Thank you, we’re all good here

Or perhaps, I could title this, Leave My Programing Alone, WP.  Sheesh!  Nothing like coming in bright and early and finding that powers that be who maintain your blog program have decided to add a feature which changed the background, and now it’s the same as the color of your print.  Seriously?   It took me fifteen minutes to figure out who was at issue, and then FIX it.  I’m very curious to see if they change it back and I have to fix it again before the day is out.  (Isn’t there a law that says you can’t make me think this hard so early on a Monday morning?)

But if I’m crabbing about my WP account, then you know nothing is going on here.  Had a great weekend out in the yard.  Thing Two wanted to plant a tree, so we headed out to a big, five-generation nursery that I get out to maybe two to three times a year to get a tree to fit the only place left on the property that needed one.  I thank my lucky stars it was his idea to get a flowering tree, because that’s what I wanted there.  After the tree was picked out, I went SHOPPING!!! and got a couple of hanging baskets and a black iris that I’d not seen before.  The best part was having some time with Thing Two. He’s got a busy life and snagging him for dinner is not always a sure thing anymore.  Happy, melancholy sigh.

So I’ll be chunking on chapter four this morning.  It’s sort of a transitional chapter, but it leads to fun things, so this week should be interesting.


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36 responses to “Thank you, we’re all good here

  1. Hey Kim!
    So glad to here you had a wonderful weekend with your son. Don’t you sometimes just want to freeze time? I think as parents we forget sometimes to appreciate time spent just doing mundane things with our kids(Although to be fair, they make it difficult sometimes!). Time truly is fleeting so take what you can, when you can. Yay for life’s little moments!!

    • Hi Keeley. Nope. Not once have I ever wanted to freeze time to keep my children, children. I love watching them become more and more independent, their own person. They are beautiful people, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. Besides, playing with play dough for 30 years sucks. I rather like hearing his opinions that only a growing man can have.
      But yes, yeah for life’s little moments. I know the trip out there and back meant more to me than him. And that’s okay, too, proper, as it’s meant to be.

  2. Martin

    That explains why the website wasn’t working when I woke up early. I wish tech people would leave things alone when they’re working correctly, and quit fiddling, just because they can. More often than not they screw things up. Sort of like Dilbert in a very old comic, He was bored at work, so he was going to mess with his computer settings until it didn’t work any more. and then spend the rest of the day fixing it again. GRRRR.

  3. What a gloriously beautiful weekend for being outside! Glad you had a nice time working in the yard and with Thing 2. His busy life sounds like my teenaged nephew, who called last week to see if I was coming to visit before he goes away for the summer. It was sweet, and I’ll definitely make plans to go, but based on past experience if I’m there a week I’ll only see him for about 45 minutes between all of his practices and time with friends and schoolwork!

  4. I didn’t disappear, really. Been reading your posts while recovering from thyroid surgery (it’s all good, got to keep the left half).
    Tree planting with T2? How nice of a connection. Johnny’s planted 5 herbs, sunflowers, an eggplant, and a couple of tomato plants for us – all growing splendidly. We’re phasing into our hot season before the monsoons move in (gawds but I hope we get a good season this year).
    My writing hat’s been flipping from short-short stories over at where I’m registered as penquillity and a couple of non-fiction interviews for a new local artist co-op magazine.

    • Jeannie, that is fabulous news you got to keep half of it. I am happy for you, and I hope everything progresses with the best news possible.
      Keep up the great writing work!

  5. jkh

    So happy you had some golden time with Thing 2. It gets more and more infrequent, huh? Is he showing any interest in girls yet? and when does Thing 1 finish his military stint and does he plan to come home? Too personal? Sorry, just making mom noises.

    • Oh, good lord, yes. He’s a regular chick magnet, and I’m proud of him for how he’s learning to see beyond the surface to the person underneath.

  6. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    How wonderful that u got some quality time with ur son and mother nature. My son will be here Saturday and I’m super excited.
    I had a very good weekend.. minus the neighbors tantrum. I swear, he is a 2yr old trapped in a mans body. I planted some flowers and even brought out my solar fairy to join them. Maybe Jenks could stop by. I’ve got hunny! 🙂
    Have a great day Kim.

