Ready, set, go!

I spent the last week since turning in the editorial rewrite for EVER-AFTER with the tail end of a page proof for INTO THE WOODS, and then my first run through of something special I’m making available at the end of the year.  Yesterday, though, I went over the chapter outline of book twelve that I worked up a few weeks ago, and I found it still solid and with enough surprises that I am excited to work on it.  I’ve always said the series was 12-13, but until I had an idea that sparked, wasn’t going to commit to the 13th.  And yeah, it sparked.  I can’t wait to get into rough draft mode.

Writing rough draft is like no other part of the process, both mind numbing and exhilarating as first ideas are acted on and you get to see how well  you did your plotting and anticipating problems.  There are always surprises, but what gets me is the pace.  If writing is a cross-country race, (another lonely proposition of solo performance with the hoopla of competition at the end) the plotting is the flats where you stretch out and go, the page proofs would be the sprint, and the copy edit is the one to three people you find out in the lonely spots and test your strength.  But the rough draft is the hills, killer hills with long slogs upward that evolve into exhausting, fast spurts where your pace is off and your balance iffy and you almost twist your ankle.  That’s where I’ll be for the next couple of months, working on hills and improving my endurance.  It’s a long fight upward, but oh, the view is nice.



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  1. Yay! book 13 is always good news, that means we get to enjoy Rachel and her shenanigans for one more book!
    It’s all good news.

  2. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    I love the way u write/race. I find that sometimes there are dry spells while reading some other authors. But with u, all I need is free time. Your like the pringles motto.. “once u pop, u can’t stop.” So whatever ur doing, ur doing it well!
    I’m curious of the “something special” 🙂
    Tonight I listened to a bunch of Florence + the Machine. Music is a wonderful thing. I can’t imagine the world without storytellers, art and music. What an awful waste that would be.
    Have a lovely Thursday.

    • Thanks, Lynn. You have a great day, too. I can’t agree with you more on the music and art. You wouldn’t know it by looking, but it’s a big part of my life.

  3. gwendalla

    Hi Kim, I was going through you list of books on Goodreads and realized there are two stories I’ve neve read and I don’t know where to find them. One is called “The Bridges of Eden Park” and the other is “Pure Blood”.If you could let me know what anthologies those are in that would be great. Thanks for your time and help.

  4. lornadoone12

    Dad says, “Lace your boots and go!”

  5. Love the analogy. Those hills nearly wiped me out, so I stopped for a bit to get myself better prepared to run them. I did some research on running techniques and proper equipment, did some exercises to strengthen my muscles, lungs, and heart, and now I think I’m ready to tackle the hills again.

  6. I totally do it the hard way: uphill both ways, in the snow. I know nothing of the skills of rough drafting and plotting and proofing. My technique is all idiot savant, gangly loping gallops in an attempt to put down as close to the final version as possible the first time. I write chronologically, with a rough (and sometimes not-so-rough) idea of where I’m headed. I know I’m basically “doing it wrong”, but I don’t know any other way. It’s sometimes very frustrating, but it can also be truly magical. Who doesn’t live for that moment when you put something down on paper (or the screen), then sit back and think, “Wow, I had no idea that was going to happen, or that I could do anything that awesome!”?

    • Good grief, Jade, you are doing it exactly how I do, just without the formal plotting out on paper. 🙂 Besides, there is no wrong way to write, except to not do it at all.

  7. I am trudging my way through the hills right now. I just went back to my chapter outlines and added notes to add some depth and make the plot line tighter. I figured out who the big bad ugly is and my heroine and I are ready to kick butt.
    On my side project for school the director of the under graduate creative writing track told me to find an agent and write some novels. I’m going to spend the summer focusing on the latter half of that sentence.

  8. Looks like I’ll have more time to read, so you just keep cranking things out. Due to some issues with the current state of the state, I’ve quit. Time to eat bon bons and birdwatch!

  9. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-I like the analogy. I write that way myself,only I am trying to get to the end of the block without passing out. and there is no beautiful prostitute next door to run out and rescue me as happened in Youngstown. (Actually, she lived 3 houses down,and I had had her mother and grandmother on welfare,and was trying to get her to go to re-hab for her drug problem. She really is so beautiful it would make you cry) Maybe its the passing out at the end of the block that is blocking my getting published.

  10. Speedi

    Hi Kim! It’s interesting that you mention an outline for a chapter in your story, because that is something that I have neer been able to do. I have TRIED outlines….don’t work. The only way I can write is if I can SEE what is happening in my head. If I don’t see anything, then nothing happens.

    Right now, my laptop computer memory is “full”. I tried downloading Microsoft Word and there’s not enough “room”, so my writing has come to a halt. All I can do now is continue catching up on my journaling…..ah! I write my stories so much better on my laptop, so, I guess I will have start saving money for a new laptop…..or rob a bank to get the money for one—-whichever comes first. Lol! Have a good day, Kim. 🙂


    • Hi Speedi. Weeeeellllll, I call it an outline, but it’s really more of a synopsis of each chapter.

      Have you tried getting an external hard drive? I have one to back up all my work daily. It’s small, about the size of a smart phone. You can move whatever files you aren’t currently working with on to it, and delete them off your laptop. They are pricy, (about 100.00) but much cheaper than a new laptop.

  11. Kim-

    What an awesome analogy. You are very good at those (gee, imagine that. An author good with analgy). I had a friend read my most recent story. As unhappy as I was with the draft, it left her with the desire to read more. In the end, that’s the goal, right?

    Good luck on your run, and I look forward to the results (and no twisting your ankle on the way!).

  12. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Going uphill is rough but the ride down is so worth it! It’s very flat here with lots of trees. Trees might get in the way but I like the birds and squirrels that live in them.


  13. I envy you and am thrilled for you … and indirectly, for me. There is nothing like the rush of writing a first draft when it’s working and you see it’s going to come together. I’m thrilled for you because while editing and rewriting have their moments, the first draft is pure adrenaline. And if it works for you, I ultimately get to read the fruits of your imagination and labor, savor and love it! It’s a “win-win!”

    As for tech support: We have 8 networked computers. Three are mine, 2 are my husband’s, then there’s 1 each for son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. With a few spares lying around, just in case. My 15-year old granddaughter thinks I’m ancient and can’t possibly know anything relevant to her world … until her computer won’t boot (or her photos need some photoshopping). Then, suddenly, I’m the only one who can save her … and she’s right, at least in this house. I hope whatever comes is something I can fix and won’t require a dreaded call to tech support!

    Today, all is well with the network, but the bathroom drain has disintegrated. My son’s department. I don’t do plumbing. However, with so many computers, as surely as the sun rises and sets, something will go wrong and “Granny” will transform into “Guru.” I shall put on my cape and race to rescue the data, destroy the virus, and re-install the corrupted application. I’m sure there’s a moral here … but I have no idea what it is.

  14. Cheri Rouse

    Read both of your blogs. I have had problems with old servers, them you find you did not have to do anything to your computers.

    I’am glad you are finishing Ever-after. We can’t what to read it. We just finish Pure blood. Thanks clr