I am my own IT person. (And it kinda sucks)

I lost twenty minutes this morning figuring out why all my early evening email wasn’t delivered yesterday.  Turns out it was me, as I thought, and it was a quick fix once I realized what was going on, but a week ago, I got an email from an old server telling me they were changing things, and that I had to go in and tweak the system.  I didn’t, seeing as it was an old server we left three years ago, but in the no-coffee-I-was-in-bed-twenty-minutes-ago haze, I spent 19 minutes looking for it.

However, I do have something very cool for you today!  Way back in February, I, Jocelynn Drake (of the Dark Day’s persuasion) and Vicki Petterson (of Signs of the Zodiac) got together over the phone and talked to Sirius radio about our series ending and new ones beginning.  Jocelynn’s ANGELS INC will be out October 16th,  and Vicki’s TAKEN will be out June 12 –as in less than a month.   But you can catch a spoiler or three if you listen in to the archived conversation.  You get a bare sliver of what I’ve got going on after the Hollows, but it’s bones, just bones.  🙂

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  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Kim, todays adventure in Maine was a total success 🙂
    It’s definitely going to have to happen again sometime down the road. I hope ur day was just as swell as mine.. and I’m glad the issue this morning was a quick fix.

  2. Loved the radio interview–it’s really interesting to hear three different perspectives. And the new series for Jocelynn and Vicki sound good! Of course, Peri sounds good too, but I’m perfectly willing to wait for three more Hollows books before moving on 🙂

  3. twiser

    here’s a link to another awesome book trailer. I’ve read it, own it, and loved it. Hope you do too.
    JeanieneFrost’s Eternal Kiss of Darkness

  4. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    If you’re your own IT person, do you get a raise? Happy hump day!


  5. Kim-

    I look forward to listening to this. I don’t read the other two authors, but I may start now that I actually have some free time.

    An interesting observation I made recently: Books read during the 3 years I was going to school: 4 (including 3 Hollows books). Books read in the last week since school got out: 2.5. Heh.

    I’m also starting to write again… very slowly. Just something small for a friend and myself, but I’m seeing a LOT of bad habits I’ve picked up (mostly centering around perspective issues).

    Anyway, enough about me. I’m glad you got your IT stuff taken care of. I am currently a systems admin for a living… trust me I know how frustrating it can be to solve issues, especially when you aren’t entirely awake. 🙂

  6. Hey Kim!
    Thanks for this little pearl! I swear I get more impatient by the minute! the funniest thing is that when the final Hollows book is in front of me, I’ll probably be conflicted trying to delay it so it doesn’t finish and want to read it all at once. *sighs*
    As for mornings…my hubby is always in “automatic pilot” until he gets his coffee, he can get very cranky without it and it’s not the most chatty. LOL

    Hope you’re enjoying the weather! =)
    Love. Flo

  7. Kim – just heard about the TV show. Congratulations! It was, coincidentally, as I was unpacking a box of your books I’d carried with me to Japan for our year stay. Now that we’re home in the U.S. and I’m catching up on the news, just wanted to say congratulations!

    • Thank you, Alyssa. I should know more fairly soon now. It’s nerve racking seeing other announcements, and know that mine, be it good or bad, will likely be at the end of everything. CW is slow there.

  8. twiser


    This is totally not fare!!!!! These are my 2 most favorite series and characters. Good luck to both Rachel and Bones! And let’s hope Ivy and Cat can behave on the sidelines!

  9. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. yes,arthritis can let up IF it responds to cortisone,and your body can tolorate it and you are not too old.Unfortunately Smudge is too old,her Dr doesnt even want to give her baby asprin at 15. I have to take her in for her 6 mo physical next month, she’s been doing really good,jumping up on the table beside the window to supervise the village or onto my lap to supervise this post(you know how bossy elderly cats get) so I’m hoping her x-rays will be good despite the amount of time she spends snoozing on her real feather down pillow.

    • Martin

      Hi Jim,
      My 19 yr old cat has gotten REALLY bossy lately. He hurts enough that he’s almost never happy. The only respite is that he sleeps even more. I’m going to miss him.

    • Hey Jim!
      as an advice… I tried once with shark cartilage. It help my previous kitty a lot! she lived longer and happier. You can always ask your vet.
      Hope she get better!

    • Jams R. Fox

      Hi Flo its Jim From Warren. Thank you for the idea,I’ll ask her vet when I go in

    • jkh

      Poor old Smudge. I hope she feels better during the summer warmth. Best of luck to her.

    • Jams R. Fox

      Hi JKH-its Jim from Warren Thanks I am trying to keep her going. Other than a touch of arthritis in her right hind leg(she claims its an old battle wound,since she used to love to sneak out and fight the neighborhood cats and dogs) she seems to be in excellent health,knock on wood.

    • Hi Jim. It sounds like you take good care of Smudge. 🙂