bits and pieces–and no Manic Monday

There won’t be a manic Monday today.  Sorry.  I asked Guy what the chances were, and he gave me a dark look.  He’s got something going on this week, and he is all about that.  I’ll be lucky to get my morning tea, I think . . .  -grin-  But we’ll be giving some books away before too much longer.  SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES is out in paperback, and I wanted to do a promotion for it.

If you read the first chapter of Vicki Pettersson’s TAKEN, the second is now up.  Chapter Two-The Taken  Whoo-hoo!  Go read. I’ve also got a link here to her blog.  She’s touring starting the 12 I think, and if you get the chance and she’s in your area, go out.  Where Vicki is going  (Times and places are listed in the sidebar. ) I believe she does a Q&A before the signing, and it’s a rare chance to pick the brain of your favorite author.

Me, I’ll be sitting at my desk hammering out rough draft.  I’ve got a lot to get through this week, but much of it is action plus and a few cool ideas, so it should be fun.


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7 responses to “bits and pieces–and no Manic Monday

  1. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    How are today? I am just dandy an am getting ready for work. Normlly I don’t work during the week.

    Have a fun filled exciting and prductive day!


  2. old72jim

    Hi Ms Kim-its Jim from Warren(I think). After seeing my doctor on the 16th, she sent me the medicine changes,they are kicking my butt. Hopefully, I’ll feel better soon.But on the otherhand, the evil drug lords got theirs! A bunch of patents expired last month,and the gov’t did NOT renew then. This knocked $70 off my monthly drug bills,even with the changes. You have a wonderfull writing day.

    • jkh

      Hello OldJim (is that a new moniker?), Congrats on the meds cost reduction. I on the other hand just spent a whopping amount on test strips for my new meter. However, the changes allowed me to get a 90-day instead of merely a 30-day supply. Hope the meds-mods settle fast; it’s distressing I know.

  3. I have not had the pleasure of reading Vicki pettersson, I haven’t done much reading lately, actually.
    I have been trudging along with my story, but I got a spark of a new idea that won’t leave me alone. 😀 it’d be nice if I could focus on one thing at a time.
    I know you have your cabinet of awesomeness, but do you get distracted by different ideas? How do you get back focused?

    • jkh

      Atleigh, snag that spark! Just nail it down with a couple of lines or a bit of outline–whatever’s come to you–and then you know you can come back to it. Then address your first task, ask yourself why you’re dancing around it. We all have these hurdles, and it’s simply a matter of managing them.

  4. Ooh, I love your action scenes. After the abuse Rachel took in APB, she needs to kick some ass.

  5. I’m really looking forward to The Taken, although I’m trying to keep to my rule of not reading any spoilers or chapters ahead of time ( a rule that only applies when I already know I’m going to buy the book). The book comes out the day before I leave on vacation, so I’m all set to buy it and read on the plane!