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Didn’t sleep much last night, and I am dra-a-a-a-aging this morning.  Oh, man.  Lots of thoughts racing around, and for once, they were not about the story. No, the story is going great, and I’m eager to get to it, and the reason I didn’t get to sleep till about one in the morning was not a bad one.  Wasn’t a good one, either, it just . . . was.  I’m not worried about it, or anything else.  I do this about every other week for no reason, and it only means I’m going to sleep great tonight.  -laugh-  But this morning . . . typing errors, shaky fingers, that empty pit feeling in your middle until at least the second cup.  And boy does it taste good.

I do, however, have some cool news for you listeners of audio books.  If you remember last month, Sirius XM Radio aired the entire Dead Witch Walking twice every day until they got through it all.  They also aired an interview that Jocelynn Drake, Vicki Pettersson, and I did where we talked about ending our current series and beginning something new.  Tantor audio, who did the first five Hollows books in audio and found us the talented Ms. Gavin, has agreed to host this interview on their site, and you can listen in to it here: Sirius XM Radio Book Radio.

Tantor is also running a 50% off sale for the first five books right now, which I think is very cool.  I’ve got the link to get you started here: Hollows at Tantor.  I checked it out yesterday, and once you follow it to my books, just click on the one you want and the reduced price comes up.

I’ll be spending today finishing up chapter six and moving on to seven.  Whoo-hoo!  It’s getting interesting!


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12 responses to “Hollows Audio

  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    I hope u have a good nights sleep. Enjoy ur weekend!

  2. Speedi

    I hear ya Kim. I’m a Night-Owl, so I’m always up late. It’s just me. I love the night. I don’t know about you, Kim, but I get some of the most creative ideas at night.

    Your book sounds like it’s coming along well! I saw your book, Perfect Blood in Walmart the other day, and I ached for it……..the latest notch in my Kim Harrison book collection. Lol. That’s okay. I’ll get it. 🙂 Take care.

  3. I get that as well, and very often but it has mostly to do with the fact that it’s very light and I need darker heavier curtains. Even my cats get more active and come wake me up sometimes at 5 sometimes at 6.
    But as you put it it only makes the following night’s rest even better!
    As for the Audiobooks I can say I’m a proud owner of all xD. And I do love M.G. she’s just excellent, now everytime I read a Hollows book I hear the voices in my head (though that sounds bad) and I just love it! it fires up even more my imagination!
    Anyway… just one more day to the weekend, yay!
    Hope you and family have a nice one!

    • jkh

      Cats have a “crepuscular” biorhythm. That means they’re most active at dawn and dusk. So are raccoons, opossums, and many others. Mine can drive me nuts, waking me before sunrise when the skies are lighter but not fully daylight. He thinks that’s a grand time for breakfast, play, and then cuddles. Right now there’s street construction going on outside my building, and somebody comes and fires up the diesel engines at about 6:45 am, and then all heck breaks loose at 7:00. No point in trying to sleep through it.

  4. Howdy ma’am,

    Sorry about your sleep troubles. That almost makes the following day a real trial. I got to work last night so I’m just now waking up.(@ the crack of noon) I slept 4 solid hours. I have to shift back to a regular sleep cycle so I can get up at 5 for work Saturday. weee!

    Just restarted Pale Demon last night. Jenks just got Pixy-napped! Oh my!


  5. jkh

    I finally have leisure time to reread Pale Demon, which I finally bought in paperback. Unfortunately the leisure is due to a broken knee, but the occasion shoved me out of my inertia of staying on at my dad’s house although we have caregivers for him now. I had to shift to my apartment because I can’t do the stairs at his house. And it gave me the aforementioned leisure. I am enjoying PD even more the second time around!

    • Sorry about the knee. Some people will do anything to read Kim’s work. I just started PD last night(again) but, I didn’t break anything to do it.


  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. I always get out a tea cake of purple PU-ERH after a nite like that and break (hack, stab, crunch, mangle,) a piece off,toss at tea thingy,put tea thingy on glass pot,pour what I REALLY hope is water(don’t ask) from my tempature controlled Chef Choice tea pot in the general direction of tea thingy,wait(not hard,I just go more to sleep) and pour into what I hope is the drinking bowl.I never use cups any more,the weight of the full cup on the handle Really hurts my arthritic index finger, you can wrap your whole hand around hand-made porcelain drinking bowls from mainland China and rest the sore finger on the warm rim. And I write like that,throw everything but the baby’s nappies in the first draft,then chop. The rambling sometimes turns up good ideas.(To totally change the subject) I’m still looking for a writer’s group closer than Youngstown, since traveling that far(10 mi) is a major project these days.Hey I just noticed youvé got serbian! Great! Now Ratko Miledic has something to read during his war crimes trial(he was in charge of the Sebrenica concentration camps, genocide in Sarajevo,ethnic clensing in Kossovo,) but as his defense attourney pointed out,nobody’s perfect, and he was only creating an ethnically clean Great Serbia.Hey,it worked for Slobodan Milosovic!

    • jkh

      I hear you on the cup handle dilemma, Jim. I went the other way and found a mug that allows me to put 3 fingers through the handle, so if I’m having a specially lousy forefinger day it can just go along with the others and not have to bear weight. I put my drinking water through a Brita filter–I don’t like all the junk the utility company puts in the water.

  7. jkh

    I used to go through a lot of sleepless nights. Finally, after the fact, I figured out that it was a combination of extreme stress levels, an early symptom of early menopause, and FATIGUE. I’ve had a lot of life changes since then, and rarely have trouble sleeping now– if the neighbors will settle down and if the *&^% construction on the street didn’t crank up at 6:45 am. But I can nap nowadays, so it’s all good. When I was writing my novella I was unable to sleep until I got my installment of about 2,000 words done. Then it was like flipping a switch, I was done and on my way to sleep before I got my computer turned off.

  8. Rita Lockwood

    I listened to that interview and it steered me to Vicki Pettersson for my next reading choice (while waiting for your and Charlaine Harris’s next book!) and she did not disappoint! Thanks for posting it when it came out!

  9. Last year when I was over-stressed I would be up all night like one of those commercials, mind racing unable to fall asleep. Not good when I have to get up at 6:00 am for work. I thought for sure I would have insomnia for life but my stress has diminished and now I sleep. Our bodies are weird! 😀 Enjoy your holiday weekend!