Memorial Day festivities

So Memorial Day, between eating hot dogs and enjoying the hot weather, we planted a tree.  Planting a tree is not a new thing around my house.  I do believe that I’ve only left two plants in the ground that were on the property when we bought it.  But planting a tree by way of committee was new, and believe me, we all had a say in it from me and my bad self with my hair up under my floppy hat, to Thing Two with gloves he had to borrow, to Brown Dog who thought Thing Two had dug a very fine hole but it would have gone faster if he’d used his front feet instead of that plate on a stick.

I’m hoping that it starts a new tradition, but I don’t think it’s going to stick because there simply isn’t enough room in my yard and garden for any more trees.  Roses, though. . .  Guy and I have a spot where we plan to put roses.  He picked out the first one last year, so it was my turn this year, and though I love climbing roses, I chose a cutting rose because that’s what fits there.  It’s not in the ground yet because the soil needs a huge amount of amending right next to the drive.  Fifty plus years of people driving on it have packed it down and tainted it with oil.

I’ve always said writing is a lot like gardening.  When things don’t grow, just add more, ah, crap.


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  1. Brenda Rorie-Baety

    Well, it looks like you had a great weekend! Mine was crappy!! Long story, way to boring for here! Love the glasses!! You look just how I picture you at home!! hahaha! Happy Summer! Huggles, B P.S. I mean cute, not plain Jane like you said!! More like casual!! yeah that’s it, casual! :o)

  2. I think that may be my new favorite quote about writing…

  3. Stephenie

    Ias well. spent the weekend outside, a trip to the beach sandwhiched by two seperate trips to the renaissance faire. I got a lot of sun which hurts my pale litttle soul but I look cute with a tan and I think its unavoidable this summer.
    I’m adding some things in to my novel and taking others out, I’m still on dialogue and it needs a lot of padding to make a good word count, but my heroine is in her own head a lot. She’s ready to go but I have to keep reminding her that we have to set up the next book and our plot has to reflect that while still standing alone. My big bad ugly wants to insert themself everywhere as well. Its hard work, and nigh impossible with my schedule

  4. I had a dream last night that was a strange mix of The Walking Dead, Being Human (UK version) and The Hollows though not involving Rachel and the gang. None of the characters from any of these things were in my dream but the kinds of creatures were and it did involve tomatoes though and they showed who was who lol. I think the melatonin I took last night decided to make my dreams more fun haha.

  5. CarmenJean

    You make the ordinary seem extraordinary!

  6. well most people like gardening… I have to admit I’m not one of them, I mean, I love flowers, I like garden, I can’t keep any plants alive. I’ve never tried a cactus though.
    I do however believe it’s also good to keep a plant indoors, but I’m afraid my cats would kill it if I don’t! Maybe I’ll try with tulips, someone told them they practically take care of themselves.
    I’m glad you had commemorative memorial day by planting a tree, sounds really nice. I do not live there but I can relate to the pain of war and losing a loved one. I like your way of honoring them. =)

  7. jkh

    Wow! More than 100 replies to your last several postings. That may not be a record, but it’s significant.
    As to heat, the Pacific Northwest doesn’t get much of that before the 4th of July. Mem Day was almost pleasantly warm, and it didn’t rain–better than usual for that day.

  8. I really like your statement; “When things don’t grow, just add more, ah, crap.” I am writing a book and my plot is not forming right. I have been struggling on how far in the Paranormal realm I wanted to take my book. I wanted to keep it simple b/c it is a childrens novel, but I think I may have to add the world of ghosts to the series to make it complete. My psychically gifted children need something to play with I guess. As much as I like Vampires and “ah, crap” I wanted to keep those characters out so that it can be simple enough to entertain children and not confuse them. Back to the drawing board and I will see what comes up with that new addition. What a Perfect statement at the perfect time.

    BTW… Can’t wait till EA. I hope you will release chapters early like usual, but I know I still have a while to wait. I like the Tree planting idea as a tradition, it’s very popular for Earth Day. I hope you continue it. If there is no room at your house there is always family and friends to share with and it is so good for Mother Earth! Enjoy your roses!

  9. In your case, a committee decision appears to have worked out well, Kim. I especially approve of Brown Dog’s inspection report. Tell me, does Brown Dog assist in other gardening plot-and-plan meets?
    And sometimes a good load of crap does wonders to improve certain situations.
    May your roses grow strong and fragrant.

