Analyzing Mode

I’m analyzing EVER-AFTER yesterday and today, looking over my edit letter and examining the manuscript as I go through it page by page and drop the line edits in. (Line edits are small questions, typos, and grammar issues that my editor found in her read through.  This is not a copy-edit, where a professional copy editor comes in and does a through search, but it does catch a lot of them.)

So even though I’m officially out of plotting mode, I’m still using a lot of the same techniques as I try to blend the story I have with the story you guys will see.  As usual, my editor pointed out where I got lazy.  (I knew it, but I didn’t know how to fix it.  Still don’t.)  I left two things I didn’t like in there, and yes, she pointed those out, too, so I know I was on the right track when I was thinking about rewriting them with a new spin.  A third thing I wasn’t sure about she liked a lot, so that stays as it is.  (Yay!)  I might be changing a character to someone else or pulling him completely if I think Rachel needs to work alone until she remembers that she works best in a team environment.  (Just a few chapters)  And how am I going to get her back in the stables for a really neat idea that I came up with?

I’m late in posting this morning because I had a rough night trying to fix my lazy spot which lead into a dream that had nothing to do with my characters but was cool enough to roll over and try to recapture.  I still don’t have a clue how I’m going to fix it, so I’ll be working with pencil and paper for about twenty minutes this morning before finishing up with the line edits.  Right now, my choices are a flash back (which I hate with a passion and deem more lazy than what I’ve got) or a dream sequence (which doesn’t feel right.)  I could rip the first third all to hell, and I probably will, but as I always say, half the time spent in edits seems to be screwing my courage up to the sticking point in order to do the ugly thing I need to do.

I still have a day or two to think about it.  Line edits might take me up to Wednesday night.  By then, I’d better know what I’m doing, or it’s going to get ugly.  Really ugly.


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43 responses to “Analyzing Mode

  1. twiser

    Did you everfigure out what your going to put in the paperback of APB?(Camp memory, x-mas as a teen w/ her “father”, a day in the everafter w/ Al, Rachel babysitting the girls for Ceri, the yearly pack retreat) Will there be a quick glimps of EA in the mm of APB or ITW?

  2. I don’t mind flashbacks or dreams.. but hey, this is your world and you get to call the shots. So go with whatever feels right. We are all cheering you on. Neat idea in the stables??…yes please!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Lynn. In the right setting, flashbacks or dreams are great, but for me they don’t belong in a first-person telling. Just a personal opinion.

  3. Past performance is the best predictor of future success, so I have faith that you’ll come up with a solution for your “lazy” spot. Maybe while your conscious mind is focused on the analytical and logical, your subconscious mind will make a great creative leap and give you a whole new perspective with a shiny new idea. That can happen sometimes, right?

  4. jkh

    Was Rachel’s recovered memory of Kisten’s death a flashback? No, not really; but it was the closest to such a sequence you’ve done. And I suspect that since you’re inserting a new book before what was the final book, you will be getting down and dirty with the ultimate Hollows opus. I know you, you’ll get it all harmonized and logical. Just put on your waders and jump in, hon!

  5. Melissa

    I am not an author but I think dream sequences can be great for throwing people off and making them think “Phew! That was only a dream, much like life.” Since you have never used that before maybe now is the time?

    • They are great for that, Melissa, and I’ve used dreams before, but it’s been very clear that they were dreams from the first sentence. I don’t know if I’d want to use a dream as a plot devise to instill relief or surprise. I like them for inserting a chunk of subconscious thought.

  6. I dont think you written this to late.According to eastern time,i dont even wake up yet(which is right around 10:00). Hmm . . .thats intresting . . .a flashback you say?I dont find it lazy at all.Now why you hate them with a burning hatred I guess I wouldnt know, but usually things we hate turnd out to be what we love the most(well for some people).I think a flashback will be something new to Hollows fans.Anyway if dream sequence doesnt feel right dont do it.

  7. Confused by Wordpress

    Right now, my choices are a flash back (which I hate with a passion and deem more lazy than what I’ve got) or a dream sequence (which doesn’t feel right.)

    If it’s Rachel, maybe she could be trying to remember the process of making a Tulpa (for when she creates her room in the EA) and choose a memory to submerge herself in, for practice?

    Also, I don’t know why I’m torturing myself with reading the tidbits you’re revealing. February 2013 just seems so far away. 😦 😦

  8. Hmm I’m also not very fond of flashbacks unless they’re necessary and short. However I never had any problems with your writing so I’ll be happy to read anything you write. I believe in you and I have faith in Rachel too!
    Happy Writing!

