Best set plans

Yesterday I finally saw the oriel that has been singing right about sunset for the last month.  I’d had an orange up at the feeder station outside my office window, but had recently moved it to the other side of the yard.  But it was to the humming-bird feeder he was attracted to, and so my plan of presenting him with an orange was foiled.  Unless he was over there first.

I’ve got oranges up again on this side of the house now, but of course, he won’t be back.  I think I need to open up a jar of grape jelly.  I’ve heard that’s irresistible.  And that’s the thing about lures.  You gotta know what moves people, ah, birds.


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  1. Dee

    Grape Jelly is also a great ant draw. I’d stick with the oranges. I have lots of hummingbirds and the other day one flew up to me and when it flew away it made this loud screech as it flew away. I didn’t even know they made noises? Now should I be worried?

  2. old72jim

    Hi Ms Kim-its Jim from Warren. Birds we got,up to and including the occasional eagle,since there is a lake on the local federal game preserve that has two breeding pairs.Eagles have to live by water to launch and land,at 9-10 foot wingspan they are too big to go anywhere near woods.(Out west they live on the prarie or in the desert.)What I need is someone to make that first cup of really strong tea since Smudge and Quigley both refuse. They say cats are above manual labor, thats why they invented civilization at Jericho in 9500 BCE(There are cat graves all over,)in order to take care of the manual labor problem

    • The American Eagle is a fish eagle and lives near water, but other eagles … Golden Eagles, Harpy Eagles and more, do not need to live near water and don’t. Eagles other than the American (Bald) Eagle and the Osprey are birds of mountain and forest. We have several nesting pairs of American Eagles in the woods near us and we have no large bodies of water nearby, just rivers, ponds, and lakes in which the eagles fish. I don’t know where you got the idea that eagles need water to launch, but they don’t. Specific eagles need water for their food supply, but otherwise, they are entirely comfortable nesting in tall oaks and launch happily from treetops. Not sure where you’re getting your information.

      American Eagles have reclaimed much of their original range in the northeast and most do not live near bodies of water larger than a modest lake or river. They established quite a presence on Martha’s Vineyard for some years, but the Cormorants came and drove them out … Cormorants are much more efficient fishers than eagles who moved inland where competition was not so intense and where cormorants cannot live. I love watching the eagles. They line the banks along the Merrimack up by Lowell and wait for a fisherman to catch something, then swoop down and steal it. They’ve learned that humans are disinclined to argue a point with an eagle. Met some golden eagles and one harpy eagle up close and personal in Israel … WOW. They are HUGE. That was up in the Golan by Mt. Hermon … those were NOT water eagles. They live in mountains and forests from Africa (where they spend the winter) through Israel and up into Europe and Asia. Elat at the base of Israel forms the land bridge from Africa to Europe and Asia.

      Raptors need thermals to fly distances. They cannot cross large bodies of water at night, such as the Mediteranean, as do other migrating birds. Instead, they fly across Israel entering at Elat. Virtually all old world raptors cross there on migration and that’s where the International Audobon society does their annual raptor count. Every April, around the second week of the month, all Israel becomes home to millions of raptors, from enormous Golden and Harpy eagles and Egyptian black vultures, to petite peregrine falcons. It’s quite a memorable experience.

    • They don’t fly through the woods … they fly WAY above them!

  3. I usually have a nice selection of birds in the backyard, at least until the starlings arrive. They chase everything else away. I also have two rabbits living in the back of the yard. When I’m on the back porch early in the morning, they’re usually out nibbling grass for breakfast!

  4. Martin

    In my neighborhood we have pigeons and cats. The cats are not winning!! Pigeons are called “vermin” for a reason.

