So I wrote a little fan fic this morning . . .

“Ivy, have you seen Jenks this morning?”

Ivy looked up from her katana, carefully balanced on her knees as she sharpened the blade and watched her latest reality TV show as we sat in the sanctuary and had a little dinner.  “Who?”

Pausing in my bowl of Captin Krunch, I hesitated.  “Jenks,” I said.  “Glenn wants me to come down to the FIB and look at something, and I could use his help.”

Shaking her head, she returned to her work, the slow, snick snick of the stone and blade comforting almost.  “No, is he some new client you’ve been helping out?”

The sweet milk and cereal went tasteless, and I set down the bowl.  “Jenks!  Four inches tall, wings, silver sparkles, attitude, able to give you a lobotomy and skates around on an ice cube?  Where are his kids, anyway?  God, it’s quiet in here.”

Ivy looked at me like I had slugs for eyebrows, moving with her vampiric speed as she stood.  I jerked back into my chair, startled, but she was only going to the door.

“How’s my girls!” Kisten exclaimed as the heavy oak door slammed into the wall.   “Ivy, take this, will you?  I’ve got your orange juice and butterscotch pudding.”

“Bout time you got back,” the tall, svelt vampire said, giving Kisten a little nip on the neck as she took the bag.  “Curse my coffin.  You got the wrong brand.”

I stood up.  Something was wrong.  “Jenks,” I insisted.  “Where the Turn is he?  We’ve been working together for three years!”

“A pixy?” Ivy said, and Kisten eased close, smelling of magic and mayhem.  He’d been dabbling in charms again.

“Honestly Rachel.  You have got to stay away from those demons.”  He said.  “Leave them to me.”

Ivy gave Kisten a worried look, her hand trailing reluctantly off him as she went down the long hall to the kitchen, grocery bags in arm.  It was about then that I noticed the suitcase.  Moving in or moving out? I wondered, horribly disturbed.

“He’s got 54 kids and he owns the damned church!” I said, and Ivy turned, a black, scary silhouette in the darker hall.

But then the front door burst open again.


I spun, shocked.  “Trent?”  At least I thought it was Trent.  And he had a gun.

“If I can’t have you, no one can!” he screamed, and I stood, shocked as he pulled the rifle to his shoulder and then . . . shot at me!

It was as if everything cycled down to that one moment, the entire three years of my existence, of leaving the I.S. to go out on my own, and the world I’d built, scratching everything out from nothing.  The bullet was too close.  I wasn’t going to make it!

“Look out, Rache!” a high pitched voice shouted, and I stumbled, silver sparkles blinding my eyes as I fell, tripping on the rug and hitting my head on the church’s old oak floor.  The bullet pinged into a different direction, burring itself into the solid oak framework, inches from Ivy.

Flat on the floor, I coughed, waving my hand in front of my face as Jenks hovered inches over it.

“Tink’s little pink dildo, Rache, what the hell are you doing?  Laying on the floor like a troll at a construction site drunk on cement.”

“Jenks!” I sat up, confused.  Ivy was coming in from the back kitchen, her latest vamp vixen in her had open to “fifty ways to eat your lover.”  Where’ve you been?”

“Right here.”  Looking like a cross between an inner city gang member and a theater guy, he landed on my knee, his dust shifting to a warming gold.

“Where’s Kisten?  He was just here.”

Ivy’s expression fell.  “Rachel, Kisten is dead.”

“I know!”  Slowly I stood.  Kisten was here, and he smelled like magic.  Jenks was not.  And Trent?  I looked at the church’s door, closed tight against the soft rain.  It was raining, and somehow that felt good.

Ivy set her hand on my shoulder, and my eyes jerked to her.  “You sure you’re okay?  You hit your head pretty hard.”

“Yeah.”  I looked at where the suitcases had been, but it was just my old oak desk.  There were pixy kids playing in it.  I’d told them not to, but somehow, I didn’t care right now.

“Yes.  Everything is okay.”


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  3. Jen NC

    Rachel is such a klutz! Knowing her she tripped over Rex, hit her head on the floor, and knocked herself out!

    What I am confused about is what all of you are taking about??? …hidden meaning??? …missing the point???

