I had a plan

I had a plan last night for today’s drama box, but I can’t remember what it is for the life of me.  I think it had something to do with proofing and how that’s where a lot of writer’s work shifts from rambling to crisp and clean.  I did a lot of tossing of phrases this week, and took a hard look at my style.  It was odd, since I worked on a huge chunk of one style (Ever-after) and then a handful of other styles (in INTO THE WOODS)  Trent’s voice naturally has more complex sentence structures and phrases stuck in everywhere.  (Million Dollar Baby) The most interesting voice in the collection to me is Lilly’s, which is a tired mom of two young girls, living with her mother in a farm house.  (Spiderweb) She’s angry and a little unbalanced, and seeing her sanity laying next to her madness is fascinating.  Unfortunately it wouldn’t be her voice I continued to work with, though the fairy tale feel would hopefully remain.  The voice I liked working with the most was the young man in the pet shop finding out his world has been on the cusp for a long time, but this one doesn’t have a story I want to follow much.  His voice was fun, though. (Pet Shop Boys)  My easiest voice was Grace, since she is so much like Rachel, but the voice she has here, and the one I’d use if I followed her story further would be drastically different.  What I found most interesting in proofing the collection was how they all needed a slightly different hand.

Things that make you go mmmm.

INTO THE WOODS should be available in e-book and audio, and is currently available for preorder from

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  1. Is the weekend just about over?.. already? WTheck.. That was too fast. I want a re-do! =)

  2. Claudia

    Happy Mother’s Day, Kim!
    I hope you had a wonderful day with your family 🙂

  3. Charlie

    Into The Woods read by Ms. Gavin, awesome news!!!

  4. twiser

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! Hope you had/have a good weekend.

  5. Linda Lou

    Ahhh -got it. Hee-hee. At least I already told you I’m an idoit. Well, good to know you get plenty of sunshine. I get too much. Keep having to put sunblock on. Don’t wanta look my age -ha!
    “Into the woods” sounds awesome. Oh boy-new characters.
    My roommate called yesterday from a casino in Louisiana. She won a thousand bucks on a machine. She’s the luckiest blankitty-blank I know. It’s really annoying.
    Hope you have a great Mothers Day!!

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  7. Hey Kim!

    Me too! I had a plan for today! I should have known better. I took today off figuring I’d catch up on a few things that needed to be done around the house. About 2 hours into my free time and I get a call from my youngest daughter’s school stating she got hurt in gym class and could I please pick her up. Three hours and an ER visit later, fractured elbow with a casting on Monday! No sooner do we get home when I get a call from my oldest son’s school. He was hit in the mouth(sans mouthguard, WHAAT!!) with a lacrosse ball during practice and could I please pick him up. Two hours and a dentist visit later, loose tooth with a pending periodontsit visit! The perils of motherhood and yet I know I will miss these kinds of days someday!
    My new motto is: Plans were made to be broken. Go with the flow.
    Have the happiest of Mother’s Days!! I sure plan to!

  8. James R. Fox

    Hi ms. Kim-I have everything pre-ordered already. You can take the money and buy a Lamborghini ,but then you’ll never be able to drive it because thing 2 will be borrowing the keys to impress the chicks. but you can say you have a Lambo!

  9. Denise Keef

    Hi Kim…I am so looking forward to “Into The Woods” as I am with all of your books! I was working in my garden today…geez….where did all those weeds come from? They weren’t there in the Fall! I had a few pots in back that had Calla Lilly’s in them last year and figured they were dead and decided to empty the pots and reuse the soil. I was really surprised that two of the pots had survived and were starting to grow. I never would have thought they would have made it through the winter but maybe because they were against the house they were protected. I still have a lot of work to get done out there but at least I have made a small dent. We do have a new neighbor living under our patio! A toad! Just wanted to share that with you =] Have a great weekend and a very Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Hi Denise. I pulled my Calla tubers in the fall, but repotted them this spring and mine are coming up, too! Soon as my tulips are done, they go in their place.

      Congrats on the toad! And I hope you had a great mother’s day.

  10. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I thought you were taking today off. Now go have fun in your garden. We will all be here when you get back. 🙂

    I took the hint, followed the link, and preordered.


  11. Michelle

    Hi Kim,

    I can tell already that I am going to love reading Into The Woods!
    I’m only on the 4th book of the Hollows series and I’m missing Trent. I know he’ll be there again, but he is the most fascinating character I’ve ever read. Thank you for all the mystery and excitement. A series with no slow parts is a truly amazing thing!

    Thank you,