It’s not foggy. I just need to clean my glasses

Seriously, I’m not speaking in metaphors.  My glasses were so filmy I thought for a second it was foggy.  Today’s words are TGIF and why-did-the-recycling-truck-miss-us-yesterday?

Yesterday’s expected chapter and a half turned into a solid chapter, no half, so I’ll be smacking that keyboard into submission today to get my new chapter written in its entirety before I call it quits for the week.  I like the changes I put in yesterday, simplifying the plot and setting up a conflect that wasn’t there before but should have been.  Today will be one of choices, so I’ll probably be using a pencil and paper for a chunk of time before I dive in and start some dialog.  My temptation is to do dialog and then sit on it the rest of the weekend, but I am feeling pinched, so will risk having to rewrite this one again and try to get it all on paper today.

Garden watch:  I don’t know . . .  I don’t think it got as cold as they said it would, but I’m glad I covered my hosta anyway.  As Mud said, everything else can handle a little frost, but some of my hosta are heirloom size and variety, and I didn’t want them to start from scratch.  Besides, if they die from frost, what will the deer eat?  -snerk-   I might just leave them covered since they’re still getting light/moisture, but the ones under buckets I did open.  There was condensation on them, so maybe I saved them after all.  Oh!  And my cherry tree does have fruit coming.  Not a lot, but some.  Yay!

P.S.  Why did my blog program suggest I tag this post with vacation, travel, and yoga?  Yoga?  Really?  Was it the word pinched?


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26 responses to “It’s not foggy. I just need to clean my glasses

  1. Melissa

    Hi Kim, I hope you covered last night cause we got MAJOR frost here in Manchester. By the way, thank you for tolerating my husband stalking you for a few days over my Kindle crisis. All is well and I still have the original KH signed Kindle!

    • Yep, I got everything covered, and I think they all survived. It helps living in the city with the streets soaking up the heat all day.

      Your husband is a gem. 🙂 He really cares, and that’s what’s important.

  2. YAY for cherries!
    I hope you’ve been having a marvelous weekend. Friday was Justin’s bday so we’ve been doing whatever he wants to do..(mainly video-games, including his new one skullgirls).. so its been easy breezy.
    I do need to confess that today when I was popping the rest of the bubble wrap (because I can never resist doing so) that came with the FIB hat, I was pleasantly surprised with a key to Alcatraz within the bubbles. HA!.. if only someone had captured my smirk at that very moment. A big thanks to you and Guy again for such a wonderful treat! (I did take a pic of Justin wearing it, and I’ll post it on your FB)

    p.s. my body aches from the yardwork I did today, but the emotional bliss that occurred while I was chopping away and getting my hands dirty have wakened a new hobby for me. What a release! So now, whether I have anything grow or not.. I feel.. I am.

  3. Speedi

    Hi Kim!!!
    It’s me, Speedi. It has been too long since I’ve dropped you a note. I just finished “The Outlaw Demon Wails” a few weeks ago. I am REALLY behind in your books! Lol!! It’s okay though. Even though they haven’t been read yet, I still own all of your Rachel Morgan books–with the exception of “A Perfect Blood”. That one I’m yet to get. Whenever you put out a new book, I just go out and buy it—even though it may take a while to catch up to it (smile).

    Anyhow, I still love your books. Have a good week and Happy Writing!!

    – “Speedi”

  4. Aliased

    Does anyone know what KSR1 stands for?

  5. *sighs* can believe I’ve been missing so much… Work, what can I say. I’m glad you’re progressing on your writing!
    Here Thankfully the weather’s been getting nicer and nicer. We had around 16C today which is about 61F and today it was around 9pm and it was still light! Yay… can wait for summer…
    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  6. jkh

    I hate it when the trash trucks miss us (we have 3: yard & kitchen waste, recycling, and just plain garbage). Sometimes I call and remind them, because the yard & kitchen waste can get much too fragrant if it waits an extra week. Congrats on the solid chapter. You know that one is nailed so you can forge ahead on the rest. And maybe you can get in a bike ride or something you haven’t done for a while…Enjoy the weekend!

    • Oh, they left us a snarky note when they swung around the next day to pick it up, and we called and let the city know we sat here and watched them do to the right of us, and the left, and skip the middle.
      Funny you should mention the bike. . .

  7. Howdy ma’am.

    Isn’t today “Be :Kind to Your Key Board Day”?
    Ha a great weekend, see you Monday.


  8. I thought it was foggy too, turned out my windows needed cleaning¬

  9. Martin

    Good Morning Ms. Harrison,
    Sometimes, after a long day at the radial arm saw or the sander, I’ll have a layer of dust on my glasses that makes everything hazy. The accumulation happens slowly, so I don’t notice it. Others will say,”How can you see?”. Then I’ll notice, and hold my glasses under the faucet to rinse away this layer of pulp. It sure sharpens my perspective!

  10. That’s right Kim, take no prisoners!! You show that keyboard that “You are De Boss”. The faster it understands that, the happier the rest of us will be! Here’s hoping you get out into your garden for a little dirt time this weekend.
    I never realized Hostas were so vulnerable. I always thought nothing short of
    nuclear warfare would take them out because even uprooting them won’t prevent them from re-sprouting. I learned something new today!
    Don’t forget: It’s Friday- Do the Friday Dance, It’s Friday-Do the Friday Dance!!! Yay for weekends! Enjoy yours!

  11. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. We had freezing rain last nite 31F and are supposed to have it tonite,tomorrow, and maybe sunday. I hope everyone is weaing warm socks. Have a great writing session today, and I hope the frost etc misses you this weekend

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-its Saturday and coldly raining even as we type. I reallly hope this is missing you. You know you can skip rope indoors on days like this

    • We got the rain in the am on Saturday, so Guy and I went to a nursery we hit only a few times a year due to distance. It was a nice way to use the rainy morning. Frost came and went, and I think we’re okay. 🙂