  9. Rachel going back to the stables…Yay.

  10. Rita Lockwood

    I don’t mind a flashback if it’s not too long. A spot of dialogue with another character maybe? Happy writing!

  11. MelanieS

    Flash backs. Ugh. One particular author that I won’t name had a novel in which we the readers were subjected to a flash back within a flash back within a flash back! By time the story was back to the present, I was completely lost. I’ve dreaded flash backs ever since.

  12. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim Its Jim from Warren. I woke this A.M. to find Smudge and Quigley sitting side by side on Smudge’s pillow solomnly staring at the upper left hand corner of the bedroom ceilng. As we all have read in our stolen copies of the Necronomicon,the right angle formed by the meeting of three plane surfaces is where the Hounds of Tindalos break through into our reality… The moral of the story being “Never mar Gods image,He’s going to mar you soon enough on his own” (which is what a Jewish lady I knew always said when asked why she didn’t have pierced ears.) In other news, I have to go wash Smudge’s pillow cases (She keeps a pillow on the chair beside mine too, and claims washing her own pillow cases is not in her job description, right beside not changing her own litter box)

    • James R. Fox

      P.S. The reason this wake-up was so earth-shattering is that Smudge sleeps on a real down pillow, and normally does not allow Quigley anywhere near it.

    • James R. Fox

      P.P.S. We are now getting the snow mixed with freezing rain we were threatened with for Easter. Hope you and Guy and the plants and dogs are unfrozen.

    • We got the snow as well, Jim. It didn’t stick, but it was annoying.

  13. Martin

    The editing process can be hard. When an editor wants to touch my work it sometimes feels like a personal affront, (my baby is a failure!). Some editors are like dogs; they pee on something just to prove they can. But a good editor will make a good writer even better, adding polish and pushing higher standards. I am always grateful for a good editor, even when it hurts.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi martin-its Jim from Warren. Mr Robert Heinlein always said that the editor has to pee in it before he liks the taste enough to pay for it(Stranger in a Strange Land)

    • I have had a couple of good editors whose editing styles work within mine very well. I’ve had an editor that specialized in something I wasn’t writing, which was frustrating as there was never any synergy. I’ve had editors retire on me, orphaning me to someone who wasn’t invested in the project and so again, no synergy. Maybe I’m harder to work with than I think, or I expect too much.

  14. Now that you mention it I can’t think of any flash-backs in The Hollows. Are they really that evil??

    Thanks for the insight – I do love reading about your process. Have fun in the Ever-After.

  15. Howdy ma’am,

    Sorry. I didn’t mean to add to your stress level. She(Ellen) gets thousands of pieces of email by the hour, the chance of her even seeing mine is about the same as me winning the lotto.

    If by chance she contacts you, you could send me. I know most of the answers and standard responses. 😀 No, bad idea, that would probably stress you even more.(and me too)

    Seriously though. I am sorry. I wont try to get you on anymore talk shows. Your work is so good and you are such a great person, I want everyone to know.


  16. Victoria Eskey

    Maybe a flash-back wouldnt be lazy, if it was triggered by something? Like Al could be talking to her, and as she’s not listening to him, something on the shelf makes her flash-back?

  17. Kim Rester

    As always you make my day. You give me A good read while I sit in my truck waiting on my daughter. She turns 18 in two weeks and I’m almost positive she enjoys making me wait on her, well gotta go she’s finally here.

  18. Diva

    Always interesting, and a bit frightening, to hear about your writing process. I have all the respect in the world for those of you who heed the need to write. I have the easy part. I just read the fruits of your long labors. 🙂

    I’m sure you will find your way through these line edits just as you’ve always done. Just follow the little pinprick of light. And if you end up having to blow the first thrid to smithereens well…you know from whence the phoenix rose..

  19. Zeenat

    Could you write out both the flashback and the dream sequence and see which one you like better?

  20. Hiya Kim!!
    I’m off to work, grey and early this morning, but pausing at the blog gave me a pleasant start to the day. Always a pleasure reading hints of challenges Ms. Rachel might encounter, as well as the writing process. I bet it is a blast being inside your head, when you are in repose…. with all of the things that swirl about up there. On that moment, I must take a moment to *squeeee* .. *cough* … Now that that has passed, I am excited, that you’re ONE step closer in the writing process.

    All the best to you,