Thank God it’s Monday

Thank God it’s Monday and I can sit on my butt for the entire day.  I am TIRED of moving mulch, digging holes, leveling pavers, and putting in annuals that I will probably have to cover at least once before the frost lets go for good this year.  (Trying to get a jump on the summer color)  This weekend was a work-in-the-garden extravaganza, but it’s finally starting to look good, and I’m seriously wondering how Guy and I have gotten this much done since March.

The big thing this weekend was putting in the pavers under the gate so the grass doesn’t look sad with all the foot traffic.  I did one with rock on raw dirt, but the other set I dug out and put sand under them like I’m supposed to.  Also moved 30 bags of mulch, put in a small annual bed, set out lines for the vegie garden and planted my squash plants, went to the local garden club plant sale and bought some iris and put those in the ground, cleaned my outside furniture and set that up, and . . . ah . . .  I think that’s it, actually.  Pretty much.  I’m tired.

So today, despite all the little things I now wish I had included in the editorial rewrite for EVER-AFTER, I’m turning my eyes to the next Hollows book and see if I can’t put them there instead.  🙂  I tell you, it’s going to be interesting from here on out.  Can’t wait to see how it unfolds. . . .  And it will feel good to sit on my butt and do nothing but move my fingers today.  Ahhhhh.


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34 responses to “Thank God it’s Monday

  1. nicholasb

    Dear Ms Kim
    I hated Monday. That’s because I picked up my copy of A Perfect Blood on Saturday and, even with pacing myself (grudgingly…), I finished it yesterday.

    It left me elated and depressed at the same time. It was a really really nice read. Its just that I think Rachel needs a kick in the pants from somebody. G*d girl, just kiss Trent already!! 🙂

    Thus I will just have to sulk until I get my hands on the next copy of Rachel and her pals.

    And lastly Ms Kim, is that 13th book a definite go? If so, great and thank you.


    Nicholas Badenhorst

  2. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    No wonder ur TGIM, thats a lot of work. Good for u. Wish I had been more productive. I mainly relaxed, but I did get some things done. Tomorrow.. err, today.. me, Justin & a good friend of ours are going on a little adventure we’ve been talking about for a year. It’s nothing too exciting.. but just the fact that we are finally doing it makes it so. Have a good day!

  3. Pat .

    I had assumed that pixies would do most of the work in your garden…
    In any case, from my selfish point of view, I want you sitting down and writing whenever you are able. I have just ordered “A Perfect Blood” – I decided I couldn’t wait for the paperback to arrive in NZ – so I have done the unthinkable (for me) and ordered the hardback. 🙂

  4. Melissa

    Wow, you were a busy lady! 30 bags of mulch, no way, not me. The reason I don’t work for my husband is because I HATE the labor part of gardening. he he Don’t know if you know Chloe Neill, Chicagoland Vampires, but she is singing your praises on her blog! She can’t decide if she should read a Perfect Blood or work on her next book! That seems like a nice compliment and you so deserve it!

  5. Kelly

    I thought of the witch’s garden when I read this post. Which made me think of the chruch and how it was converted into living space for Ivy and Rachel. Then, oddly enough, a feature on one of the websites I frequently visit was doing a special on converted churches! Thought you might like this:–171093

  6. jkh

    Oh, did your title bring back memories. Long ago, when I had a student-age daughter and a M–>F, 9–>5 (actually it was 8–>5 plus an hour’s commute each way) job I would spend this time of year from dawn to dusk out in the yard, line-drying the week’s laundry, mowing, trimming, weeding, pruning, etc, etc until I could barely bend my fingers by Mondary morning. Since I made a living as a statistical typist, it was a less than good thing. Monday my work output was a little slower, but I got some rest from my “recreation!”

    • Yep. Sounds like me in the yard. It’s going to slow down in a few weeks. Really slow down. To zero. I’ve got an entire two months of work to get done in a very short time. I’m seeing the end, though. 🙂

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-I used to garden,when I had a house with 170 ft deep yard. A yard will fall into desuetude i you don’t work on it when its that big. I worry about the two tiny patches I have here in the village and want to do more than the landscaper does. Oh well, when my arthritis etc lets up.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-I was sitting on my porch when some straggling geese flew overhead,honking like crazy(the wildlife preserve is only a mile or so away and the lake is on the local goose and duck flyway to Canada) I bet the female were saying “I SAID to stop and get directions!”

    • Arthritis lets up? Really? That’s good to know. I thought you just had to work through it. (sigh)

  8. We spent some time in our tiny garden this weekend too! Planted some orange flowers (no idea what they are), put down new mulch, pulled weeds… and yet our itsy bitsy garden out front still looks pretty silly. Its our first one so I guess we’ll learn as we go. I’m always inspired by your yard and garden stories. Happy Monday!

    • Very cool, Angela! Gardens never look silly. Ever. I’ve got this weird stone and impatient thing going on, and when it gets odd, you start calling it art.

  9. Rita Lockwood

    The weather here in Michigan is AMAZING! I’ve gotten a huge start on the yard and big jump on planting annuals….

    • I’ve never had such a long, cool spring as this. I agree. I got so much done that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. Two large areas needed to be reclaimed from construction damage are now looking decent thanks to that hot spell in April.

  10. Martin

    It’s a good thing artists have deadlines, otherwise we would sit and tweak something forever, never call it done, never let it go, and never start the next project! Even years later I can look at something and tell myself “I should have done it THAT way”.

  11. Brenda M

    It was a wonderful weekend for gardening!

  12. Vampyre

    Happy Tuesday,

    “Thank God it’s Monday”, made me laugh. I will pretty much be a prisoner in my own home until pay day. Sure I could go out and use my credit cards but we all know what kind of trap they are. Instead, I’ll just put my computer, Kindle, TV and pets to good use. I may not be able to go anywhere this week but my mind can go where ever I want it to.

    Oh, as I was leaving for work Saturday, I noticed my neighbor’s yard was gone! Well the grass was. I guess she is replacing it like a worn out carpet with new grass.


  13. Speedi

    Good for you Kim! Monday is my “sit-on-my-butt” day as well. I use to resent Mondays because it was the first day of work after the weekend. I couldn’t stand it. Now, it’s officially my lazy day. I do plan to do some journaling today though. I have a lot of catching up to do! Enjoy your day Kim. 🙂

  14. Tim Collins

    News Flash! * My Brother Dan was not sitting on his butt yesterday. He was in a hot air balloon high over Pa. where he asked his Girl, Tina to Marry him. (She said yes.) Smart idea about the balloon, if she said no, he could just toss her (IIIIEEEeee…. >:-o ) and then use his phone to set up Mondays NEW date! 😉
    He has NEVER married. He is about 46 now.
    How did I find out? By paging through Face book and seeing a Pic of Dan and Tina in a Ballon. I guess that’s the way they do it now. * End of News Flash! 😉 Tim

  15. Sounds a lot like my plans for this upcoming weekend..dig, plant, weed, seed, mulch.

  16. Diva

    You’re a true weekend warrrior Kim. May you have the best yard on the blaock when all is said and done.

    As for the writing, I do hope you manage to find new homes for all those “little things” that were displaced from Ever-After. It’s often those little things that I love the most. 🙂