How does your garden grow?

It’s Tuesday, and I’m already looking for the weekend.  I think it’s high schooler envy.  They got out last week, and I’ve been sitting in my office, watching them skateboard, bike, walk the dog, etc, on their way to the pool, beach, shopping, or an ice cream cone downtown.  Blahhhh.

Still, I managed to get through my expected pages, which was both a miracle and about two hours over my usual quitting time.  Today will be worse since I’ve got an appointment, and even though it’s going to cut my day in half and rob me of three hours, I still expect me to hit the same mark.  My boss is a monster, I tell you.  A monster.  If she didn’t garden, she’d have no redeeming qualities at all.

The picture is of my summer squash.  They sell them for about a buck fifty down at the Farmer’s Market when they start to come in in-mass, but Guy and I go through them so fast I thought it might be fun to grow them this year.  I picked a bush variety because of lack of space, and this little guy has doubled in size since I took the picture on Friday.  I actually started this from seed, which is something I never do but probably will more often since the tomato blight a few years ago.  (If you missed it, almost every tomato plant sold at a big-box store had a virus that is now in the ground where ever they were planted, killing tomatoes right before they set fruit.  You have to either remove the dirt and replace it, or plant your tomatoes somewhere else for a few years.) For those of you who are interested, this squash hasn’t yet been pollinated.  You can tell because it still has a tightly closed flower.  If it keeps growing like this, I’ll be having squash by the weekend!


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24 responses to “How does your garden grow?

  1. This is our first garden and we love it! The zucchini is taking over. I am shocked at how much is growing. I figured we would probably end up with a tomato or possibly a green bean. Lol! I have a killer recipe for chocolate zucchini bread. Also one for pineapple zucchini bread. If anybody wants it, just let me know. As long as all keeps going well, next year we will expand the garden. What’s that saying? If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!

  2. jkh

    My garden is a couple of window boxes and a couple of pots on my balcony, and I haven’t even planted them yet. Been a little preoccupied with my dad’s final decline and my broken patella. Hope to get some starter plants soon, to brighten things up a little.

  3. Brenda M

    My plants are coming along nicely with one or two exceptions.

  4. I’m not saying anything about tomato payback 😉

  5. Linda Lou

    Tomato virus? Yikes -getting closer and closer to the turn! I’ve got jalapenos, chili, tabasco peppers (I like the hot stuff) and little cherry tomatoes on a new plant. Virus free I hope. Oh -and someone gave me a pomegranate tree. It’s got a little bud on it.
    Having to stay inside while the other kids are outside playing? I know how you feel. I played tennis Fri…went out after with my tennis buddy and his friends…woke up Sat. with a nasty cold. Ruined my weekend!!
    Glad you’re back-

  6. I’m very pleased that my seedlings are sprouting and my flowers are growing. I appreciate you sharing your garden experiences to give me a curiosity and now love for it. If I’m ever lucky enough to have my own yard I will have many more projects. Have a great day and keep up the good writing.

    p.s. Yesterday in Salem, MA I saw a sign outside a lil cafe that made me smile. Would love to share it with you.. but in case my comp skills don’t pull through for me I’ll describe it…
    A chalkboard sign with a drawing of a Dalek saying “Caffeinate” and “Intoxicate”. Below it says “You better do what the Daylek says.. he is serious.” The geek in me approves 🙂!/photo.php?fbid=4154519549593&set=a.1240521301458.38850.1482070230&type=3&theater

  7. We’ve got three small raised beds: one has tomatoes, eggplant, and a zucchini; one has sunflowers; and the last has 5 pots with flat-leaf parsley, peppermint, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. Johnny takes cares of the watering while I supply the petting and cooing. We haven’t noticed any problems with our tomatoes. Maybe we got a good batch.
    Happy writing through your deadlines.

  8. I’m so happy other people garden so I can enjoy the fruits (and veggies and flowers) of their labor! Both of my neighbors have beautiful flowers for me to look at, and I have friends who are always giving away food they’ve grown. Meanwhile, my weed garden is doing great.

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    My brother-in-law is the gardener here. I snagged one of his tomatoes, it’s soooo good!

    I had a question about the CW’s aquisition of rights for the Hollows. They pay you $xxxxxxx.xx. for the rights to your creation for a specific amount of time. If they fail to produce a product in that time frame the rights are lost. You still get to keep the money, right?


  10. Kristy Savage Davidson

    I wish I could grow a garden! I live on a rocky hill full of trees! I have tiny patches of sunlight That move around through the day. 😦

  11. I planted my cherry tomatoes in a pot for the first time this year and ate the first batch this weekend! Super sweet and yum-o! My lettuce from seed never came up and everything else is growing apace…spinach, cucumber, more tomatoes. This year I grabbed a tomato plant from the nursery that I never heard of so should be interesting O.O

  12. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. I love squash baked with butter and brown sugar. Its a body-builder,and NOT on my diet but I’m planning on having it once this year.It’s a bummer when you have to lay plans in advance to break your diet,but you do enjoy it more.

  13. About the same place we are at. I’ve had to plant a couple of gardens this year, one for the dogs, one for me. Front yard:
    (Hehe, veggie garden in square foot, I swore once I got two acres I’d have a real garden!)
    Rear: I have peculiar weeds. (Dog proof in rear) and dog watching me IN the cage: Stupid Weed!

  14. Audra

    Thought this was interesting as the article reminded me of certain events that are the basis for the Hollows series. According to the article, scientists have cracked the tomato genome and are now researching how to “improve” the plant…

  15. Like an Inderlander, I love tomatoes but don’t have the patience to deal with the pests and diseases so common to them. I’ll buy at the farmer’s market or grocery and spend the time I save elsewhere. Kudos to you for having the patience to do grow your own vegetables.

  16. Dena

    I just planted jack o lantern pumpkins a week ago and it’s already got it’s 3rd leaf and ready to be transplanted…purple tomatoes are getting ready to flower and my Mother’s Day planted Morning Glories are already climbing like weeds…good luck to you!:)

  17. I’m so stoked that I’ve already had squash and zucchini from my garden!
    We made wooden frames that are about waist high, and then put big, square containers in them in a row. That’s my Gimp Garden, so I can have all the joy and none of the pain from trying to get down to the ground and back up. =)

    I’m just waiting for my tomatoes and green peppers, which are growing nicely, and my carrots, which may not because I forgot to thin them. Oops!

    Happy Gardening!

  18. Looking good! Mine are still a few weeks away, but I am looking forward to stuffed squash. The first tomatoes of the season are just now forming on my plants. That is what I’m most looking forward to — that first home grown tomato of the year!

  19. Drew Goodwin

    Dangerous tomatos!