  5. I was so excited about the tv series but I also think it would have been butchered. I think they should make a movie for the theaters. Better special effects and can stick more to the books

  6. I love birds, unfortunately given our 2 hunters, one very active the other one so-so, they won’t get really close. The only thing that gets close is the bees and I have no love for those, in fact I tend to panic whenever one gets in.
    And hummingbirds, I really like those sadly we don’t get many here, I used to get a lot at my mom’s house back in Argentina but here… well Finland can be cold even in the summer.
    I had no idea about the jelly, maybe I’ll give that a try whenever the hunters are napping!
    Remember to take pics!

  7. Howdy everybody,

    If we’re talking birds, I have a large variety around me. Sadly some of the dumber ones get eaten by Fuzzy.(Her pic is my avatar) There are robins cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, mocking birds, ravens/crows(?) red tailed hawks, wild turkey, doves and owls to name a few off the top of my head.

    My front yard has 20 large pine trees(100 ft+/-20ft) and they are full of squirrels. I’ve seen glass snakes, opossums, geckos turtles, and various snakes around the house.

    At night, especially after a good rain, it gets loud out side with all off the frogs and insects calling out. The one thing we don’t have is fire flies.


  8. Both hummingbirds and orioles love fuchsia.– In hanging baskets around your deck (assuming you have a deck). If you hang big pots of fuchsia, the darker pink, red. purple the better, hummingbirds find them irresistable.

    Really! I once wore a bathing suit that color on a maine beach got involved in a book and next thing I knew, I was hosting two hummingbirds. Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that alert and I heard the humming and saw large and wings and assume some giant bugs were attacking,, so I let out one of those little shrieks one says one willl never emit from ones’ own mouth, thus scaring away both birds. I felt like a total idiot, but learned my lesson.

    Since then, it’s been fuschia. You need dappled shade, too, and keep the doggies away.

    If your deck or patio is too sunny for fuchsia, the right color petunia will usually do the job. Petunia will survive ANY amount of sun (used to grow them in Jerusalem … only flower except geranium that could survive the full sun of afternoon there). Red flowers, more or less bell or cup shaped are the big attraction … but always red tones. No, they don’t need to be particularly fragrant. And roses don’t seem to attract them.

    We have an over abundance of garden birds, though orioles are here only during their migration …. they don’t set up house. Robins do, and they don’t care about flowers. For them, grubs and berries are “it.” One years, our entire front lawn was infested by grubs and we were trying to figure out what to do. I hate poisons … then one day, a robin dropped by, spent half a day gorging on our lawn. NEXT day and for the following week, he brought his whole extended family to feast …. and our front lawn was — I kid you not — covered by fat, happy, robins. They ate every grub, the lawn came back better than ever and the robins proceeded to build nests on the back deck railing which meant we couldn’t use the back door until the babies finally flew away.

    Between the wild blackberry hedges, ground grubs, and all that, this is garden bird heaven.

    AS for hummingbirds, folks around here grow “red gardens” to bring the then around.

    Good luck!!!

    • jkh

      I did something like that inadvertently. I had a bird feeder on a pole in the middle of our little front yard which was plagued by cranefly larvae. The birds scattered seed and the starlings, gleaning on the ground, discovered the larvae. They happily ate up the larvae, and my landlord complimented me on getting rid of the craneflies.

      Not the best site for a bird feeder? It was there so the cats on their perch in the front window could watch the birds–and squirrels.

  9. A cup of coffee and a brownie always motivates me *^_~*

  10. My mother in law has the same issue. Multiple Oriole Feeders and it likes the hummingbird food better. I guess the grass is always greener..or the food is always sweeter on the other side, huh.

  11. I have the worst ant infestation in my yard this year. I would be afraid to put oranges out but I sure would like to attract some new birds. I have tons of big fat robins, a pair of cardinals and a large charm of gold finch but not much else. I worry that the crazy squirrels will get the bird feeders.

  12. They do love grape jelly more than oranges. Also nectar — 1:8 instead of the 1:4 you use for hummingbirds. I work in a bird store, so I thought I would share what I know. 🙂 Good luck with it!