Bit of news-and a bat adventure!

Last Friday, I implied that I’d have some news for you, nothing big, but fun, and then I forgot about it in a haze of Monday morning madness until a reader prompted me.   So for all of you who have been dying to know, I heard back from my editor on INTO THE WOODS, the compilation of Hollows and new stories that I wrote last summer, and they’re going to do a special promotion in early September, releasing one of the new stories in an e-book format for a minimal cost.  (There is so much new stuff in the collection that they can do this and not compromise the value–I am tickled.) It’s kind of like buying one track to an entire album, and I’m seriously curious as to what happens.  The story they plan on releasing is very different from anything I’ve ever written.  If I can say one thing, it’s that I had a fabulous time last summer putting together a collection to show that Ms. Kim is not a one-voice writer, and that whatever comes after the Hollows will stand on its own.

But it doesn’t happen until September, which is why I was kind of downplaying it.  The real story today, which almost bumped the INTO THE WOODS news into Wednesday, is that I had a bat in the house last night.

Okay, so Guy and I sitting in our kitchen, (which has a couch in it and a TV instead of an eating nook.  Lovely set up.)  and we’re watching A Bugs Life.  This is the one where Flick the ant makes a bird, and at the end it’s swooping around, scaring the grasshoppers.  Got the picture?  Swooping thing on a string, scaring grasshoppers at night?  Just at that part, something about the size of a robin darts over us at the TV, and back again. Not really believing it, we both turn, and yeah, it’s coming back at us.  Now, I’ve seen bats before.  I even pulled one out of my hair once when it landed on me in the middle of the night when I was sleeping in my own little bed.  It was the size of a mouse, the way a bat should be.  But this thing darting through my kitchen last night was huge!  It really had to be the size of a robin, and I had a good ninety seconds to watch it.

Thing Two was with us, and I was really proud of how the both of them reacted, working with me to slowly got the bat pined into a smaller and smaller area, turning off lights and closing doors and opening others, forcing this HUGE bat back outside.  We recently had some vents put into the attic, and I think that’s how it got in.  Someone is coming out to check and plug the hole.  It was kind of fun working together to get him back outside, but I’d rather not do it again.

Oh, by the way, my so-called alpha dog is a complete chicken.  She went and hid under the bed, leaving the beta to jump at it to try and catch the bat until we got her safely out of the kitchen.


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44 responses to “Bit of news-and a bat adventure!

  1. Kat

    Bats are so great! Kudos for getting it out safely! I wonder what Jenks thinks of It’s A Bug’s Life?

  2. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Good on you! Thats the way to handle a bat. If you use a towel to pick him up you can damage a wing,make him helpless.(same with a bird)

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms Kim-If anyone needs a cat video,try Henri the Existential Cat, espically his “Paw de deux”. maybe the beta dog will like it.

    • Hey, if it’s up and moving, I’m not trying to pick it up. I can heard cats with the best of them.

  3. Barbara

    Huh. I just get opossums and racoons sneaking in the house.

    • Martin

      About 5 years ago I had to permanently close my cat door. I heard a strange noise late at night, several nights in a row, and caught racoons stealing cat food from the utility room, several nights in a row. They wouldn’t stay scared away.

    • Oh, see, that’s just creepy!

  4. It’s good to have the family working together on a common goal! This reminds me of a scene in The Big Chill. A bat flies in, and when they open the window to shoo it out, more bats fly in. Sounds like you all managed much better.

  5. Lesley

    what is it with bats pestering authors? Neil Gaiman has a house-crashing bat story that inspired a perfume scent called “Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat.” (It’s quite a nice scent. Ivy would like it. *g*)

  6. Oh My Word! I don’t like anything flying around my house no matter how big or small.

  7. Waneta

    Last summer we had 3 bats in our house. All different nights. I kept telling my man they were coming in from a hole somewhere. After the last one, with probably a foot & a half wingspan, swooped out of our office closet at my head he had no choice but to believe me. My hair is down to the middle of my butt so I was so afraid it would get tangled in it. Lol. Needless to say we put foam insulation in the cracks in the closet attic door. We may not be able to get up there very easy again but at least they won’t get in easy either. Ha ha! Every time I hear a skittering though when I’m in the office I duck. 🙂

  8. Juliette

    My daughter Lily and I just watched A Bug’s Life!

