Chapter Two

Chapter one is in the cabinet of awesomeness, and I’m staring down chapter two today of book 12.  The dialog I got sketched out yesterday, and after thinking about it all night, it feels skimpy to me.  I do two things, and three would be more solid.  So this morning, I’m looking it over and trying to decide if I’m being lazy (or anxious to get to other stuff)  by skimming over a possible chance to add more action, or if I would be adding action just for action’s sake.  Maybe it’s not a skimpy chapter, but a clean, concise one that has only what I need and no more?  (laughing at myself now.  I can justify with the best of them.)

But it feels like I’m skimping.  If I can find a way to wedge some action in that makes Rachel think about one of the issues she’s going to be dealing with, or use a magic that she’ll need later, then it’s no longer gratuitous.  Decisions, decisions.

Also, I took a look at the projected temps from here till June 1st, and decided to put my annuals and veggie garden in.  It’s a bit early, but we’ve apparently shifted planting zones.  It is amazingly hard to trust that, even when I believe it down to the souls of my dirt-soiled feet.  I sort of understand Stonehenge better, or at least the human need to harness what we can of the seasons.  Gardening is hard enough without having to guess when the last frost is.  And to have someone tell you that it’s shifted, even when you believe it, is hard.


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  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    I got a lot accomplished. Just about headed for bed. I hope ur day was just as successful. Enjoy uur friday and have a grand weekend!

  2. Angela Elliott

    You have done a fantastic job on all of the previous books. You are going to do an even more amazing job on these next ones. (And the ones after that).

    We put in a three acre garden every year. Last year – no tomatoes set on because of the heat! It’s scary and don’t know what to expect. We (Kansas) changed zones also. Plus it is funny how the weeds are already starting to seed out. Just 2″ tall and seeds. Crazy.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    Ahh, Book 12. I really don’t want to hear that you’re working on it…that means the end is near!! I’m just gonna put on some new Garbage and think of Rachel. And Ivy. Good times.

  4. NIna

    So I was wondering. I’m sure you have “outtakes” from each of your novels. Fun little chapters that just didn’t carry the story along, or were cut for length. Do you keep them? And if so, have you thought about releasing them?

    • Hi Nina. I do! And I keep them. Rarely, if ever, do I use them, and if I do it’s generally bits and chunks. I’d never dream of publishing them as outtakes because I’d end up confusing myself as to what really happened.

  5. jkh

    I have NO games on my laptop, which apparently makes me truly weird. I put my creative writing on thumb drives, which seems to be enough for me. This machine is getting old (ancient, according to my SiL, BiL, and nieces) and I’m going to need to replace it because it can’t keep up with the server updates. I think I’ll put some of my archived correspondence on thumb drive, too…

  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms, Kim-its Jim from Warren. My first hint to people with storage probs is to get a comp with a decent hard drive on it.Mine has 912 gig,comes fully loaded with ALL microsoft programs including excel and Office, the second is Never put videos on your hd. I use password locked flash sticks myself.Also,my fiesty redhead irish cardiologist(the one that rules her household with a fist of iron, even her residents and staff,who love her, say don’t be in the road when she’s on a mission) yelled about my weight again,says I have to lose 15 more pounds(I’ve lost 12 since last November) She”s happy with the rate of loss, just not the amount. All this virtue is KILLING me! Hint to fellow bloggers, don’t get old and fat. Also stroke plus arthritis is a bad life choice.

    • jkh

      Dear Jim-from-Warren: Congrats on the weight reduction!! I’ve been juggling the same *(&^ 4 to 6 pounds for a year or so now. I’m going to have to get serious about this sooner or later…And arthritis alone is rotten, and that plus stroke is rotten-squared. But you keep on keepin’ on, and that’s a good thing.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi JKH-its Jim from Warren. The first thing to do is breakfast. I have a pint of low-fat yogurt with some fresh fruit on top (no canned of course) which you can buy from Stonyfield and some other dairys by the half gallon. Its been helping me get through the mid-morning snackies Also black bread with lots of seeds for fiber

    • Okay, if we’re sharing breakfasts. Weekdays I have a handful of no-frill almonds ( 6-9 nuts) and a 1/2 cup of dry shredded mini wheats, the kind with no sugar, no nothing. Mmmmm, you’d be surprised how the natural sugar comes through after about a week of it. I can’t lose any weight unless I up my exercise.