  4. Kaylin UK

    wow, cant believe how many people missed the point entirely. You made me laugh though. Seriously hoping you get to take the reigns for the most part as I’d hate to see things twisted in the networks tireless search for more ratings and more profit.(like they need it…. c.c)

  5. jkh

    Well, I must be thick as a brick, ’cause I don’t get it. Went to Kim’s FB and that didn’t help me either. ‘Course I don’t know how to get around on that site either. So I’ll just wait for somebody to spell it outs in words of one syllable–eventually.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi JKH its Jim from Warren ,the navel of the universe. As you may have noticed down below,I don’t get it either. I guess when you get to be an old fart your subtility glands dry up or something. On the other hand on the first page of my Kindle,Ms. Kim is right in there with Robert E. Howard,Thucydides,George R.R. Martin,and Walter Jon Williams, Its a 4 corner cadge match!

  6. What a treat!!!!! I let out a little scream as I read about Kisten and Trent… aaghhh lol. What a nice surprise, I hope we see more little fics ^_^

  7. Debbie

    Hahaha. That was hysterical!
    Its a parody of parody now. So funny, thank you. – All the funnier because you never ever ever do what you just did on purpose:)
    Still smiling. (but I stopped smiling when I felt the pain in my shin. Ouch, why did you kick me?)

    Must take a sec to say how much I love your real writing. I pick up each new book and find myself absolutely in the story. Effortless reading, totally absorbing, amazing characters, really truly imaginative, and just brilliant writing!! Thx, Kim, for the BEST series.

  8. This looks intreging, can not wait to find out what lead to this makes you realise how many different ways a life could turn out if you made a different decision or something didn’t happen

  9. Esmeralda

    That was fun! Thanks Kim. 😉

  10. If the CW passed, then I’m sorry. It would have been fun. Still, it doesn’t mean it will never happen in the future.

    Be good, and enjoy the weekend. 😉

    • Antonio, I don’t watch much TV, so I had to look up a few bits of information. And those are a lot of bits from CW stories. Hm…If there were changes like that, it does toss the entire story into an Alternate Universe, and not one I’d care to watch.

  11. Gail S

    What else is there to say but…I loved it! A little look into the day to day. Thanks for sharing, an unexpected little treat 😉
    Have a safe & fun holiday weekend!

  12. Haiku Girl

    I am still confused about “the hidden meaning” which inspired me to write a haiku…

    A Haiku for Kim:

    Your fans are lit’ral
    Subtlety is lost on us
    Like kids in chem class.

    • Haiku Girl

      But I still loved the story- anything written by you is golden by me! ;D

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Haiku Girl-It’s Jim from Warren(The navel of the universe.) I love the haiku,its a perfect summation.I totally loved the story, I didn’t understand any subtile stuff,and still don’t,despite Guy’s coaching.

    • Lesley

      Hey guys–I had to scan the comments on facebook to figure it out. The tag refers to the CW series. Either Kim’s warning us in advance about some serious changes–Trent as a really bad (or weirdly obsessed with Rachel) guy, magic-using Kisten as the 3rd partner instead of Jenks– or she’s letting us know that CW passed (and had Trent come in to put the alternate universe out of its misery!).

      I’m hoping its the former since I usually enjoy adaptations even with drastic changes. Oh- and it’s “fanfic” because she is/was only a consultant on the CW series, not the writer, so technically it was fanfiction because the CW universe isn’t hers.

      I’m as literal as you are…*g* Like I said, someone had to sort of clue me in first. Hope that helps! (The Haiku was brilliant!)

  13. The CW cannot change the show from book that much. It would be so sad.

  14. traelynn69

    Hey Kim, Loved the story. My first thought was “Oh Sh*%, Rachel is somehow in an alternate reality …. Let the fun begin!” Then when Trent came in I burst out laughing!! Jenks “wakes” Rachel up and she see’s the constants in her life: Jenks, Ivy, the kids, and the church. All is well! ;o} If this fan fiction was a message about what may happen with the tv show. I dont know … I’d have to just wait and see what the finished product is like.

    Have a great Holiday Weekend!!

  15. So that small screen Rachel is death, I feel oddly relieved, prefer this way than to have her living in this fan fic. But everything is ok, yes, everything is as it should be 😉

  16. Diva

    I can’t tell. Does this mean there won’t be a tv version of the Hollows but’s it’s really okay b/c they would’ve twisted it into something NOT the hollows…..or….does it mean that the tv show WILL be moving forward, significantly changed, but it’s still okay because the books will always be here (which is usually my approach to adaptations)?

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  18. Linda (germany)

    Do you already know who is going to play them?

