Three Months of Sunshine

Three months of sunshine.  It sounds like a title for a block buster book, doesn’t it?  Sunshine is good, something we take for granted, and by tacking that three-month limiter on there, it adds an element of questioning tension.  Three Months of Sunshine.  Like 50 Shades of Gray, or Three Cups of Tea.  Yeah.  But really, it’s what I’m looking for in my yard–a spot that gets sun for at least three months so I can put in my tomatoes and pumpkins.  The angle of the sun has shifted high, creating a few spots where I get a smidgen more sun than in any other time of year, and I’ve been watching them.  Unfortunately it’s right where I wanted to move the grill.  sigh.

Three Months of Sunshine.  I think it would be easier to write the book then find that in my garden.


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  1. Have a Happy Mother’s Day weekend and fun in the sun!

  2. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Have a happy day off, and a very happy Mothers Day to youuu. I already talked to my mom to wish her a happy mothers day as my sister is signing her out of assisted living for the weekend and having a party for her at her house in North Olmstead. I’d go but travel is hard, and I’d have to hire someone to look after my cats. We always have a weeklong get together at Thanksgiving, and my aide who has a cat, looks after mine for the week as well,for a little extra. (She has a retarded son who lives with her, he’s nice but about 9-10 years old. She’s always looking for little side jobs to give money to her sister,who watches him when she has to work nites) Sometims a mothers job is never done I guess.(My aide is a widow,and her son only has his deceased fathers SS, which is not enough by far, so she works full time.)

  3. jkh

    How thrilling to see so many hummers, and the other birds as well. I imagine your little water feature draws them as much as your lower growing shrubs. Try putting something reflective on the north side of your tomatoes, to concentrate the sunshine, and stone mulch around the roots of your squashes to collect the heat. I’m glad you’ve made such good progress on your rewrites, and yes, you deserve some “family time.”

  4. Katy


    Try finding three months of sun in Washington! Never happening, ever! 😛

  5. Taking Friday off to work in the yard sounds like a good idea–tomorrow looks beautiful and sunny, while Saturday looks rainy and cool. I’m trying to stay outside as much as possible on these sunny days, just in case the gray and the cold come back!

    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

  6. Linda Lou

    Oh my god my jalapenos are hot!! I think I hurt myself. I didn’t grow any last year and lost my tolerance. Ouch! I should go get some milder plants and work up to it.
    Only 3 months of sunshine? I don’t know how you do it. I’d go nuts! (Yeah, short trip.) The older I get the more the sun, or lack there of, seems to effct my mood and even worse, my energy level. I hate being so…well -whatever it is…dependent?… on sunshine. Maybe I was always that way and didn’t realize it.

  7. Victoria Eskey

    Sunshine was something I took for granted, havIng been born and raised in Texas, and then moving to Orlando. But the 2 years I spent in Tacoma quickly re-educated me. *^_^*
    Have you read the 50 shades of gray? I saw it on the bestsellers list, and wasn’t sure. Now hearing all of the controversy, I’m not sure but only because I’m not sure ofthe quality. Shocking me to get me to think, and to take me out of my comfort zone, and see a truth is one thing. Shocking me just to shock me isn’t worth it.

  8. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    You said you may be taking Friday off so I’ll say Happy Mother5’s day to you now. Not only are you a mother in this world but you are also the mother of the many wonderful characters that populate my favorite books. Thank you and have a great week end.

    Here’s a little song for you and your mom readers.


  9. May

    Come to Australia 😀

  10. cheri rouse

    Hi: We live in an apartment. So gardening is in contaners. And it is hard if your place is in shade. I grow green and flowers well. Good luck on a nice yard and garden this year. clr

  11. Michelle

    Gardening time is the only time my husband and I don’t LOVE our beautiful tree covered yard. We have one tomato plant at a time here and there in little bright spots. We could never grow enough to skip shopping for them.
    Having a cool, shady yard is a luxury here in the south though, so we are happy to supplement our veggies and herbs at the local farmer’s market. I can exercise my green thumbs with flowers instead.

    • We had a shady lot in SC, Michelle, and it really made a difference. I never understood the mindset of clear and build. Yay for farmer’s markets! My local one opened up last weekend.

  12. Kelley Donaghy

    I’d love that book, Syracuse is notoriously grey and cloudy and well, usually snowy! #1 snowiest city in the State and #3 in the country. This year? Not so much.

    Here’s to a little sun and a slightly warmer temperatures!

  13. Kim-

    Thank you for the well-wishes yesterday. I’ve been thinking more and more about getting into gardening. Just dabbling mind you, I couldn’t possibly find the time right now for more than that. It’s intimidating though. There’s so much to know.

    The one place I have for a garden in my yard (it’s a tiny yard) is right up against the front of the house, so it spends quite a bit of time in the shade. I thought about growing pumpkins there at one point, but it sounds like I shouldn’t. Hee hee.

    Good luck with the tomatoes and pumpkins! Oh, and the grill too!

    • Martin

      Hi Greg,
      If your proposed garden plot doesn’t get a LOT of sun, you will be disappointed with the results. Unless you’re doing it just for fun, you shouldn’t waste the time, energy, and yard space.

    • jkh

      Greg, congrats on the AA, it’s a solid start. And yes, tomatoes and pumpkins want LOTS of sunshine.

    • Oh, pumpkins go all over. They are fun, but need space!