I think it’s spring now.  Not really sure.  But we’re almost at the calendar day where we usually have our last frost, though I wouldn’t trust it till the end of the month.   I took a couple of hours this weekend and put some of the seedlings I started a month ago in the ground, and I do believe I’m going to put my squash and pumpkins in this weekend.  Oh, and I’m going to try beans again this year after a long hiatus.  I had one bush last summer, and my dog kept eating the beans . . .  She eats a lot of stuff that isn’t good for her, so I just let her go on the beans.



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  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Today was rain, rain and then more rain. But.. Justin me, and some friends got to enjoy an evening out. Dinner and the Avengers made up for the Eeyore kind of day.

  2. Today, at least, felt like spring. Maybe it’s here to stay now!

  3. jkh

    I dearly love to grow my own green beans, and it’s pretty difficult to kill ’em, although my mom’s chemical-laden planting beds have managed to prevent them from starting. Once I dug out a spot, put in planting medium and a whole bunch of compost, we’ve managed to get a couple of edibles to grow. This year’s experiment is 5-year old pea seeds. We have baby plants ready for support now. COLLEEN add a bunch of compost to your beds, use it as mulch, every year. In a couple of years you’ll have black gold in those beds. VAMPY that is the strangest looking little turtle, he wouldn’t last long in the wild, would he? MS KIM beans aren’t actually bad for dogs, but she’d digest them better if they were cooked…

    • Sounds like fun, JKH!
      Beans are something that our vet suggested because they make her feel full, and her meds make her hungry all the time.

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from warren.We are having springy weather here, warm,(70-75 F) with showers.O.K. as long as its warm. It could still get chilly though. There is a viral nomophobia going around I hear, this is the weather for it,also for planting if it stays warm.Good planting on the veggies. The tree in my front yard has re-sprouted some leaves at the very top so it isn’t totally dead.

    • That’s great, Jim! Most trees have the resources to come back from one defoliation event, be it frost, snow, heat, or insects. I’m glad yours is doing well.

  5. Linda Lou

    It’s still spring? Not here. We’re having near record highs. Crap.
    My dogs are wild things so I have to grow stuff in pots. Already got jalapenos. I’m trying for tomatoes this year. My Dad grows them in pots. Now I’m spoiled and can’t eat those things from the store. He does live in Indiana though -not so brutally hot. My roommate (I say that, but it’s her house) told me I had too many house plants so I moved them outside. I’ve kept them alive for 2 years now so surely I can grow tomatoes. The plant looks good so far. Lots of flowers.

  6. Victoria Eskey

    I’m pretty sure it’s Spring up by you now, Kim. Here in Texas, our Spring happened on a Tuesday, and it should have gotten up north by now seeing as how we’re done with it. Its stormy and rainy lately, which is nice. There are few Texans that disapprove of the rain, and even fewer who can’t appreciate a good, powerful thunderstorm. 🙂 happy planting!!
    And going back a chapter and changing who she was having coffee with com.pletely made the difference! Thanks Kim!

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Victoria,its Jim from Warren. Smudge and I have put on Stevie Ray Vaughn doing “Texas Flood”to help celebrate. We are getting some nice spring showers here.

    • Victoria, that’s great news on the forward motion. When I get stuck, it’s usually because I’ve got in the wrong direction and have to scrap something. It’s only writer’s block if you stop and stare at the wall. You gotta back up, get a running start, and go over, through, under, or around. 🙂

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    It’s Turtle Tuesday!(I made that up) My brother sent me a picture of an albino turtle and of course I thought of you and the Drama Box.

    Do you need some Beano for the dog?


  8. Michigan gardeners are ever hopeful. My yard is all cleaned up and weeded and I am going to start planting this weekend too. I think I need new mulch in my beds dang it! My dog eats rabbit poop so maybe I should plant some beans! O.o

  9. smj21468

    Kim here in Webster NY (up next to Rochester) we have not put a plant in any of our 6×12 ft garden boxes due to the wacky weather. This week is all rain but last week we had three nights go below 30 and frost every where.
    We had one tenth the amount of snow this winter so I think the summer will be a mix of intense heat and rain. Thank goodness for air conditioning because I feel we all will need it this summer. I know my Saint Bernards are greatful for it.
    P.S: Getting the hardcover books this week made my whole week better already! Your hardcover books are a very rare find in stores here, all I can ever find are the PB. Each book is even better then your last and “A Perfect Blood” is exceptional. I love collecting the hardcovers!

    • Oh, excellent! I’m so glad that you got your books! I hope you get your steady weather soon. I think we might have one more cold night, but I’m hopeful the frost is mostly done here.