  10. Speedi

    Hi Kim! I’m glad that you enjoyed your Memorial Day. I didn’t do any yard work though. Yard work would kill me. Lol!! I did rest a lot which is always good.
    I found out last week that a couple of Urb-Fantasy authors that I’m reading will be continuing their series: Diana Rowland, Christina Henry (Black Howl series) and Nancy A. Collins (Golgotham series). I love all of you, Kim, but I have to say that you are the best at putting your books out quickly…..these authors wait so long! Is it the publisher maybe?
    Anyhow, I hope you have a great day and happy writing!

    P.S. Oh, I remember watching a clip on you years ago when you were starting to promote Black Magic Sanction. You mentioned that you like a particular cemetary……well, I live across the street from a cemetary. Unfortunately, it’s not as nice as the one you like in the video clip, because it’s so small. No, this cemetary is TINY. Anyhow, regardless of its size it’s still is a nice place to go to every now and then to get some peace……like when I feel like my house is about to eat me alive? I use to despise the fact that I live across the street from one (and yeah, the brats at my school use to tease me about it) and now, it’s not even a big deal anymore. Strange, huh?

    • jkh

      We have a tiny cemetery in Seattle that seemed to have only graves from the era of the Spanish American War. Developers were beginning to eye the site, but the community adopted it, cleaned it up, and now it’s on some historical record: safe from the developers. It’s got old, old trees around it, and a wonderful air of bygone days.

    • Martin

      When I was young, we would go picnic at an old cemetery near us. We would go around and read the grave markers, Many were from the late 1800s. We could discern some of history from them, like a diphtheria epidemic that killed many people within a couple months, including whole families; accidental deaths, a falling tree; and occasional gunfights. Very interesting. When the casinos and developers took over the town, they moved the cemetery, and I haven’t been back. I doubt it was restored to original condition.

    • Speedi

      That’s interesting, Jkh. I bet the old trees make it look beautiful though. The cemetary that I live across from has a small road that goes a straight through it into another neighborhood on the opposite side. You go through a patch of old trees and shrubbery right before you reach the neighborhood. Another road is behind it as well…..I’ve always wondered what that road lead to….maybe one day, I’ll get brave enough to find out. 🙂

  11. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Awesome! This makes me smile. 🙂

  12. Kristy Savage Davidson

    My yard is the opposite. Too Many trees for a real good garden, but in the beginning thats why we bought the house. The shade is awesome, in the winter the trees break up the cold wind & in the summer the shade keeps us cool. But now that I have extra time on my hands since there are no babies in the house I would love to start gardening.

  13. Sounds like you a good Memorial Day–it was the perfect hot day to kick off summer, but the cooler spring weather now is nice too!

  14. Gail S

    “I’ve always said writing is a lot like gardening. When things don’t grow, just add more, ah, crap.” LOL Isn’t that the way way life works. 🙂 It seems clear that ‘Brown Dog’ is in charge and is doing the inspecting.
    Looks like you had a great weekend, now enjoy the week.

  15. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Thanks for clearing up what “Brown Dog is doing. I thought (s)he was helping from an entirely different way. 🙂


    • Jade/Third Coast

      Me, too! 🙂 I thought Brown Dog was saying “Wait just a sec. I need to “bless” this spot.”

    • Speedi

      Ha ha!! Me too! I thought (s)he was getting ready to do something else to it……like his (or her) own special fertilizer perhaps? 🙂

    • jkh

      No, no: it’s cats who use holes for their special donations.

  16. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. Glad you had such a great day. Smudge and I got caught up on our sleep.Sounds like you have arrived at the Civil service labor organization.-4 supervisors for one worker. Aren’t you worried these same people will drive on the roses if they are beside the driveway?It has been my experience that beside-the -driveway type drivers are incorrigible with anything less than a 12 gauge

    • Hey Jim, did you ever got to ask the vet about the shark cartilage pills? Let me know! hope your kitty is doing well!

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Flo-its Jim from Warren(supervised by Smudge.) The vet said it couldn’t hurt, but it seems more like it’s traumatic, from the days when she used to escape the house to battle all the neighborhood dogs and cats. She is still able to jump from the floor to the tabletop where she perches to supervise the Village from the front window. She only noticibly limps in cold and wet weather.I limp all the time myself.(Smudge does have a couple of scars from that time,but none on her hindquarters) She is still eating and drinking ok, and still has her killing fangs. (You want to get next to a cat,tell her she has lovely killing fangs) The only noticible thing is she wont sleep on the floor or hard chair anymore. only on one of her genuine feather down pillows.