  9. Fern Henry-Pearsons (The Ferbie)

    Tell your construction dude to staple fine mesh wire screening over the INSIDE of the house where the vents are positioned….that will keep all sorts of furry pests out….it won’t cost much and will keep you from having adventures of the batty kind…

  10. I like bats as long as they stay outside. We have one that lives over our back door (an inherited resident when we moved her two years ago). It squeezes into the tiniest opening and Johnny performs domestic duties by cleaning up after the little pooper. It does eat mosquitoes and other bugs so we keep it around. I’ve contemplated buying a bat house for it but I think it likes where it’s at.
    Kudos on the new release. Keep us posted.

  11. Gail S

    You had a interesting evening, how are you going to top that tonight? 😀
    When I was just a kid, we lived in an apartment (court) building (popular in the Chicago area). We lived in a ground level apartment. Somehow through the transom a bat found its way into our flat. My Mother was so freaked out that I think she scared the poor thing. My Dad was very patient and used a towel to gather him up after getting him cornered. He then slipped him back out the door to freedom. It was quite the event, my Mom was exhausted. 😉 Funny I haven’t thought of that for years. I’ll bet that ‘alpha’ dog was exhausted too.
    Can’t wait Till September, we all know you are not a one voice author! I know I’m not the only one who can’t wait for what’s coming. 🙂
    Have a great week.

    • Hi, Gail. We all did really well getting it out the door. No panic, no haste. It was kind of cool. But it did tend to swoop around a lot. Never landed the entire time.
      You have a great week too!

  12. Gil

    Last nite, I had a flying bug adventure- but ickier. This THING flew past my face while I was reading in bed, touched my hair, and did a slow loop of the room. It’s wing span was SO wide, and it’s flight so slow, I honestly though it was a hummingbird… but no, it was the world’s largest flying cockroach! I loathe cockroaches. Suffice to say, when I finally went to bed, nightmares ensued!! In summary, I would so much rather it had been a bat(!).

  13. LOL! I remember when I lived in Argentina (my home country) during the summer time I kept my living room windows open, and they’re floor to ceiling so you can imagine… anyway, I was about 17 and this huge bat got in, I panicked and locked myself in the kitchen, called my dad on his cell and ask him what to do, to which he replied: why don’t you offer him a whiskey, and then proceeded to laugh! In the end he went out the same way. Sometimes I do wonder what they eat, God it was big!
    As for INTO THE WOODS, all I can say is I can’t wait! I hope the early chapter release is also available internationally.
    We’ll see. =)
    Anyway, have a nice week!

  14. Howdy ma’am,

    Go team Cook! The family that herds bats together wont get fat together! Have you ever watched bats hunting at night and the toss pebbles out in front of them? They dive and catch the stones. It’s very cool to see just how good their sonar is.

    I already know you’re not a one voice author. I’ve read all of your series except the Princess one. All were good, and I’d recommend them anytime. Anyone interested in Kim’s earlier work can get a look at it here.


  15. Ha! What a wild evening you had!! Wonder what kind of bat it was… maybe a fox bat. Those are slightly larger bats right? I dunno, that’s about all the bat knowledge I have. Hope they get the hold plugged up!

    • I tried to look it up, Angela, but all that showed on a quick search for bat sizes was baseball bat sizing charts, and I don’t have the time to devote to a full search.

  16. Is Into the Woods going to have some of the stories from those publisher compilations like Holiday Are Hell? I hope so, cause I love the ones I’ve read, and I’ve missed a few.

  17. Diva

    Yeah, I’d be under the bed with the alpha dog. I apologize for nothing. 😉

  18. bookluvr

    You should have videoed it so you could watch your own Bug’s…er better make that….Bat’s Life and relived the adventure!!!!

  19. Surfin4Disney

    Ok, so what I took from that story….you were watching A Bug’s Life. A BUG’S LIFE!!!! I love that movie! Then I started thinking about Jenks. Rachel. Ivy. Al. Trent. Etc… Damn rabbit holes…why do I keep falling down them? Slippery slopes they be.