Happy Triskaidekaphobia Day!

At first, one might thing this was the fear of being tricked, or perhaps the fear of filing your taxes, but no, it’s the fear of the number 13.  I’m going to sally forth as usual today, writing a brand new beginning to Ever-after.

New beginnings or endings are not uncommon for me, since they are arguably the most important two chapters in a book.  First chapters, especially should tell you what the entire book is about in such a way that you don’t realize it until it’s over and you circle back to it.  And since the focus has sharpened to a fine-point to me, I have to reflect that with a new beginning.  Still . . . it is changing yet, and last night while brushing my teeth I sparked on an idea to shift my new, unwritten chapter 180 degrees . . . and everything crystalized like adjusting the lens on a spy scope.  It was a good premise, now it’s shiny.

I may not post next week.  I am soooo excited about getting this on paper, and I want to use every hour of my work day–and since all I’m going to be doing is wash-rinse-repeat, the drama box will be very boring. I will however be dropping in at FB for progress comments and the like.  You don’t have to join FB to look at my reader page.

See you when I’m back!


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33 responses to “Happy Triskaidekaphobia Day!

  1. Carole Browne

    I just finished APB and as usual I can’t wait for the next book! Being a native of, and still living in Cincinnati, it’s really cool to read this series. I know of the locations you are using and it makes me look at them a little differently now. LOVE JENKS!!!! He is the best character. I love it when he cusses!

  2. Martin

    Ms. Harrison,
    I’ve neve been bored by anything you’ve written; I’m sure you could make “wash- rinse- repeat” exciting. But, by all means, do whatever you need to do to meet your deadlines, and make sure “Ever After” is released ON TIME.
    Thank you,

    • Thanks, Martin. I’m in no danger of not meeting my schedule, but I need a block of time to nail this down, and as much as I love talking to you guys, you are a huge distraction. -grin-

  3. jkh

    Just finished APB, and finally bought a copy of PD. Couldn’t find any “used,” people ’round here keep their Kim Harrison volumes!

    Re Fri the 13th, my daughter married on Fri/13th, wearing black! She and her hubby like to do things differently. Happy to say they’re a solid twosome-plus cat, and now plus dog, a Chihuahua-Boston cross.

    • I’ve heard that before, JKH. People love their copies. I take that as a HUGE compliment. Wow, what an interesting daughter you have raised! I had a great Friday, actually.

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim. its Jim from Warren. I forgot to post yesterday,or maybe posted in the wrong spot. Anyway you can blame it on Fri the 13. Have a fun-filled weekend,(if it rains and tornados again,you can lock thing 2 out,put the pups in the basement, and have fun with Guy) There is supposed to be a line of tornados from missouri to wisconsin,and we in warren are bracing for more.Finally write well,write happy,break a finger, and any other good wishes you can think of.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. On second thought, the wind,rain,baseball-size hail, and tornados are taking dead aim at the great lakes,so lock everybody in the basement and play penuckle(or however thats spelled)

    • Our weather was varied and changeable, but we’re all good, Jim. Thanks!

  5. Have a great week writing! We’ll be here when you come back.

  6. cheri rouse

    I feel like I have known you for a while throu your books. I can’t wate to read, (if I can find it) Holow Insider.
    Sounds like a wonderful day, I love Friday the 13th, My daughter was born on this day some years ago. Have a wonderful trip. Wish I could met you one day. cheri r.

  7. Enjoy the week, Kim! We will miss you 🙂 Oh, I just wanted to share what happened three days ago. I told my best friend, about a year and so ago about your books, and then forgot to ask her if she actually bought any. Anyway, three days ago, we were talking about our own original story, when she mentioned The Hollows. I paused and said…The Hollows? As of Kim Harrison’s hollows? And she said: ‘Yes! Isn’t she an amazing writer? I have all of her books, blah blah blah. And I almost cried! I’ve been wanting to talk about your books with others, and now that my best friend has them, and I can happily discuss all my theories with her! So, I promise her I would take her to your next signing ^-^ Hopefully, you come to Los Angeles again!

  8. Enjoy your week away from the drama box, to take care of writing. (We’ve got to understand how intense it must be if you’re taking a week to knock it out… wow.) See you on the other side. Don’t forget to come up for air sometimes. And maybe some tea, every now and again.

    • Thanks, Faith. I just need some time with as few distractions as possible, and since there won’t be much to say on the drama box . . . 🙂
      It’s going to take me about two-three weeks to do all that I want.

  9. Taking a week off, eh? Good for you, Kim. We’ll miss you here but I sure do understand. Best of luck in the Ever-After story.

  10. lody

    Happy writing!! I hope all the characters get their happily ever after ❤

  11. Happy Friday the 13th. I consider it a very lucky day. I wish you lots of luck in your writing this next week.

  12. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    If there will be no Drama Box next week, I’ll miss it but I understand your need to work.

    I think one of the ways publishers could keep books popular is inclde a digital copy with ever hard bound book they sell. That would be something that might work out.

    Have a great week end and happy writing.


    • I would not be surprised if that becomes standard with the hard cover in about three years, Vampy. I’ve not heard of anyone doing it, or considering it, but I’m looking in my crystal ball here, and I’m guessing two/three years.

  13. When doing the washing-up I realised a story I’m working on for an assignment on my writing course doesn’t have a full through-line. You have ‘Eureka’ moments that make everything better, but mine just lead to more head bashing against the keyboard!

  14. Ron Dunbar

    Im a soldier, in the U.S. Army. This posting is mostly just my way of showing my admiration for your work. You can never get enough compliments, eh?

    A few years ago, I stumbled on your series. You had just written your 4th book, I believe. I read up to its completion (at that time), and moved on to other books, with the intent of coming back. I recently purchased a kindle, because im overseas, and its so much easier to get books that way, and one of the titles that came up, was the recent release of A Perfect Blood. As soon as I realised what it was, I was ecstatic, and ive already started re-reading the series.

    I know you are likely already aware that your writing is greatly admired and liked by many, I just wanted you to get a slight personal story from a fan who really does enjoy your work.

    SPC Dunbar

    • Ron, thank you very much for your post. I really appreciate knowing that my work is a possible, healthy escape for you. I appreciate everything you are doing, and keep your head down. Smart decisions.

      I have to tell you about the time my son was reading one of the Madison books while working at the gate house. Madison is a YA book and it looks it with pink colors and a photo of a girl on the cover. A big guy with a lot of stripes came through and saw it, telling him that that was not appropriate reading material for a US Marine, whereupon my son came to attention and said, “Sir, my mother wrote it, Sir!” The guy thought for a second, then said, “Carry on, solider,” and went on his way.

  15. I just finished APB and really really looking forward to the next one. I am tickled pink that it looks like there will be 2 more. You go ahead and take all the time you need… it’s all that much better for US!!! 😀 Looks like it will be in the 70’s by Sunday. In between the rain drips I am going to work on the yard..hopefully you will get some time in your’s.

    • Thank you, Colleen! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! We’re aiming at a baker’s dozen now, and I can’t wait to get them all on paper. We came close to 70, too. Weeding was easier with the ground wet like that.