Not much goings on

Work on the edit letter is going good.  I should get through the line edit stuff today, freeing me to start putting things on paper and trying them out in my head to see if they create more trouble than they fix.  Once I get into it, editing is one of my favorite parts of the book-writing experience, seeing how things could go differently with a glance, a touch, a new character or scene.  My first-round edits are usually pretty heavy, at least, they feel heavy to me, with more rewriting than tweaking going on.  It’s not my last chance to change things, but it is my last chance to easily change characters, settings, and story path.  This one feels like it’s going to take a couple of big changes, but the plot itself is fairly sound.  Pacing is off this time . . .  Characters . . .  Maybe it’s worse than I thought.

It snowed yesterday, but of course nothing stuck.  Still, it’s irritating.  At the time, Guy was rototilling compost into the dirt we loosened up last weekend, which made me roll my eyes.  Snow or not, we both know that next week might be worse with rain, so do the work when the soil is dry and workable.  This weather is frustrating. I did start some seeds indoors, which is something I haven’t done in about ten years, I think.  You never forget how, but I do like the little peat pellets that they have now.  Talk about easy!  Maybe it’s been longer than ten years . . .  Wow.


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  1. Howdy ma’am,

    We are in to the fire season now. There is a big one burning about 90 miles SW of here. We got a lot of smoke from it Saturday, the the wind shifted. YAY


  2. The snow yesterday was very annoying, and today wasn’t a whole lot better–no snow, but still cold and cloudy this afternoon. But we always knew the cold weather wouldn’t let us make a clean getaway after spring got here early. I just keep reminding myself that warmer days will be back any minute now . . . .

  3. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Our weatherman says more snow and freezing rain, and temps in the 20’s tonite. Hope you and Guy and the pups are wearing footsie jammys.

  4. Cat GL

    We’ve had lovely weather here up until Good friday when it all changed to heavy grey skies and turned chilly. mind you Scotland got hit really bad with snow, we escaped being in the South of England!! But I do wonder if we will get some flurries.
    My herbs seedlings are coming up strong…. my chilli seeds haven’t showen up yet, starting to wonder if they will germinate or not, we shall see! I believe we’re due to give the front garden a make over to make it easier for us to maintain. (I’m limited in what I can do)
    I’m making my way back through the hollows books, I thoroughly enjoyed them all and have been raving on about them to my friends and my other half, who started reading them the other day. He’s enjoying them and just started Every which way but dead, knowing him he’ll be finished by tomorrow and asking for the next one!
    I am really looking forward to your next creation and I really like the way you take care with the production of your books, They flow so well and are so engaging, I found myself prefering to read than watch tv or go online!
    I hope to start back with the horses soon… the yard is on lockdown due to a nasty illness outbreak just down the road. so I am patiently waiting to get back in to the routine of driving again. Makes me wish I had my own horse close by again. I miss the routine of morning stables and the daily schooling or hack, ah well!
    well, I hope you have a great day,
    best wishes,

    • That is so cool that your hubby is getting into the books, Cat. I love it! I bet it makes for interesting conversation around the dinner table sometimes. 🙂 Good luck with your seeds. Mine are doing pretty good so far.

  5. Cheri Rouse

    Great to talk to you. We (my husband & I ) injoy the Hollow series. We have read all of them & weating to read the next one. We just found out you also had a nother series, that we or looking into.
    Thank you so much. You or a great writer.

  6. purrfectkatus

    We had flurries here in Strongsville, OH too. But we know here in the Cleveland area that there is always a chance of a blizzard in April in the snow belt and we are on the tail of it here. Nothing stuck and my Mom and niece are out in the yard doing more heavy duty weeding. Last year’s neglect is paying for it. She and I did some damage last year to the morning glories that took hold in the double headed day lilies. That put me on the floor when my knee gave out on me after we came back inside after several hours.

    I need to get the seeds going but have no place indoors for them and it is still too cold at night with threat of freezing their poor little feet. I have to come up with a very small almost portable greenhouse for them. Hmmm…

    After living in the Carolinas for 10 years myself I am finding myself challenged with this weather that I grew up in. 25% of my life spent down there. I cannot remember when anything is supposed to bloom up here nor when to plant it. I don’t even have my killing frost indicator up here. Down there is was the Kudzu. (Say that as nastily as you can…because it is creepy looking and even more so after the killing frost…lol) I have a lot of work to do for this house and its gardens. So I wish Jenks would send some of his adult kids over to help.

    Enjoy your day as you would normally do.

    • Hi Kat. Ow. Weeding will do that to you. I managed to get weeded out before it got cold this winter, but the maples seeded heavy and they are coming up like a carpet. Oh, I know about Kudzu. I lived in SC for 13 years. Creepy is the word.

  7. Linda Lou

    Hey Kim-
    It’s been absolutely gorgeous here! Makes me sorry I bad-mouthed the weatherman.
    I decided a few years ago to grow jalapenos in pots. I’m such an idiot, I put a bunch of seeds in each pot. Guess they all grew cause you never knew what temperature you were gonna get when you picked them. It was quite the adventure.

  8. Gosh, the way you talk about gardening makes me want to garden too. I think i might just head on down to the Lowes or Home Depot and turn up my doing dial… hmm, good lookin out K.H i like you.

    • Gardening is one of the ways I keep myself balanced, Erica. After a 6-8 hour stint working in my head, I need something physical to help me let it go so I can sleep. It’s so embarrassing–they know us by name down at the home improvement store.

  9. One of the things I love best about your work is the care you take in the crafting … how characters develop in ways that make sense and the way you build your own internal logic into the plot and motivations. You manage to create a world that never was (at least as far as I know!) yet it’s so well crafted that it’s possible to move right into it. It contains its own internal logic. There’s nothing lazy or slapdash about your work … and it’s so rare to see such careful and beautiful writing these days. Elegant writing is becoming an endangered species … but you’ve got it!!

  10. I bought lettuce seeds but I am holding off a week or so. I usually buy the rest of my veggies pre-started from a local farm stand and they are much easier and usually healthier then what I start mysef. I still need to get out and turn my garden dirt over. Do you buy your compost or make your own? I am going on vacation next week and know when I get I back I will be ready to get going on my gardening but I will still wait until Memorial Day. 😀

    • I hear you about easier and healthier, Colleen. But I’m bored and need something to do. Like I told Guy yesterday, it would be cheeper to buy plants when the time came, but I’m doing it for the fun. If this cold keeps up, I’ll be waiting until Memorial Day, too. I saw a graph that put Ann Arbor at April 10th as the last average frost. NOT!!

  11. Tim Collins

    You have a Sig. Other who works in the dirt for YOU! Wow. That’s supernatural. ;->

    Just found out that Trent is Top Elf at Keliber’s Cookies!

    Rachel ” What! A Cookie Baking Elf! I’m sorry but that’s the last straw. Killing people was sorta ok… But Head Cookie Elf? I’m sorry but that is Too Twee for me!” Rachel walks out the door slamming it behind her.

    “Oh you’ll never believe where those Keibler cookies come from….”

    Have a nice happy day. Tim

  12. The way you tend plants & seeds, are you sure there is not a little witch inside you somewhere? 🙂 Weather seems wonky nationwide. Was 85 degrees and dry air yesterday, and today, it is pouring buckets at 48 degrees, with thunder, lightening and power outages. Should make for an interesting time setting up a new super center, if we lose power, LMAO, generators aren’t in place yet! Happy writing…..