Todays words are stressful and frustrating

Made good progress yesterday on the editorial rewrite, as expected.  Today should be a mix as I breeze through another chapter and then everything screeches to a halt while I write a new chapter.  Should be interesting in that I’ve not seen this character for a longtime and there aroe bound to be some changes.  Today is going to be stressful . . .

Tonight is going to be worse, though, as we are dead center of the latest freeze warning.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  I’ve got two plants I will definitely cover, but the rest?  Frustrating.


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  1. Today was such a long day. Now I can finally go to sleep. I hope your plants will be okay. I know a lot of work and love go into them.
    p.s. A good friend of mine won 2 signed books on your manic monday. I’m very happy for him, you made his day 🙂

  2. cheri rouse

    The weather is wird all over. Snow in your area. Cover all plants you can, and bring in what yu can. Then hope for the best.
    As for the weather, down in Texas it is a nice 75 degrees, and sunny.

  3. jkh

    You have a couple of helpers. I’ll bet that with a ladder and a couple of long poles you’ll be able to get a sheet over that cherry tree. I used to use one-gallon milk jugs with the bottoms cut off as cloches for my early sets of broccoli. My mom and dad laughed at me “putting my babies to bed” every evening, but they loved the fresh broccoli later. And do throw sheets over your hostas.You could pick up a few extra at a thrift store….

    • mudepoz

      Broccoli loves it cold. The cloches are good to keep the bunnies away, though. This is also a good time to put in peas.

    • jkh

      You might look into using Stevia as a sweetener, part of the time. I like it best of the alternates to sugar. And yes, real butter is less bad for you than those hydrogenated spreads. Always go for unsalted butter.

    • 🙂 My cherry tree is my size, JKH, but Guy did help me cover stuff. I like having him around all day. He’s a cool dude.
      You sound like my mom. One year, we had babyfood jars over our corn.

  4. Ooh, those are not good words for the day. I hope they changed to “Exciting” and “Relieved.”

    Do you find it harder to write a new chapter in the middle of revising old chapters than to write a new chapter in the middle of writing other new chapters? Or does it all just depend on the chapter itself?

    • I think by the end of the day they were more like satisfied and excited. The changes, though slow, are upping the quality of the story by double digit percentages.

      For me, writing one new chapter in the middle of an editorial rewrite is harder than writing several. There is a hard, determined mindset needed for rough draft, almost brutal disregard for the niceties maybe, and much of editorial rewrites are about tweaks and polishes. It’s hared to do both at the same time. Or maybe it’s just me.

  5. Tim Collins

    Oh. Rachel wil relalize her mistake and bring Nick and his Pixie friend back into her life with open arms!!! He IS human. He’s Mostly harmless right? Tim : cherokee/Irish/Jew/German Hybrid.

  6. Tim Collins

    Hey! It’s the tail end of April! April showers bring spring flowers! It’s not “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…” that was a few months ago. It’s spring now! Hot house effect! FLOWER POWER TIME! No Worries !
    See Ya !
    Tim & Karen.

    • I was looking at some pictures of last year, and we had four inches of snow late April, but we didn’t have a week of 70-near 80 before it. Everything is in a hurry, but you know . . . I kind of like this slow, long spring. I have gotten so much done in the garden already.

  7. Angela Elliott

    I’m sorry for your freezing problem. I totally sympathize. We have 27 beautiful fruit trees and three acres of garden. We’re in forecast for heavy large hail and tornadoes. I put up an invisible shield of power four years ago, just kidding around; and we didn’t get any rain at all for three years. I know it sounds crazy, but hey you never know.! You are a beautiful writer and I love your visions…the book(s) will be fantastic, just breathe, and relax.

    • Sometimes I tell Guy they need to pay us to go places they don’t want rain. I swear, the systems part and go around us and reform.

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 The book is going fantastic, just slow.

