Little old, little new

I’m working steady on rough draft, hitting a milestone of sorts by finishing Rachel’s first day.  Most of the books take up a week or less of real-time, generally hitting five or six days.  I’m also just about at the 100 page mark, which is very cool.  My chapters are really long on this one, but I’ll be trimming on the next run through, and it will shrink.  Chapter six starts with a brand new day which should be refreshing, but she actually never got to bed, so she’s a bit cranky.  Someone died unexpectedly, but it was a vampire, so she’ll be okay.  -laugh-  Who killed her brought out an interesting aspect I hadn’t thought to touch on, adding to the issues at hand.  That’s one of the things I like so much about rough draft.  That, and it doesn’t have to be good yet.  And believe me, it’s UGLY!  🙂

Something kind of fun this morning for you if you’re a member of FB.  William Morrow, who is part of Harper, is giving away prize packs for the next two weeks.  I’ve no idea what’s in there, but it might be worth a look.  Here’s the link to enter.  14-days of prizes

I also got my ARCs of INTO THE WOODS, which I’ll be giving away come September.  They are beautiful!!  And seriously I think they are the longest page-count book I’ll have on the shelf.  More than 500 pages, split about equally between old/new Hollows, and new non-Hollows stories.

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18 responses to “Little old, little new

  1. j0396w

    What is an ARC?

  2. Melissa

    I can’t wait for Into The Woods! I am reading 3 days worth of blogs today and I have to say I have missed you, so silly but you are just to much fun! Have a great new day tomorrow!

  3. “a brand new day which should be refreshing,
    but she never got to bed, so she’s a bit cranky”

    That sentence sounds like a rap song to me. My head is bobbing up and down.

  4. Isn’t it great when your characters start doing things, then lean back and watch you while you try to figure out how to fit it all in? Devious things. Keep on writing, Kim. We love all your stories.
    And thanks for the Morrow linky.

  5. jkh

    A very little bit of info on bats, order chiroptera: they live nearly all over the world, comprise nearly 25% of all mammal species, in sizes ranging from a 1-inch long body to the flying foxes of Indonesia with 6-foot wingspan. Most common in Kim’s area is probably the brown bat, an insect eater. This from Wikipedia and my memory of several articles in Nat Geo and Smithsonian.

  6. I’m with Vampy on this one… I’m not gonna have a panic attack cause I know it’s not Ivy, there’s no way it would be Ivy and Rachel wouldn’t mind.
    I wish I could see the rough draft, even if it’s ugly I bet it’s interesting! xD

    • Surfin4Disney

      “I wish I could see the rough draft, even if it’s ugly I bet it’s interesting!” …where’s the Like button when you need it?

  7. Howdy ma’am,

    See how you start the panic just by saying a female vampire dies? There are only 4 that come to mind right off the bat.(yep that’s a pun and reference to ‘bat’ night) I thought Skimmer first, then Ivy’s mom, Erica and then Ivy, You said Rachel didn’t mind much so I’m thinking Skimmer or maybe Ivy’s mom.

    On another note, the networks are already showing teasers of their new Fall shows. I’m hoping the CW will be following suit soon.


  8. MelanieS

    Oh my! Sounds like we’re in for a fun read! Ty for sharing the link.

  9. You mean all that stuff that happens to Rache is usually less than a week! Poor girl needs a holiday 😉

  10. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its jim from Warren I can’t wait to read the new hollows stuff! But I have it pre-ordered, so I’m kool! Smudge and I had corned beef brisket and cabbage last night,taking a break from virtue,that cold COLD female dog, and so we had cold corn beef and cabbage straight from the refrigerator this morning.All one-dish meals tast better after the ingredients snuggle in the refregerator all nite,kinda like Dina Suarez and her secret service agent, except Dina got paid after she called the cops. Here in the U.S. she probably would have been beaten up and robbed by the secret service agent or the cops,it’s a national sport,which is why the girls are the favorite target of seriel killers,who cares? I did since I spent alot of time caring for girls and their families.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-I was sitting on my porch in the sun, doing a Keasley,(too messed up by arthritis to do more than watch the neighbors,birds etc specially the etc) when the hawk that likes to sit on our telephone pole came by and watched the panic he causes.(He never hunts, just sit and snickers I think) When I was busy disarming psychotic clients and escorting them to the hospital, I never thought I’d make it this long. Smudge is lying beside me on her computer desk chair and pillow and pointed out that I am fortunadety supervised by a trained feline companion. She may be right.

  11. Surfin4Disney

    A vampire dies? A female vampire? 1st death? What is this fallout that is being spoken of? Is it physical/emotional? Agggghhhhhh!!!!! Someone please pass me a paper bag…I’m having a panic attack. **faint** 😉 Thank you for being you.

  12. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    A bat! O my.. I’m a bit late, but that is definitely more interesting then my night was ha, but u can keep it. I find them fascinating, but its the fast swooping that would get me.
    The book looks wonderful. The cover is wicked cool.
    Ahhhh! I love ur tid bits 🙂
    Keep up the good writing!