Manic Monday, and a little Rockabilly

Manic Monday books are gone.  Thanks everyone!  If you missed out, Guy and I will be having more Manic Mondays in the future.  Guy will be sending out invoices over the next couple of days, so be sure to watch the email you reserved your copy from.

Last Friday I talked about the Rockabilly lifestyle that Vicki Pettersson touches on in her latest series, starting with THE TAKEN.  Some of you knew exactly what I was talking about, some of you were already into it, and some of you were scratching your head, wondering if it was some new subculture coming out of the hills of Tennessee.  No, it is not, and you can find Rockabillies as far away as Japan all the way to . . . well . . . a small town in Michigan.  I begged Vicki for a link to explain, and she found me a good one.  It’s in an interview she did for The Big Thrill, and it’s the best explanation I’ve seen to date.  You get a much better sneak peek into THE TAKEN,  as well.  The Taken  So check it out.

Which reminds me.  Chapter four of THE TAKEN should be popping up today.  I’ll drop the link here when it does.  (Chapter Four. ) And if you’re lucky enough to be where Vicki is going, here’s her tour schedule.  The Taken comes out tomorrow, so she’s hitting the tarmac.  The one piece of advice I gave her was to pack as few shoes as she could get away with.  I’m dying to find out how many that was, so if you go to one of her events, find out for me, huh?  -grin-

I’ve also promised you a Manic Monday, and in celebration of the third Madison book SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES, now being out in paperback, Guy and I have a slew of them to give away for the price of shipping and handling.  SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES is part of HarperTeen’s summer promotion, and I’m tickled three shades of pink.

Here is how you get yours.

Guy will begin taking orders at noon today, EST.  (Don’t email him now.  Wait for noon.)  One book per person, please.  The cost covers the shipping and handling.  USA shipments will take two weeks from when we ship, international will be a bit longer as there are forms to fill out and longer shipping times.

Shipping and Handling is $5.78 in the US, $10.78 to Canada, and $17.78 everywhere else.  To make this as painless as possible for Guy, we are taking Pay Pal only.  Unfortunately we can’t combine any other merchandise in with this, but until we run out, you will get this year’s freebie of Rachel’s pack tattoo.  Domestic will come Media Mail, everything else will come first class international.

If you are interested, at noon, EST today, (no earlier) send an email to Guy at with the words SPF9 Madison in the subject line.  If you are among the first 90, he will send you an invoice, so please include your shipping address in your initial email.  If you do not include your shipping address in the initial email, he can not ship you your book, and your order will not be acted on.  PayPal doesn’t always put the address in, and it’s frustrating.  We don’t do anything with your address but ship you your book.  We don’t have the time to do anything wicked, and I hate it when people sell mine, so . . .  Also, please do not place an order if you do not intend to pay for it.  We had too many last time, which is why we were not able to do another until now.

We have a lot of these, so I’m I’m thinking the window will be a few hours, and as usual, I’ll update this post when they are gone to help avoid confusion.  If you miss out, I’ll be having more shipping and handling give aways.


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12 responses to “Manic Monday, and a little Rockabilly

  1. Howdy ma;am

    I had my own version of Manic Monday. My aunt and 3 of my cousins came all the way from KY to visit us, They are staying at my sisters’ houses,

    I visited a little but had to leave early so I could get a nap in fore I went into work, After my nap, i realized I am not supposed to work until next Monday. I missed a really good supper. 😦

    As a joke, we set up these delux accomedations for them..


  2. Diane White

    Love your books

  3. Hey Kim! I’m sorry if you’ve answered this question before, but I have been sick and out of the loop for almost 2 months. Has there been any word on what the CW will be doing with the Hollows tv series? I didn’t see anything for the upcoming fall season.

  4. Toni Thomas

    I have lived through a night of hell, I really need a good book! It is almost 11 am where I am, what time is it there?

  5. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren-have a great Monday,and I will be getting The Madison books as well as the Princess and Truth books one day,as soon as I can put them on my Kindle moneywise. I don’t get paper books anymore ,except for special ones like Blood Work-too hard to see.

  6. when are you coming out with a new book for Madison? I really found this series quite fun to read! I actually stumbled upon them at the library and then proceeded to gobble them up! thanks Kim!

    • Thank you, Ravensnest. I’m so glad you liked them! I decided to end the series at three. The story wasn’t really done, but I had said all I wanted to.