  8. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren.You Youngsters can abuse yourselves with sugar,(you are not a mature adult untill you are 70) but we adults(I’m 72) cannot. You will notice the FDA is trying to abolish sugar,or at least make it a controlled substance, like morphine. However,you should get back to real butter,my diabetes dietician says those hardened vegetable oils are far worse for you than butter fat.Since I’m now off Insulin injections by a rigid diet(I run 93-96 blood sugar level on my daily finger prick) and my doc says she won’t put me back on untill I run 130,I can scarf the occasional real Viennese tart, like I did 2 months ago.Oh please do take extra vitamin D,my doc says no-one knows why,but its essential to digestion of sugar(Which you shouldn’t eat anyway.)

  9. I am in the same area as Kim and was a bit worried about my little buds too. What about roses? Mine are all leafed out. I have so many hostas that I think I am going to have to let them shiver and hope for the best dang it!! A few years ago I put in my garden the week before Memorial Day and we got a frost/freeze the next week. My tomatoes where not happy 😦

  10. Diva

    Hmmm, a character we’ve not seen in a long time. Edden? Ellasbeth? Nick? I know, I know….KSR1. 🙂

    The weather gods, they are a maddening bunch.

  11. mudepoz

    I’m thinking as long as the frost warnings are like the ones here on the other side of the lake, you shouldn’t need to worry too much. Most plants are hardy to light frosts, unless you put in impatiens too soon. If you want to get a jump on all this, plant petunias and pansies. I will mention, my pear leaves got nipped pretty badly.

    • Petunias can take a bit of frost? I wasn’t aware of that. It’s my cherry (now with little fruit) and climbing hydrangea that are going to get covered for sure, but I’ve got rows of hosta that took it bad a week ago and are just now starting to recover. Decisions, decisions. . .

    • Hosta WILL NOT take frost. If those leaves freeze, you won’t get new ones, or they’ll be scorched for the season. Fortunately, it’s hard to kill them so they’ll return next year. I would get sheets on top of them. The Cherry actually might make it, but if it’s short enough, sheet it as well. It shouldn’t take that long, I have two acres in the city, and can usually cover in about 15 minutes. The cherry tree is impossible, it’s 12 feet tall. It looks fine so far, and we aren’t that far from the lake to get much below 32. Hope that helps!

      Petunias like it cool, that’s why they get leggy over the summer. Same for pansies, violas, and violets, kale and mums. That’s about it for annuals.
      HTH (Kim’s Drama and Horticultural Hotline, *snort*)

    • purrfectkatus

      Kim, my sister-in-law here in Akron has a master garden certification from Ohio State University. She used to take emergency calls from situations like yours. I can streamline your questions to her if you like. PM my
      FB inbox and I can email her? She jokes that she takes the nasty drink cup (as in not the cup but the drink itself) from McD’s that her friend has all of the time and inverted them over her yellow squash and made individual greenhouses. She blankets them to save them from frost. Come to think of it Jenks and Ivy would love Holly. She is a Reperp-recycle dictator and her garden would put a pixie to shame.

      I have only been back in Ohio since last July for the first time since June 2001 when I moved down to Greenville, SC for 5 years then to Charlotte/Gastonia, NC for the other 5 years. I was spoiled for my gardening. I have forgotten how to garden in the North!!! When do I prune my roses, when do I plant bulbs, when is the killing frost (no Kudzu up here…lol), when is the last hard frost? I have the tree and vine blooming season memorized for the south but don’t remember it for up here. The cycle is the same at least. I am going to miss the Wisteria by the Douglas International airport on Billy Graham this month.

      Ok…got to stop lamenting, I moved back north for a reason. Why did you move back? I am new to your blog, how I missed it for the past couple of years is beyond me.

      Bunny kisses…

    • I’m relearning old habits, too, Kate. I grew up in this area, and lived in SC for 13 years before moving back. One thing SC taught me was to amend the soil–every single time you put a shovel in it. We moved back to be near family. It was sort of by accident, but a happy one.