  19. Love love love! *sigh* I miss Kisten… was nice seeing him again even if only in fanfic 🙂

  20. Jeannie

    People please stop trying to analyze this so much and just enjoy it! Your the best Kim and I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  21. No Jenks? NOOOO! Must have Jenks! Make him stuck in human size & competing for Rache. What would their child be? How much would their child be covetted by the demons?

  22. Anna

    Soon we will enjoy with Rachel in tv, yaaaaay!!!!!

  23. Brenda M

    I see what you did there! 😉

  24. Margaret Erickson

    A wonderful story! I love it! I’m very caught up with your books so this was a much needed “snack.” Thanks.

  25. SLC

    I actually like fanfic, just a fun way to get out daydreams instigated by amazing authors. I’m always surprised that some people have such a hate on for it. Sure doesn’t take fans away from the original works.

    I love that you wrote some of your own FF, it just makes me giggle. I think you should do a weekly FF blurb about the silliest daydream you have about the characters. It was an excellent way to wake up.

  26. Brenda Rorie-Baety

    Oh and “Yes, everything is OK!” Love ya Kim!

    • Rebekah Vonderheide

      It brought up all the sadness I felt when Kisten died. But as always it sucked me into the story. Loved it.

  27. Brenda Rorie-Baety

    OK my first thought…”What?????” second thought..she’s saying something here and I’m not getting it!! Now that I read Guy’s post..I say AAAAAAAAHHHH they are trying to change everything to a dream and Kim HATES it!! No TV show in the fall..well, if they do THIS..that is a good thing! I think it’s time to go to the movie people and become a consultant..they can do so much with special effects and Jenks will be the best he can be on the big screen!! My brain is tired already…nuff said..You guys have a great weekend..R.I.P Kisten…:)

    • Vampyre

      I have looked at the CW fall schedule. I don’t see the Hollows mentioned. You may be rifgt.

  28. Ellen H

    Okay…what’s up with Rach? Visions??? Something is very very wrong here….

  29. Deborah Byrd

    Ok, I’m hooked!!! Please don’t bang your head
    Any more, it’s not your fault you’re good you were born with it. All you gotta do now is right it, we’ll read it.

  30. Ha ha, that was the best fan fic ever 🙂 Rachel has some weird dreams! 😉

    • Oh, I could tell this was just a joke, making fun of fan fiction. 🙂 (I just saw your fb page, lol.)

    • Now reading the other posts I think I know what you were reallllly saying . . . And if that is true, then I’m not surprised, although disappointed. Sorry, I know you must be disappointed :(.

  31. Beth

    I’m guessing this post was about the prospective TV show? They aren’t getting rid of Jenks are they? That’s just wrong…
    Slightly off topic, but your use of the term and one comment (from Vampyre) made me wonder what your stance on Fanfic and other transformative works is? I took a look through the FAQ, but didn’t see anything about it.

  32. Oh, that was just so mean, teasing us with Kisten like that. But loved it none the less.

  33. Surfin4Disney

    Well, one thing’s for sure….we’re all talking about it. So is this your “fair warning” that the CW may do with the Hollows what HBO did with Charlaine’s series?

    • twiser

      I’d be pist if they butchered it as bad as they do True Blood! But I hold out hope because how good they do with Supernatural.

  34. kristy

    Thanks Kim! That was great! This was my first official read on my nook! Love ya!

    • Vampyre

      Congrats on your Nook. You shoulda bought a Kindle.. just kidding. You are going to love it.


    • Haiku Girl

      The Kindle is awesome but I think I prefer the Nook (somehow I ended up with both)- the Nook allows you to “shelve” your books so you can organize them into fiction/nonfic/horror/read/unread etc etc. The Kindle just has the books organized by “most recent” or “alphabetical” which drives me nuts.

  35. So if you’re writing FanFIc of your own characters…funny, btw…then can we all assume that they no longer belong to you and that we will be seeing them on TV soon? Becasue that would be awesome!

  36. Kiiiiiiiiiiisssssssttttttteeeeeeennnnnn!!!!!!!


  37. Mary

    Okay, so I had to google “fan fic” to make sure I understood what it was…I don’t follow a lot of blogs.

    You hit the nail on the head…I liked jumping into the story because I am already aware of your Hollows “reality”. It was a great treat to jump into the story because I knew all the players and what was “real” and what Rachel was “dreaming”.

