Slow and Steady Spring

I had a great couple of days in the garden this weekend, spending my time doing hour jobs that had been collecting, stuff like changing out the batteries in the landscape lighting, clearing out the leaves from the pond, repotting the seeds I started a while back.  But there were new things, too, like a landscape tree settled into the spot we took a broken porch down last fall, and I put in 25 strawberry roots under the cherry tree.  Sure, they will have to be moved eventually, but for the next ten years, they’re going to look good.  I’ve only got so much sun, and everything is placed for it.

Today I’m paying for it, though, being physically tired and ready to sit and let my fingers move me.  It’s finally raining, too, which is great.  We’re behind on our rain.  I’m still trying to decide if I lost a few above-ground hosta or not.  They looked a bit transparent when I pulled the frost guards off Sunday.  I’m giving them a few days before I cut them off and make them start from the ground up again.  I think they are okay . . .

My pond is looking posh again, and the frogs have taken up spring residence.  I had it cleaned it out–splashing and dipping–before I saw this guy inches from the edge.   I think he was either too warm or too cold to want to move, trusting his hiding spot to keep him safe.  The water lily is sending up little leaves, and the reed overwintered great at the bottom and is now again half in, half out in one of the upper levels.  I’m hoping that we’ve seen the last freezing temps, but I know that we’re at risk until the end of May.  It’s going to be a long four weeks. . .

I kicked my keyboard’s butt Friday, and am moving forward into old/new material.  I’m not sure I like what I wrote Friday, but it can stay for now until I get a little deeper.


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25 responses to “Slow and Steady Spring

  1. Not related to the post, but I just finished the Hollows series. I had to read them in order, they are so wonderful. You truly are a Godsend among writers and now have a lifelong fan. Also, your music page is incredible on your site too — music and reading are the biggest parts of my life and the indepthness of this page is touching and incredible. I am also touched by you offering the dragon tattoo. A writer who cares about her fans, I thank you.

    • Thank you, Erin! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Oooooh, the music page. Yes. I totally agree.;-) We are starting to run out of the tattoos, so if you want one, send your SASE quick!

  2. silvermitt

    Southern Indiana can boast decent weather in comparison to you guys up north, methinks. Sure, we had some storms, but all they did was water my sideyard garden, which is beginning to look like a miniature jungle. First of May, and everything is in bloom (garden) or fading from blooms (irises). Funny thing about my garden, my broccoli are the plants from hell, because they WON”T DIE! Seriously, last years crop bloomed again and reproducing. Must be related to Kuzoo and the like.

    Oddly, I can’t seem to get or retain frogs in my waterpond; Great for bugs and all. You got one on me there I suppose.

    Not to sound like a rush, but I’ll be glad to hear when the next book comes out. My estimated guess thinks that you’re pairing impossibles and coming up with a new twist on the possibility. Or maybe, just putting things back to rights? The natural order of things? Lots to guess about and I’m a terrible guesser. Thanks for the reads so far.

  3. Kay

    I’m sorry that this is off topic from your post but I thought this was a hoot:

    Tomatoes – Tomatoes have now been genetically engineered for longer shelf life, preventing them from easily rotting and degrading. In a test conducted to determine the safety of GM tomatoes, some animal subjects died within a few weeks after consuming GM tomatoes.

    The turn is not coming … it’s here!

  4. izzybella

    Aw, I like your frog. He’s cute and slightly larger than Jenks size. Does Jenks like frogs or does he find them a nuisance??

  5. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Ur frog smiled for the pic Kim. What a natural 🙂
    Really happy u liked the FIB pics!
    Tomorrow is Tuesday.. no big deal right.
    I don’t know why, but I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Who knows.. maybe something awesome will happen.

  6. Victoria Eskey

    Hey Kim. I hope your hostas pull through. My mom and I found a beautiful pear tree for sale, and got him, and a peach tree for company. I’m not really expecting much from them, they are both bearly taller than I am. We are just hoping the relax enough into the ground so when the 100+ degree heat turns on they don’t deep-fry.

    • Oh, I love it! We have two apples and a cherry on our small plot. We had some fruit last year, and I cherish them already. We’re going to hit 80 again today, and it’s muggy. I can’t wait!

  7. Vampyre

    Happy Monday ma’am,

    It’s a whole new week and I think it’s gonna be a good one. It ends with the premiere of the Avengers movie. I’ ve been looking forward to this one.

    Fuzzy is mad at me. I doused her with some anti flea stuff. She hates it. I feel badly for her but it had to be done.

    In my. Rereading, Jenks and Rachael are leaving for Michigan.


  8. Glad to see Mr. Frog likes your pond so much that he’s invited his friends and family, Kim.
    The sunflowers I planted from seed are now about 2 inches tall but the herbs never took so I’ll be heading out to my local nursery for plants this week. I’ve got my old boots ready to fill and hang on my back fence outside my studio for a whimsical garden.
    Today, I’m writing a short article (<500 words) for a new artist venture starting here in town. I interviewed a local playwright about what drives his passion to write. We've known each other for several years but I learned so much about him in our 2-hour talk. Interesting fellow.
    The weather here is perfect – hard to stay inside but I'll use the reward system – once story's done, I can go out and play.

  9. I have 3 little hostas that I planted last year that look a little iffy but the rest are doing ok. One of my roses may not make it. I thought this last year and it did ok so I guess I wait. I got my tiny yard cleaned up and my fountain up and and running. It was perfect yesterday to work outside. One of my bosses gave me an orchid for Secretary/Admin day now I have to figure what the heck to do with it!

  10. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. Im glad you did get out-we were coldly rained on all weekend so Smudge and I spent alot of time under the electric blanket working on Sir Alan Gardner’s history of Egypt. Also got my free copy of Plutarch, and spent some time catching up on James Schmitz’s stories of The Hub.Even got in a long hobble on my walkerduring a break in the rain.The cats are up at the window supervising the guy mowing the grass on his riding mower this morning.I think my one tree has had it for this year,all of its few leaves are dead. The one in the side yard is ok. Happy Writing!

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms Kim please take the news from pennsylvania to heart and restrain your family from sunbathing in the middle of the road,even if you do remove the dead skunk.(Two ditzes were sunbathing in the road,a carload of cousins went looking for them,guess who got run over Those girls are expected to survive, but since they were airlifted to Pittsburg and are in intensive care, their parents have whopping med bills.)

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms/ Kim-Its Jim From Warren. Iys May 1 so happy May Day! Don’t forget to dance around the Maypole and organize a labor denonstration. And happy writing

    • Hi Jim. Sounds like a weekend I might like. I do like my Egypt shows. -grin-

  11. Kelly

    We just got our pond clean up this weekend, so it looks nice again and did mulch in the yard. I am sore today and sitting in my reading room with a heating pad… enjoying the rain outside 🙂