  7. Victoria Eskey

    Hi Kim, I’m glad you had a good time in the yard. Our trees are hanging in there, it’s starting to get warmer, but no droopy leaves yet!
    I haven’t been so good, I lost a very close, very good friend a week ago, and haven’t done much besides cry. It’s so hard, he was someone I wouldn’t have minded spending the rest of my life with, and now he’s gone. He was a stringent non-fictioner, but he would sit and listen to me blather on about Rachel and Al. I miss him so much… He was only 27.

  8. Brenda M

    It was HOT all weekend here in Indiana. Took the granddaughters to buy their flowers last weekend. They chose mostly petunias, but what a stunning array of colors!

    My planting and potting are all done except for one idea I am mulling over that includes air plants and a wire basket that is intended for holding those mossy/twiggy type pots.

    Have a wonderful Monday!

  9. cathydboyd

    I hope my WP isnt messed up I am afraid to look lol.. Glad you had time iwht your thing 2. I am exhausted from travel and struggling with chapter 11 had WIp thingone sitting for months all three of my things ( my WIP) seeem neglected. so to get backon track this week is my plan.. Funny we both use tings in different context. LOL Have a great writing week!

  10. Melissa

    Hi Kim! I so glad you had a great weekend & planted tree! I got brave & went out & bought a 1 gallon knock-out rose bush & some marigolds. I have high hopes for the roses & if all goes well I may get more. The marigolds worry me, I hope I don’t kill them but they were so pretty & only $1.25! I happily put them in some clay pots I had. I’ll never have your talent with plants but you have inspired me to try. I hope you have a great day! 🙂

    • OMGosh, Melissa. You’re looking at the tip top of thirty years of tinkering with plants, and I don’t show you the dead ones I still end up with. I had four major fails last year that I can think of off the top of my head. Just have fun with it!

  11. Tim Collins

    Hi Kim, Just a note to say I’m glad you have gotten some off time to do what you like doing. You are indeed lucky. Take care, Tim & Karen

    • As my grandpa would say, the harder I work, the luckier I get. But thank you. I don’t take anything for granted, and everyday has something sparkly in it.

  12. I believe I was out your way Friday. It seems the only Cost Plus World Market left is in Ann Arbor. Had a great time shopping w/ my mom and spent the rest of the weekend knocking off items on my outside to-do list. Only need to do a little mulch, split my hostas, find and plant something in an area I cleaned out….

  13. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren I’m glad you had such a great weekend,and very glad you got time with thing2. I hear you on the kid part, one time my son was this little guy following me around, the next time he was 6’4’and married and in the Army. and now he has Nine kids! I also have 2 great-grandkids and I’m chronologically challenged! (My irish cardiologist says she was told in Med school that great-grandkids psychically drain your strength) But fortunately my foster daughter and her husband don’t want any,at least for now. On the other hand we are Very lucky. My aide’s youngest son is retarded, and still lives with her. He is 33, and operates at about 9-10 yrs old. Very nice polite kid, But his SS from his late father is nothing, and Mom refuses to place him in a group home untill she has to, so she’s working full time at 67 (his aunt watches him when mom pulls a night shift) Anyway happy hunting on chapter 4

    • jkh

      Your aide’s son may benefit from and greatly enjoy a day program if there are any available. And it will make the transition to a group home easier. All of my grandchildren have tails and whiskers, and my only child isn’t having babies. It’s OK by me though; if I really need to cuddly babies I can volunteer at the hospital.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi JKH- my aide has her son in a day care program at the local School for the retarded, he’s always talking about his basketball games and movie outings. The school trains it’s stidents to live in a group home, none of them are able to live by themselves at that facility. She lust doesn’t want to let her baby go as long as she can care for him

    • Nine kids! Wow! That is a huge family! You must be so proud, Jim.

  14. Howdy ma’am,

    Glad to hear you got some time with T2. Now that all my sibs live here, we have a set day to get together to hang out and maybe play cards together. That is my favorite day. Drink a lot of pop, scarf some pizza and make each other laugh while playing Shanghai. Family time is important.

    I just read the “Humans are like Jello…” line yesterday. Jenks/you are so funny.

    As I reread the part where the Ethics coven was trying to recapture Rachel, One of them remarks how she was nothing special, she didn’t use one spell. Maybe not but she did take down their circle and take out half of them before they got her. If she had used magic, I guess it would have been a much shorter book. 🙂