    Thanks for keeping them alive for us! 🙂

  38. Kat

    That was such a nice surprise that I’m not even going to analyze what it’s supposed to mean, I’m just going to laugh and enjoy it. Trent!!! That was hilarious. Thanks for the unexpected turn to the day on what’s about to be a long weekend, Kim! 🙂

  39. Methinks the media moguls have invaded your world and are trying to make it their own.
    Must be something with the moon or the planets, Kim.
    I dreamed that I attended an Oscar awards as a recipient. I arrived in this huge parking lot, placed a fork in an empty parking spot far away from the entrance, walked to the entrance, realized I didn’t have any make up on(I don’t normally wear any), ran to a Target store that was more like an indoor flea market full of coffee kiosks, ran back to the Oscars but hitched a ride from a gay guy driving a white Maserati, and found my seat. Woke up at 4:30 with a big “huh?” and laid there a good half hour trying to piece it all together.
    Like I said, must be something to do with the alignments.
    Be well, Kim. Enjoy the weekend.

  40. Kate Knott

    I would love it even more if this were a scene from an upcoming book… I can just imagine some other witch trying to get at rachel through her own head,…it would make for a good story i think… 😉


    I’m sorry, but it reads like my nightmare of a Kim Harrison who’s forgotten how to write, or even what her books are about.

  42. Sonya

    This is interesting. I’ve read this several times now. Every time I think I know what you’re getting at I think “but it could also this”. HELP! LOL

  43. Katie

    hmmm..who are those people?

  44. Mary

    I love all your books, and your fan fic is great. Everytime kisten is mentioned I get sad, he was such an awesome charater. I hope one day you do a tour that passes through Florida, I would love to get a book signed. I got my sister (30) and brother (25 yr old marine) reading your books, They love the series.

  45. Tim Collins

    Told you he was not REALLY dead. Like, look at Spock and Superman, and Sylar for Frell’s sake! ;->

  46. Well, that was a nice little brain teaser to go with my morning coffee! Wicked thing to do with me only half awake yet, but I forgive you 🙂

  47. Haha I loved that. Gotta miss Kisten.

  48. Small sceen? Small screen? I have hopes for The Hollows this fall?! SCHWEET!

  49. Abigail

    I absolutely LOOOVED when Trent bursts in and says “if I can’t have you, no one can!” Thank you Miss Harrison. This made my morning :3

  50. So since reading the tag on the end of the fan fic post, I’m guessing this story is pointing to the tv adaption and subsequent alternate universe that comes from a book going into tv? And from the tag line that everything is going to be ok. That things are moving forward in that realm. Am I correct? Or is this jut for fun. Because I loved it. It was just a fun and crazy way to start out my day. Thank you for sharing.

  51. Linda (germany)

    Wow. I’m confused. Any chance you’re going to tell us what was going on?

  52. *giggle snort guffaw* Oh I love this. A real author writing a fanfic in her own world in the style of a young teen. Gotta love it! This was great. Thanks for the laugh!

  53. Martin

    It’s a poorly done film adaptation. Got to get all those strange changes in there.

  54. Wow! Seriously screwed up! I just sat back after reading that and said WTF! If you were going for grabbing the reader into a story…that certainly did it!

  55. Deborah Darsie

    Wizard of Oz crossed with Memorial Day in the Hollows?
    Makes my brain hurt! I bet it felt good to get that out of your head!

  56. The good, the bad and the ugly all rolled into one? If you squint your eyes and turn your head just right you’ll see. Kisten, Jenks, Trent… Hope and blessings for safe travels for anyone traveling near or far this weekend.
    Thanks to all who served to give us our priveleges!

    • Jeez, I need to get out more! I didn’t know what fan fic meant. Now I get it. Sorry for the bad news. These characters are YOUR creations. Tweaking is one thing. Twisting it so that it becomes something completely different, that’s not right.

  57. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I don’t know much, but I do know most authors do not like other people playing in their sand box. Authors spend countless hours shaping and building their worlds and characters and they do not like some one else pissing on their daisies. This is why when a book is made into a movie or TV show the rights are SOLD and usually for a very high price with rules hammered out between the author and the buyer. Unauthorized fanfic is akin to petty theft and is annoying to the author that has spent so much time creating their work and can be a source of legal harassment as well.

    If someone wrote a fanfic and then later sees it in a book written by the author, they could scream about plagiarism or something even if it isn’t true.

    In conclusion fanfic is baaad M’kay, Don’t support it, read it or write it.


  58. Aicul

    Funny, i used to read a lot of fan fic after a hangover of paranormal books, which got me to find Kim’s work wich i love. Fan fic is a way for fans to express their point of view after a great job the big writters do. Personally this bit that Kim wrote is refreshing. just words coming out with no strings. Miss the guys of Rachel’s world and i hope to see them in a few months again.

