

  4. Joni

    I love the audio books too and have been buying all of them. Unfortunately I can no longer do that since they have changed to two credits now. Between Audible and Kindle raising credits and prices, I guess i’ll be giving new writers a shot. Nothing wrong with that I guess but I’ll miss Rachel and ivy and Jenks.

  5. I absolutely love the audiobooks, they just make my imagination fly wild. Whenever I read a Hollows books I keep listening to the voices in my head.
    Your right about Ms. Gavin, she is great. Cannot imagine anyone else reading the Hollows.
    Just remember to take the time to enjoy your days and your work. You’re just made of awesome sauce. =D
    Some days are meant to be not so good, so we can truly appreciate the rest.
    Anyway, in case I can’t stop by tomorrow… Have a happy Friday and a nice weekend!

  6. Glad yesterday was better, hope today and tomorrow are better still! I am officially on vacation now, visiting family in VA. So far the weather has been beautiful and I’m just hanging out doing nothing! Next week I’ll be a little more active, or at least that’s the plan.

  7. Good luck on the writing and the project. I just had a new position fall into my lap at work. It is making slightly less money, but I will be programming finally, which has been a dream of mine for ages. My current job will miss me lots, but I think this is a good move for me.

    No overtime, 8 hours a day, which means I can finally take up writing again!!

  8. Happy day ma’am,

    I got a full 8 hours of sleep. I am ready to go…sadly, I have no where to go. 🙂

    Good luck with your project, we’ll be here when you get back.


    • jkh

      Hon, ramble out in that lovely yard in the cool of the morning or the evening, take a census of the squirrels and other fauna (watch out for skunks), prowl around with the pussycats, pitch the toy for the dog(s)…breathe the air that doesn’t smell of diesel-fueled construction equipment while simultaneously growling, rattling, beeping, or roaring. And rejoice that you’re not shackled with a full-length splint, wrestling with crutches.

  9. I would buy the audiobooks at 50% off, but I already own them all. Isn’t that just the way it always goes. I LOVE audiobooks, and I love your book, so probably it was inevitable that I would own them. They’re great … especially since Margeurite Gavin took over the narration. I have your books on Kindle, some (also) in hard copy, and regardless of however else I have them, I have ALL of them in Audio too. That probably means I’m a fan. Yup, definitely. I’m a fan.

  10. jkh

    My gosh, am I the first to comment today? That’s weird, ’cause here I am on the West Coast and usually I’m later in than many. Oh well. Glad yesterday went better. Ya know if you’re just not getting anything done, fighting yourself, maybe you should permit yourself (occasionally) to get out there and garden like a madwoman for a few hours, then you’ll have your batteries recharged and possibly you will have resolved an issue subconsciously. Pulling weeds is very therapeutic. Back to the battle, refreshed and joyous!