Went to bed late

I intentionally went to bed late last night in the hopes that I would be exhausted enough to fall asleep fast  and stay there.  It’s that time in my editorial rewrite where I’m feeling as if I should be moving faster, and I’m not, so I tend to lay awake in bed and stew about what comes next.  When I break it down and look at what I’m doing, my pace makes sense (lots of new material in the beginning) and I truly am making progress, but when I see the chapter number I’m at, I look at the calendar and cringe.  Today is the last of the brand new chapters I have to create for a while, so the rest of the week should be satasfying in terms of page count.  I hope so.  This is frustrating.

As for the new chapters?  I’m liking what I’m seeing.  There’s a good base there, but I need to go over them again and add in the small, tiny observations that pull it all together.  If it was a cake, I’d have the icing on but not the frosting flowers, the little things your eyes light upon and make you go “ooooo.”

If you put in for a Manic Monday book yesterday, chances are good that you got one or both (if you ordered both)  Guy is trying to untangle the mess of having orders on two emails, and will be sending out invoices today and probably tomorrow, so hang tight.  🙂  He’s got a lot to work through, and I plan on helping him fold boxes and such tonight.


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  1. So did your plan to go to bed late so you’d fall asleep work? Sounds like you are making progress, even if it’s not as fast as you’d like. I would say “patience is a virture” but I haven’t mastered patience yet so I won’t be that hypocritical.

    Your flowers are beautiful! Hope they didn’t get blown away with the wind we’ve been having the last few days.

    • Hi SiSi. Yes, it did, actually. I have one sleepless night about every week or so, and I’m getting so I can head them off.
      Oh, isn’t the wind fierce? I think we’re done with it for a while.

  2. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    While I was leaving Walmart(all hail walmart oooohm) a woman walked up to me and says she is an author but her books haven’t come in yet and was wondering if I had any spare change. That’ll teach me to wear my Kindle Tee shirt while I am out and about.

    In my rereading of the Hollows, Rachel is being dumped by Nick, she has met David, is about to go on her first date with Kisten and the cookie making session is rudely interrupted. It is amazing how much I have forgotten.


  3. cheri rouse

    Sounds like things or coming along. Keep up the good work. It does pay off in the end. Have a wonderful week.

  4. Melissa

    Hi Kim! Those are some beautiful flowers, the plant arrangement is lovely! I wish I could do stuff like that but I know zilch about gardening. I hope you have a great week & I’m sure it will be productive, probably more so than you think. 🙂

    • Thank you, Melissa! I’m really pleased at how it came out this year! I’ve been gardening for my entire adult life, and it’s only now starting to come together. I still get a lot of dead plants, but they are working together better.

  5. Linda Lou

    Hey Kim-
    Wow! Beautiful picture!
    We had nickel-sized hail here Fri. Never seen that before. Saturday it smelled like fall…in April. Another first. It was so cool I made a fire on the deck, a bottle of wine, 3 border collies, and lots of tennis balls -we keep losing them in the dark. Fan-tastic! (I’m easily pleased.)

    • Thank you, Linda. 🙂 The biggest hail I’ve seen was about two inches across. Scary stuff. You could almost hear it falling.
      Oooooh, sounds like a perfect night!

  6. Hello Kim! I’m back from vaca.
    Your picture is lovely. Glad to hear the book is moving along. /cheer!
    The west had perfect weather. We did a lot of seeing family/friends, activities, and shopping. But some of the most fun I had was using my new camera to capture it all.
    Tell Guy we opened a package with a FIB hat inside when we got home last night. Justin looks handsome in it. (he’d say superhero like) Thanks a bunch!
    Have a marvelous day!

    p.s. When I showed off a picture from the book tour to my dad he said, and I quote.. “wow, she’s a hottie.” So of course I have to share this with you, it made me smile.

    • Okay, now I’m grinning. Hotttie was never anything anyone ever said to me when I was growing up. Tell your dad I said thanks. 🙂
      I’m glad you got your package! I think that is the last FIB hat.

  7. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. KIm-its Jim from Warren. Those are some beautiful flowers there.I’m very glad you missed the gucky weather,I’m still pouring food and water in the general direction of the food and water bowls for the cats,can’t get down to pick them up. I could use some of Keasley’s pain amulets about now.the arthritis strength tylonol isn’t cutting it,and my doc has cut my cortisone dose cause I’m 72. picky,picky,-she’s worse than my mother,who I talk to twice a week. Anyway my doc is a cute tiny Irish redhead about 50,unfortunately she has 4 gigantic sons,3 gigantic irish setters,and a gigantic husband all of whom she rules with the iron fist in the iron glove. Her patients don’t stand a chance.

    • I am so happy we missed the snow too, Jim.

      Do what your doc says. The more you move and keep the blood circulating, the better you will feel in the end. I love getting out of bed and not hurting, and I stretch and exercise almost every day to avoid it. I learned my lesson. Nothing like a cold smack in the dark to wake you up.

  8. Martin

    Dear Ms. Harrison,
    I do understand frustration at the slow pace that a process can seem to take. But editorial rewrites, especially with new chapters, are processes that take time. All processes take time, and they can’t be rushed. As a gardener, you know that the process of growing plants takes sunlight, water, soil, and time. Pulling on a seedling to try to make it grow faster doesn’t help; it kills the seedling. Writing to the level of excellence that you achieve is a process that takes the time it takes. If the frustration becomes unbearable, some slow deep breaths, and some reflection on what has been accomplished can help, And a reminder that quality, not just quantity, is also part of the goal.
    Love the flowers.

  9. Diva

    Welcome back Kim! Those are some beautiful flowers you’ve got growing there. Bet that bit of pretty landscaping took a fair amount of sweat equity, good old fashioned elbow grease, and time. Most things worth having/making do. 😉

    • OMGosh, Diva. You have no idea. Guy and I slowly ripped out almost every overgrown foundation plant on the property and we’ve been landscaping since. We’ve brought in at least 30 yards of dirt and compost over the last couple of years to build raised beds and amend the soil, and the picture is one of the first real pretty results Everything else is still growing into their spaces. I love it. It feels really good.

  10. Kelly

    I always enjoy your updates on the book or other things going on. Plus… I love the photo today!

    • Thank you, Kelly! I’m slowly putting everything together. Most of the perennials on my property were purchased from the 1/2 off rack last year, and seeing them come up beautiful and eager to bloom is very satisfying.