  59. Sharon

    Nice,Have a Great week end&I like the tease.

  60. Oh! Oooo!!! So many many many ways that could go.

    • After reading your fb status figured I might add: please insert heavy sarcastic tone in the above. Realized it might not come through in text. 😦

  61. Stacy

    Could this be an excerpt from a show in progress? LOL. Have a beautiful weekend, and an amazing day.

  62. Surfin4Disney

    It has the word “Ivy” in it. I’m good. 😉 Plus, I have a hard-fast rule against thinking on Fridays. I stand by my post – epic start to a holiday weekend.

    We all take what we want from stories. Happens in the real books; happens in fan fiction. We pick out what makes us happy and move forward with our tinted glasses, focused on the outcome we want to see. Out of everyone who posted here, we probably all interpret the Hollows just a little bit different. Any taste, however off color, is devine. Your characters are simply so delicious we want to eat them up, we love them so.

    (hands you ice for your now bruised forehead)

  63. Amanda

    i smell trouble for Rache… Newt maybe… or maybe shes cracking under the stress… It was like a compilation of nightmares, kisten back but with Ivy, Jenks gone, Trent crazy and trying to kill her again…

    • Amanda

      and why did Kisten smell like magic….I hope some demon isnt going to bring him back to hurt Rachel….well maybe i kinda do LOL

  64. There are a lot of structural and continuity flaws all over this. This piece presents a ton of questions without any foundational elements. In short, while this is written well, there isn’t a story here. And I’m not certain you know where you want it to go. Hopefully this really is just an odd fanfic by the author for her own work and not something you’re going to try to insert in the next book. Though, with more info and narrative purpose I could see this going somewhere.

    P.s. can’t wait for the next book.

  65. Lesley

    Hee hee, author crackfic first thing in the morning! Is it a dream? Is it an omen? Is it something from the Cabinet of Awesome or pulled from the Circular File? Is Kim finally cracking down on fanfic?

    Yeah, I’m with Jim from Warren…I’m a little too literal to figure out this mysterious real meaning. I’m just enjoying it for the bit of silliness that it is. (Cap’n Crunch: It’s What’s For Dinner….or is it morning….? hmmm… maybe you should have a beta look it over? Sorry, fanfic joke there…)

    • "Guy"

      “Guy” here (Kim’s hubby)
      See my comment down the page a bit. Should help with the hidden message in Kim’s piece today.


    • Lesley

      OMG OMG GOT IT. (I totally missed the little tag, there.) REALLY? REALLY?! BWUH? WAAAAH!

      This has the potential to be really great, or a total trainwreck. *g* Luckily I’m easily entertained either way. Going in expecting awesome, though!

  66. lemonade

    Butterscotch? 😀 Thanks for the nugget. This is for the show? And have a great weekend!

  67. Heather

    I know it’s just a fanfic you came up with out of the blue, but the potential here is pretty cool. I can so totally see this, or something like it ending up in one of the books in the future, somewhere along the lines of Rachel either ending up in an alternate place, like the aether, or just having dreams and not knowing which is real and which isn’t because of Al.

  68. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim ….and Guy!
    Ugh, this is not the thing to do to one who “celebrated” a bit much last night! Regardless, have a great Memorial Day weekend and don’t “celebrate” too much! 😉

  69. twiser

    Wow. That was… interesting. Thought more of an Al trick then a concussion.
    Have a good long weekend.

  70. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim From Warren. Everybody here has messed with my head with obscure references. Sorry,I’m thick that way. I liked the story.Period. Everybody gets subtile on me, I can’t follow.Which is funny,if I have a human in front of me I’m on every little eye movement,face muscle twitch,voice inflection etc. So I’ll wish you and Guy and thing 2 a great holiday,lots of parades, scarf all the hotdogs and chicken w/o gaining an ounce, don’t step in anything, etc

    • "Guy"

      Hi Jim,

      “Guy” here.

      See my post down the page a bit. It should help clear things up.


    • James R. Fox

      Hi Guy-its Jim from Warren. Sorry i’m still too thick.Have a great holiday, and rem DON’T step in anything

  71. Heather

    I remember, from a previous post, you talking about a dream sequence and how it would tie things together somehow later in the book……?A glimpse into something new? Now I’m going to have to go searching. To be fair, I just woke up and am still working on coffee #1. I’m probably over thinking this. I do miss Kisten though.

