Dialog to Text

If you’ve been watching my drama box for any length of time, you know my standard rough draft process is dialog first, then fill in the blanks.  Working like that, I can usually hammer out a 15-18 page chapter in a day, but not every day, or I’d be dead by Wednesday.  My creative process can handle chunks of heavy work for about two days, and then I have to stop to think again.

Long story short, work is going good, though I didn’t put much in the cabinet of awesomeness yesterday due to spending an inordinate amount of time on dialog.  I’ve got a whopping 15 pages of dialog ready to burn thorough today, (usual amount is 8-10 pages) which will probably come out to 28-30 pages of text.  That’s about 10 pages longer than I like my chapters to be, but I’ll let one or two chapters that long in if there’s a lot going on.  And there is in this one.  Had a surprised “tea party” with Newt I didn’t see coming, but it brought a few things together I was up in the air about.  I’m still trying to figure out why Trent is there.  He’s not doing anything till the end, but since it takes place in the ever-after, he’s got to be there the entire time.  Unless . . .

Mmmm.  Good thing this is dialog.  It makes for easy changes.


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16 responses to “Dialog to Text

  1. Lesley

    OMG tea party with Trent and Newt. Trent. And Newt. Together. Having tea. OMG. Was Al invited…? *lol*

    I cannot wait for this book!! EEEEE! 🙂

  2. So exciting! I would love to be a pixy on your shoulder when you write.

  3. …Twinkle twinkle little Newt…

    Love these insights into your creative process!


    ~Suzi (I’ve been slammed, it’s getting down to “d-day”, but I just wanted to say “hi” and I’m sorry they didn’t pick up your show.)

  4. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    I’m glad work is going good. Loving the tea party idea! What a nice surprise 🙂
    And as for Trent, well.. he is a pesky lil nuisance that I’ve grown a liking for. If he isn’t doing anything.. can he be shirtless? I find reason in this. 0:)

  5. jkh

    I’ve just finished rereading Pale Demon–slowly and in segments, between other adventures. I enjoyed it even more than the first time through! Now I’m visualizing a tea party in the E-A, with everything tasting like burnt amber: Yuck. And I recalled Al toasting marshmallows and they were fake. Ersatz, my dad would call them–they look right but taste like…ah…garden fertilizer. Rachel could score big points by carrying a bag of Jet Pufft into the E-A sometime…

  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms Kim-Its Jim from Warren. I’m glad to see that the writing is going so well. I can’t wait to read it. At least I will have Ever After on my Kindle, since I pre-ordered as usual.I guess I will be pre-ordering your graphic nover too, but it is almost impossible for me to read print that isn’t 1/2 inch high, and dyslexia diesn’t hepl. Dislexics of the world,untie!

  7. Anna

    The tea party in the Ever After sounds very funny!!!
    And i like the idea of Trent there like Rachel arm candy….hehe

  8. So glad I read this before taking off this morning–imagining a tea party with Newt kept me happily occupied while at the dentist!

  9. Kat

    Maybe Trent is there because you just like having him around? 🙂

  10. Kim, I absolutely love these insights into your process. They both get me excited about the upcoming book, and Remind us all that writing is a process. It is encouraging to us aspiring writers out there.

  11. That is not surprising at all, that you write the dialog first. It probably is what makes your characters so vivid and “real”.

  12. 😎 I never asked you this before: Do you consider Rachel’s internal dialogue as “rough dialogue” that is written out in that first rough draft, or is it added later as well? When you’re writing out that first rough draft, what do you do with ideas that might pop into your head because of what the dialogue suggests? Do you make side notes in the margins?

    • Diva

      This is a great question Antonio. If Kim doesn’t answer it here you should re-ask it on the questions page.

  13. I imagine a Mad Hatter type tea party where Newt is concerned. Trent is like the little mouse in the tea pot 🙂

  14. Diva

    A tea party with Newt! Now that is awesomesauce.

    I’m wondering if you mean that Trent doesn’t do anything until the end of the book (no bueno) or the end of the chapter. Maybe he just likes tea? 🙂

  15. I love that you do your dialog first. That’s fascinating to me.

    And a tea party in the ever after? How hilarious sounding!