How did it get to be Friday already? (And June?)

Wow, even with missing Monday, the week went by fast.  I put in a few extra hours yesterday, and for those of you who keep track of these kind of things, I managed to plow through my 15 pages of dialog, and with Guy’s help in keeping the distractions down and the caffeine flowing, turned them into 30 pages of text.  That averages out to 15 pages a day, so it’s not as huge a chunk as it looks at first, but I’m tired!   Today will be much more sedate as I begin day three of this next book, that so far remains nameless.

June is Audio book month, so keep an eye out for a give away here and at Tantor Audio, the company that gave us Ms. Gavin and the first five Hollows titles in audio book format.  I’ve got two sets from 1-5, and I think they have something going as well, seeing as I’m signing things for them.  🙂  I’ll let you know when I find out.

June also kicks off HarperTeen’s summer paperback promotion, and I’ve got a nice Manic Monday in the works for you.  I’m not sure if it’s going to be this next Monday since I’ve, ah, not talked to Guy about it yet, but we’ve got a slew of signed SOMETHING DEADLY THIS WAY COMES to give away for S&H.  (If you have not yet sent Guy your S&H for the last manic Monday, do so.  Invoices have been out for almost a month. He’s ready to start in on the waiting list.)

P.S.  Had a big tree limb fall in my yard this morning, crushing some of my lavender and taking the top off my Mac apple tree.  Not so happy about that.


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17 responses to “How did it get to be Friday already? (And June?)

  1. Hey Kim,
    I’m not sure whether this is the right place or not, but here you can find the latest Italian translation of For a Few Demons More: If you like, you can add the cover to the Italian translations page! 🙂

    I’m proud to say that I’m the translator, and that I’ve lived every single word of your work (and cried buckets while translating for half of it). I’m currently working on the translation of TODW.
    I love your work, I love the Hollows. Thank you for it. 🙂


    • Hi Laura. Oh, this is fabulous! Thank you so much! I will add it this week. I’m delighted to meet you. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I love hearing from the translators.

      Sorry about the tears. If it helps, I cried every time I had to work on those pages myself.

    • Thank you very much, Kim. You’re awesome. 🙂

  2. Pat .

    And sorry about the tree Kim (that was probably an elf who thought they were a fairy climbing too high).

  3. Pat .

    Okay, I guess a regular reading of this blog can tell me…
    What is a “Manic Monday” and what the heck is an “S&H”? (Not “Starsky & Hutch” I suspect.)

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim From Warren.Sorry about the tree,that sucks. In the good news,happiness is yours! M.I.T. has just invented,after Many years of research, wait for it, A STICK FREE Ketchup Bottle! It will also work on your mustard bottles etc.Just think once it comes out this summer, no more beating up ketchup bottles at picnics! That is almost as good as buying a Range Rover designed by Victoria Beckham! (Posh Spice her own self) she says it even looks like her, minus the 6in platform shoes and plus about 7,000 lb.

    • jkh

      I never have trouble with ketchup bottles. The trick is to hold it at about 45 degrees from parallel to the table, with the neck lower than the bottom, and pat it firmly on the underside of the body. That loosens up the contents while breaking the “vapor lock” without any explosions, and you have flow.

  5. Ahh I sometimes don’t know how you do it. I’ve only written 2 fanfics (ages ago) and I remember how hard it was for me to write the dialogs.. and in english, which is not my first language.
    Anyway, I’m glad you managed to progress that much! (in my world is a lot).
    Hope you guys have an amazing weekend!

  6. Well done on the work. You know you love what you do when the time flies. Either that or you have too much to do in too little time. 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about the lavender. I hope it recovers. I have this massive bush/plant thing that grows in the corner next to my driveway. It’s matured to the point where it intrudes on the drive. I need to do something about it, but I’m scared if I take cutters to it it will just die. Maybe not a bad thing as it isn’t all that attractive. Most of the time it’s just a thin leaf thing. But in the spring it has these odd cone-shaped purple flowers and is pretty. I worry that if I pull it out I’ll find out it was some rare species of awesome plant and I ruined it.

    • jkh

      Maybe a butterfly bush? How severe is your winter weather? Does it die back? I’m sure you could cut it back or even cut out limbs on the sides.

  7. jkh

    Oh, the poor tree! I hope some therapeutic pruning will help, although I realize the tree may have been set back this year. You can trim the heck out of lavender and it will just grow prettier. Very distressing to have a tree drop a limb like that, though. Both my dad’s neighbor and my dad have deodar trees that seem to be reaching the end of their best years, and have dropped some whopper limbs. The neighbor had an arborist come and diagnose the tree and do some preventive pruning, but my dad wouldn’t hear of having anything done to his. One day soon there will be a reason to deal with it, though.
    I consider 30 pages of output in 2 days to be fabulous, especially since you’re starting with the barest of bones for the plot, and the need to do a lot of filling-in. You rock, Kim.

  8. Martin

    I LOVED Madison Avery! I hope the promo expands your readership.

  9. Yay for productivity! Boo for crushed pretty stuff. Yay for sunblocking books (says the photosensitive lady).

  10. The lavender will survive. I tried to kill mine twice and it’s still plugging along. Sorry about the apple tree. It sure doesn’t feel like June today. I have a work event tonight and now I am going to have to reassess what I am wearing. I guess a turtle neck and boots wont work at a semi-formal dinner will it?

  11. Melissa

    Hi Kim!
    I’m so happy it’s Friday! I hope your apple tree will be okay. My rosebush & marigolds are still alive & I even found an azalea growing in the mini-jungle beside my house. I weeded around it & have been watering it with the others. I hope you have a productive day today followed by a fantastic weekend! 🙂