I think I saw a rockabilly couple last night.

I think I saw a rockabilly couple last night.  Guy didn’t believe me, but that’s what it looked like to me.  See, one of our local small towns has a festival every Thursday night in the summer, closing off a few streets, bringing in about six unique live bands and the local restaurants offering specials.  There’s even an informal old car show that evolves as car shows do in rural areas.  And that’s where I think this couple came from–the car show.

I love it when people step outside, or perhaps, inside themselves and show their uniqueness.  I didn’t know about the rockabilly culture until recently, but now I’m on the lookout for them.  Right here in rural Michigan.  And if it shows up here, then it’s showing up everywhere.  I’m blaming Vicki Petterrson.  She saw them before me, about two, three years before me I’m guessing, and has worked the culture beautifully into her next series, THE TAKEN.    OH! As promised,  chapter three is now up for your viewing pleasure.  Chapter four will be up on Monday, and the entire book comes out Tuesday. Earlier chapters are clickable from the first link.  She’s also got her tour schedule up.

I WILL be doing a manic Monday on Monday as well, so do stop at the Drama Box before noon to find out how to get your book for shipping and handling.

P.S.  Guy and I had a great time last night eating our sandwiches and drinking our cream sodas while listening to live bands and hunting for Thing Two, on the loose and living free.  🙂  Spotted him once, and that’s kind of cool.


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  1. Yeah rockabilly I think started in california! I lived there for seven years before returning back to my roots in southern Louisiana. I made some great friends that are rockabilly! I knew one guy that didn’t use any appliance that wasn’t from the 40’s like microwaves! He had a pretty cool wardrobe too lol! His car was a classic of course lol! He had a tiki bar set up in his back yard! 🙂 Thanks for reading! You are my favorite author! Your style is so unique from anyone else’s! It really floors me!

  2. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Sounds like u and Guy had a great night. I love summer nights. I’m looking forward to the fireflies!
    I like the rockabilly.. but I like steampunk even better. One of these days l’ll dress up. Until then I’ll live through others vicariously.

  3. old72jim

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. I LOVE New England cream soda,Its the best,specially the root beer.And of course Bar-B-Que sandwiches. I like rockabilly as well. Sounds like fun

  4. jkh

    Rockabilly as a subculture is a new one to me. Some of the music as mentioned I’ve heard, and it’s OK. I do like the old rock’n’roll sometimes. But the whole drag race, ripped shirts, etc., just isn’t for me.

  5. I’m not part of the rockabilly culture, but I absolutely love rockabilly music! It’s what I listen to when I want to cheer myself up or energize myself.

  6. Howdy ma’am,

    I am afraid. Afraid to go to my mail box. Last Friday, I had to spend a little time in the local ER. It turned out I had a minor infection and it caused me to become very dehyrated. By now, I am sure the bill is out there in my mail box. I don’t want to see it…


    • Kit

      Funny enough, I am in exactly the same boat. The deposit alone nearly cleaned my bank account out. Now I’m waiting for the actual bill =/

    • jkh

      Now why did I think you work in the medical field? My daughter does, and she has primo coverage. A trip to the ER does have a copay that makes my eyes bug a little, but that’s the worst of the pain.
      Sorry you had a bout with a bug, and it got ahead of you. Take your meds, Eat some yogurt to restart the “good guys” in your gut, and don’t forget the water.

    • They CAT scanned my brain. The doc said it was still there. I said good, it’s the only thing I actually use, Both of my sisters nodded in agreement.


    • Yikes! I hope you’re doing okay, Vampy.

  7. Sara Beth

    It is alive and well since the 70’s. . I am proudly one of them. for like 19 years. we have festivals all over the world, especially vegas during easter weekend, with new rockabilly acts and orginal acts like The comets, wanda jackson, jerry lee lewis, chuck berry etc. . it is a lifestyle, passion just like any other subculture. it is not poodle skirts, soda/malt shops and that kind of thing. more of the rebel without a cause meets the wild one. lol. lots of different takes on the “look”, greaser,greaserette, 50s sex kitten, some with tattoos or without, modern 50s, and some that dedicate to remaining more pure to the 40s and 50s. there are a few books and DVD about it if you want to learn more:)

  8. There’s lots of them in my area of Michigan (several in my family!). Come to a family gathering and you can get up close and personal.lol

  9. The Rockabilly culture is everywhere! I hear it’s a big thing in Japan. Who knew?

  10. Kara

    if you dig Reggae music, Kalamazoo has Island Festival next weekend. awesome music, fantastic food! it’s a great time. i wish we had more smaller festival type things, it would be a blast.