  7. I asked my Magic 8 Ball if it was really spring now and safe to plant all flowers and vegetables, and it said Yes, so you’re safe to move ahead with your planting plans. (Now you don’t have to rely on any unreliable weather forecasts or zone shifts.)

  8. Pat .

    I have just started A Perfect Blood (i.e., ripped it out of the package and started reading immediately) and I am so glad to be back in the world of Rachel Inc. However, I just had a thought. Some of the early words you use up reminding/introducing people to the history of the Hollows and the characters – but most of your readers know all about this. Perhaps there should be a Preface for those who need reminding or have just picked up a random book – or perhaps not! Just a random thought.
    On climate/weather, go with your instincts because the predictions are crap and not even on toast!

    • Hi Pat. If the books were spaced out more than a year, I might do that, but page count is so precious that I would rather use the paper for new stuff.
      I have the weather channel in my favorites. Yep. I’m a WC watcher.

  9. Speedi

    Hi Kim. I believe whatever action and dialogue you have in book 12 will be perfect no matter what. Just trust yourself (I’m sure you always do). I don’t know if I’ve already told you this or not, but your novel, Dead Witch Walking, was the one that put the Fantasy Novel hook in my mouth. I’ve read a few vampire and suspense books when I was in Middle School, but that was it. When I read Dad Witch Walking, I was hooked. Not only on your novels (and you never disappoint), but other ones as well. I just started reading them more and more… was like I had discovered a wonderful new world that I could escape to when I wanted.
    Yep. You were my first. Lol! Then, came Karen Chance (Cassandra Palmer series), Kat Richardson (Greywalker Series), Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson Series), Jaye Wells (Sabina Kane Series), Jenna Black (Morgan Kingsley Series), Diana Rowland (Kara Gillian Series), Kelly Meding (Evangeline Stone Series), Jocelyn Drake (Dark Days Series) and now, recently, Jeanne C. Stein (Anna Strong Series). Whew! See what you’ve done to me? Lol!!

    By the way, I do have an external hard drive that I bought a few years ago (it’s a Terabite size). I did save all of my stories onto it, thank goodness. Otherwise I’d be in tears right now. Lol. I just can’t DO anything due to not having room for Microsoft Word on my laptop. Oh well. Something will work out. Happy Writing, Kim!

    • Pat .

      I am off to buy an external hard drive today…

    • Speedi

      Good idea, Pat! You won’t regret it. 🙂

    • OMGosh, you do have a storage problem if you can’t fit Word on your laptop. I think you’re right that you need some new memory.

      And I have to say that now I’m grinning ear to ear. DWW got you hooked into a new genre! I love it! Thank you!

  10. Michelle Galarno

    Yep, this weekend it the big annual planting weekend a lil north of you as well. I was always taught that your not safe to plant til after Memorial Day, but with this zone shift, I just don’t know anymore. So what the heck, I want flowers now. lol

  11. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    ” We’ve got hills. I think this was where the last glacier dumped a lot of stuff.” It is. I live where something took a big dump. 😉

    Book 12…what journey it’s been. The thought of it fills me up with so many different emotions. Everything from glad to sad is in there. In the end, it’s all good.


  12. Kim-

    One thing I’ve always remarked on is your ability to get me hooked early in a story and send me careening through a story, unable to stop until I get to the end, breathless and smiling at the ride I just endured.

    You are concise when you need to be concise, verbose when you need description, and the action comes when it is needed. I trust your instincts, and you should as well. 🙂

  13. twiser

    Action and realization is always good, even early 😉 especially Alot to put in the last two books so hard hitting and quick paced sounds perfect. But that could just be my need for it. 🙂 Good luck. I will be impatiently waiting. Have good Friday and weekend.

    • I watch movies made 20 years ago, and they start so slow, but they didn’t when I watched them the first time. Interesting how our perceptions change over time.

      You have a great weekend, too!

  14. Rita Lockwood

    I hear that! Baby steps for me…. Just planted a few annuals that get watered before the sun comes up, in case the frost hits ’em…