  72. Sydney

    I liked it. It was good Kim.

  73. I have never read fan fic but follow a ton of author blogs so I get it. That said, is it fan fic when the author writes it? We enjoy this world so much it was fun to see something, anything.

  74. Kim Frick

    I was so mad at you when Kisten died!.. just ask my family. We were on vacation driving home when I read that story. They heard all the way home how un happy I was.

    It was great to see him back even if it was only a dream. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  75. I miss Kisten!!! Loved this!

  76. Thank you! I have missed Kisten…

  77. lucy

    I really like this! Thanks for writing it 🙂

  78. Kisten is missed. You keep scaring me that Rachel is going to get with Trent. I think I hold my breath every book, just to see if those two will or will not. And as for fan fic… Spock and Captian Kirk have been getting it on in fan-fic for years and Rothenberry hasn’t sued anyone yet.

  79. "Guy"

    Hi Readers,

    You all are missing what Kim is saying here. Think outside of the book, outside the characters. Note the tag line and how things in one media can change when placed into another media. That is all the help I can give you. When you get it, share it on Face Book.


  80. Dina

    Kist! ❤ No better way to start the Memo Weekend than with a Hollows ficlet with a special guest appearance by Kisten. Wonder how Freud would analyze that dream. 😉

  81. Debbi vice

    What the hell??? Leaves me wanting more to explain the crazy stuff you just wrote. I love all the characters, but Jenks…man… Hopefully, this is not some alternate universe Rachel’s in…just a bump on the noggin or something. Good Lord. and now I have to go to work. 😐

  82. Yep. Changing the way the world is to make it suit you. I believe you have FF down cold. Interesting, according to one program, 50 is 84% Twilight. Another has it less than 20. I’m wondering if the author will be able to save her profits and be Master of the Universe or if she’ll be sued. In truth, I thought she did a very good job filing the serial numbers off. No sparkling vamps.

  83. Jaime

    …I miss Kisten. 😦
    Thank you for that!

  84. mairead brennan

    I enjoyed that. Still miss the lovely Kisten! 🙂

  85. mel

    Good little story to start off the weekend! Def miss kisten! Curious to know what some of that meant or if was just a fun story 🙂 have a good weekend!

  86. *grin* Fifty Shades of Kalamack?

  87. Hmmmm. Alternate reality? Sounds like Rache may have a bit of a problem.

  88. Tonya


  89. Birte

    Haha! Love it. Thank you. 🙂

  90. Er, guys? This wasn’t really meant to be good. You’re missing what I’m saying here!
    (head hits the desk)

    • Martin

      I didn’t say it was good, I said it was cute!! -grin- We all know you can do better than this. You slammed it out in what? 30 seconds?

    • EAC

      Hahahaha, loved the fifty reference. I don’t know if many of your followers are into FanFiction though…lucky for you

    • Shanda

      I think I get it. I think it represents both the good and bad of Fan Fiction unfortunately. But I will say this. However, the end of the Hollows turns out, I know that it’s the way the story was meant to be written. If we want the story another way, then it’s time for some of us to become our own authors and write the story we want to tell.

      Cheers Kim 🙂

    • Jade/Third Coast

      I am going to take a stab at this. The TV people wanted to change the characters so much, including eliminating Jenks (absolutely unbelievable!), it was not the Hollows anymore. If so, I am so sad, but if they wanted to make the changes in Rachel’s “nightmare” these particular TV people were the wrong ones because they have no clue what good story telling is about. If I am right in my guess but the deal goes threw, I am sorry to say I probably won’t watch. I HAVE to have Jenks in the Hollows. And the “nightmare” Trent? Seriously? Did the TV people read all the books?

    • Jade/Third Coast

      Sorry, that should be “If I am right in my guess *and* the deal goes *through,* . . .”

    • Umm so I didn’t think the fan gig was for real. I kept saying there is no way that Kim wrote this. The descriptions of certain characters movements/looks was there, sure, but something really didn’t sit right. It was a whole lot of crazy, unrealistic mumbo-jumbo of someone else’s dream. I’m guessing the CW’s version of the hollows isn’t going to happen like it should be done. They want to make the Hollows into something it isn’t. Kinda like what this “fan fic” was. Not sure if I have this right but I figure you will tell us on Monday. Unless everyone who misses the point irritates you to the point where you feel compelled to tell us lest you continue to bash your head into your desk.

  91. Tara

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