Head was spinning

I swear, it took me almost an hour to get my head to stop spinning when I walked out of the office last night–much of it just standing in the shower to physically separate myself from the rest of my day.  A run or ride would have been better, anything physical, but it was late.   I got through the entire ms, putting down some big-block changes of what I wanted to see.  I plan to do it again today to fine tune it and make sure I’m not making a mistake or taking a hatchet to what needs a pruning.

At this stage, I don’t even have the computer on.  The manuscript is papercliped into chapters, and bindercliped into days, and I’m leaning heavy on my character grid to keep organized.  I’m writing in the changes I want to see in that big white space at the beginning of each chapter, again looking at pacing, character flow from chapter to chapter, and trying to address the issues my editor brought up.  I’m liking what I’m seeing, my biggest goal being enriching character growth and trying to simplify the plot.

I spent a good hour yesterday trying to track down a chapter that I thought I wrote in rough draft and tossed before my editor ever saw it.  Turns out it was never written, but I did write out the dialog, which is probably why I see it so clearly in my head.  I’m using it, along with my original ending (again, something that my editor didn’t see) but the ending is going to be split between chapter three and a dream sequence either in this book or the next.   See, despite my ugly words yesterday about dream sequences, they do have their place–especially when I want to point out something that the main character already knows but is reluctant to accept.  But trust me, you will know it’s a dream from the first sentence.

P.S.  I really love my office.  This is the bestest place to work in that I’ve ever had.


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  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    It’s always good when u like what u see on paper and in ur office. Keep up the good plotting and writing.
    Still cheering u on!
    I will be flying out west tomorrow for our vacation. I’m not superstitious. BUT, I can’t help thinking 2morow is Fri the 13th. Wish me luck.

  2. Hi Kim,

    I finished A Perfect Blood and it is your best yet. All of the series has been wonderful and each one is better. You are a fantastic writer. I love John McDonald’s work and yours is much like his, very detailed and thought out. It is such a pleasure to read. I felt sad getting to the end because it was the end, the wait for the next book is so long. But the ending of the book was great and made me look forward all the more to the next.

    My younger son is now reading the first in the series and thoroughly enjoying it too. You’ve got fans here in the mountains of Vermont.

    So, while I wait for your next book I’ll finish building our on-farm butcher shop. Check out this link: http://SMF.me/k which is our Kickstarting the Butcher Shop page. There is a video showing our farm, the pigs on pasture, construction, etc. My wife Holly did the music.


    in Vermont

  3. Angela Elliott

    Hello, it is Angela and Britani. We LLLOOOVVVEEE our pack tattoo! We are going to put them on and go have lunch together. Fun! Also, don’t forget about the crystallis? The butterfly from Al? Can’t wait…we love you so much. I purchased the paperbacks and am donating them to our local library.

    • That chrysalis is on my mind, Angela! That is wonderful that you are donating your copies to the library. I know they appreciate that. Have fun with the tattoos!

  4. Have you ever posted a pic of your office or desk? I’m just nosey like that 😉

    Sounds like you have been working really hard and fast too! Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Zeenat

    My office is the bestest, too. Actually that’s not always true. Sometimes working from home is difficult for me. My thesis topic isn’t the most fascinating, and at home I have the bedroom too close by. So if I really want to get work done, sometimes I have to take myself to the library or a coffee shop. 🙂

  6. Hi Kim!
    After reading your words today, I am so thankful that you share your talent with the rest of us. You show that being an author is so much more than just
    sitting down and writing a book. I also want to wish you a Happy D.E.A.R Day(Drop Everything and Read)!! It is always celebrated on April 12th which is Beverly Cleary’s birthday. I intend to re-read a Kim Harrison book!

    • I didn’t know about DEAR day! How wonderful!
      I’m always happy to demystify my little corner of the writing world. I met someone the other day who thought writing for a living was the most romantic job EVER, (insert crackling fireplaces, fountain pens, and butterflies) and even when I told her it was an exhausting, taxing job that made my back hurt, I don’t think she believed me, and yet this is the same kind of person who will sit down and become discouraged when the words don’t flow like silk. Yes, writing is hard work, but if it was easy, no one would read it.

  7. cheri rouse

    You have your creative juices flowing. My husband can relate. He use to write. Anyway, I can’t wate to read. this book . thanks .

    • Thanks, Cheri. I’ve recaptured something, and I’m riding this wild horse. I think we’ve found a hard, aggressive trot, but things are smoothing out, and I’m about to give her her head and run.

  8. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Woo-sounds busy, I love hard work,I can watch it for hours. In the news, Amazon now has a stranglehold on the e-book pricing,as the feds have charged all the others with a (gasp) monopoly! Who woulda thunk it?. Another reason I have been totally faithfull to my kindle. In my reading mash-up I am now reading Gesta Francorum by St Gregory of Tours, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, and Easy Pickings by C.E. Murphy and Faith Hunter, which describes how Joanne Walker and Jane Yellowrock save the world. Jane eats a demon! (a growing girl can work up a real appetite saving the world.) She then goes to a restaurant and eats one of everything fried and a steel garden bucket full of crawfish AKA mudbugs (A growing girl etc,etc.) All three are on my Kindle so I can blow up the print by 250%. Only get a sentence or so a page, but anything to read how Clovis skull-splitter converted the Frankish tribes to the Catholic faith with his favorite battle-axe. (he also murdered all his relative he could catch, including his father.) Religion was serious stuff back in the 500’s

  9. Howdy ma’am,

    There used to be a show on TV that was based on a comic strip. I don’t remember the title but it was about a guy with an overactive imagination. Fantasy and reality often became the same for him. It sounds like you do that when your working. Scientist would have a field day if they could monitor your brain while you’re working.

    The coolest part of it all is once you create it, we get to experience it. When I’m deep into a book, it’s almost as vivid as a movie to me.

    On a side note, many people seem concerned about ereaders sending printed books down extinction highway. Rest assured that will never happen.

    Ereaders need power to recharge them., books don’t.. Eraders only weigh a few ounces while a good book can weigh in at pounds. Therefor, ereaders will be totally useless in the upcoming zombie apocalypse that Jim from Warren has mentioned. Just try bashing a zombie’s brains out with a Kindle and see where it gets you.


    ps for some reason my Gravitars do not work anymore.

    • Vampyre

      testin I had the wrong email address

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Vampy-its Jim from Warren. Actualy only your zombie killing instructions are on kindle.

    • Hi Vampy. Oh, I think the printed book is going to shift wildly in the next five to ten years. Looking at my sales number break down over the past five years is kind of scary, but in a good, eye-opening way. Hardcovers are going to become collector items again (slowly, but it will happen) with smaller print runs and hopefully having even more beautiful cover art to make them a pleasure to hold and just look at. Texture might become important, both on the cover and the pages themselves. Can you imagine a page that feels good on your fingers? I can.

  10. twiser

    No matter how fun your work can be it’s still work!
    I know you write and read all day but reading something else might help seperate yourself 🙂 Drake had a short ebook come out Tues.(when Valerio and Mira were together)lol IDK I can’t ever shut my mind off so I bury it with other things, books, movies, yelling at the kids 😉
    Have a good Friday the 13th and a better weekend.

  11. Maureen

    Woooooow. Your process sounds amazing. What a mind you have!