I’m liking this Friday thing

It’s Friday, and boy am I ready for it.  Yesterday’s explosion of the plot for book 12 went extremely well.  Right during my morning work I finally found the missing element that tied into both the story plot and the emotional plot.  It created the four chapters worth of material that I needed and it fit in super with what I was aiming for.  I had to sharpen my five pencils three times to get it all down instead of the usual once, but it’s done and I’m ready to rock and roll.

It never ceases to amaze me how the subconscious can juggle handfuls of “stuff” and in one “ah ha!” moment, create an option that takes care of three things at once.  It reminds me of how many authors become overnight successes after 20 years of work–an entire week of work distilled into six hours of reconstruction, and a plot is born.

If you’re in Michigan, you probably got socked with freezing temps last night.  I covered two of my most tender plants, a climbing hydrangea and a small cherry tree.  The cherry tree will be fine even if I didn’t cover it, but I might have lost this year’s cherries, and I have a feeling that this year’s crop might be damaged.  (MI is a big producer of them, like FL and oranges.)  It’s supposed to freeze tonight as well.  I’m still going to play in the dirt.

I hope that your Easter and/or Passover are joyful and full of good stuff.  🙂  I love it when the holidays coincide so closely.  It feels very back to the roots to me.


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37 responses to “I’m liking this Friday thing

  1. twiser

    Hope you had a good weekend. Do you have any idea when Harper is going to come out with a new ebook list?

  2. shawna

    Ok i think I have read all of the books but I’m not sure. What is the last book released? I’ve just finished Perfect Blood, loved it when does the next book come out?

  3. ah-ha moments are fantastic. so is the song “take on me”.
    Hope you and yours had a great Easter.

  4. traelynn69

    I love those “ah ha” moments!! Whether at work or not those moments are the best and then I wonder why those moments don’t happen more often. Very glad to hear that things are coming together with the book!
    Have a great holiday weekend!! ;o}

  5. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I one of my stupid let’s do something normal but wait all of my clothes are gone dreams last night. I hate those but at least I am skinny in them.

    Hope you you have a great Easter.


  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren.We froze last nite,but not too bad. we are expecting worse tonite, and still expectng snow on the weekend. Glad you are getting somewhere with the book,now we have goodies to look forward to. Happy unfrozen weekend to you and guy.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi again Ms. Kim- Merry Easter to you and Guy and Thing two.Have much fun.The cats and I are having PPP.(Pig parts and pineapple with sweet potatoes,spinach and corn bread

    • James R. Fox

      P.S. We are also giving thanks for the Kardashian girls- living proof of the necessity for mandatory Planned Parenhood.

    • Yikes! I had to cover a few plants the other night, but nothing that bad. Almost through it.

  7. I am finally ready to get outside and now it’s a bit too cold! I plan on planting some lettuce, getting my yard cleaned up and figuring out the best way to fix the dead patches of grass that my dog ummm…uses…, in the winter!

  8. My garden doesn’t get touched much, it’s left untidy so that the birds, bee’s and butterflies have somewhere to go and in the summer I get overrun with blackberries. On a more personal note, can I come and live in your head so I don’t have to wait for the next books to come out, I finished A Perfect Blood in one sitting and did the same with Hollows Insider…. Love the lyrics for Takata’s songs and the two christmas rhymes. My daughter nearly wet herself at Jenks’ song. Love all the character’s and the settings but got to say I want a gargoyle now,,,, really, really badly….lol

    • jkh

      You could fix up a designated potty spot for your dog, surfaced with gravel for easy drainage and cleanup, and teach him that’s the place to go. Just dug up the bare spots, bury them upside-down one shovel-full deep, reseed, scatter topsoil and/or compost on top, fence off until the new grass is established, and remember to water gently. Believe me, it’s the surest, quickest way to do the deed.

    • jkh

      Me, too! I’ve been looking for a gargoyle or baby dragon, in ceramic or fired clay, 12 to 18 inches in height, for 2 years now. Suitable to sit in a flower bed or on my balcony. I would have to bring it indoors in the coldest part of the winter, but that’s OK. We had one ages ago, but either it shattered in the cold, or somebody kicked it off our steps. There were a few uber-Christians in the neighborhood back then…

    • jkh

      Whoops, this was supposed to be attached to Colleen’s post.

    • Wow, thanks, Nocturn. I’m so glad that you and your daughter are enjoying the Hollows! They are too much fun to write.

  9. Antonio

    😎 It’s never officially spring here in southern Ohio until the Cincinnati Reds have their opening day. At least for me, that’s always been the case. It’s a day-long celebration with a parade early before the game. This year, we got beautiful weather(and the Reds won*grin).

    Q>Books 12&13: Is it going to be a continuing story that needs 2 books(you know, like part1 and part2) or are the two books going to be separate with separate plots and separate seasons?

    • Hi Antonio. 12 and 13 will be as connected to each other as much as any two books in the series. I have a problem with two-part books like that. There will be the usual 3-5 months between them, I think.

  10. Jay

    Im up here in the frozen north of Michigan. Yes indeed, temps dipped last night pretty bad. I was prepared, and tucked my flower bed in a nice sheet before bed last night. Everyone survived. . . I think. . .

  11. Maureen

    Kim, I had an ah-ha moment today, too, and it was because of something you said in the Drama Box a while back. You mentioned that you used index cards for your organization method.

    For years, I have wanted to write a book but could never find a way to organize all the thoughts I had in a way so that I could sit down and write. But your index cards comment inspired me today, and now I have started to get down all the thoughts that have been tumbling through my head over the years. In a way that I can understand, build on, discard, or save for later. It feels like my creations may have a life for the first time. That is very exciting.

    I don’t know if it’s going to ever happen, I don’t really think that writing a book is something I’m capable of (my mom is the one that seems to think I should try it) but I am now a lot closer than I was yesterday. Reading your blog has been a big part of that. Thank you =)

    • Maureen, that is fabulous news! I am so happy for you, and I hope your enthusiasm sticks with you and carries you through to the ending. Just remember the only wrong way to write a book is to stop and never pick the pen up again.

  12. mudepoz

    I’ve been worried about my cherry for a while (I have a small orchard). They bloom and freeze, good bye cherry pies. You do your initial writing on paper or is that a metaphorical pencil?

    That looks like a cattleya. Bet’s it’s fragrant.

    • I’ve been looking at my spent cherry flowers, and it looks like they are going to make it. Yay! But my tree is shorter than me and easy to cover.

      I do all my plotting on paper with a pencil, yes, and print out about 30-100 sheets of paper with a printed header with my name and the title just to make things faster. Date every page and give it a title so I know what it’s about by the end of the day, stuff like “Magic Detail” or “Relationship Detail Trent/Ellasbeth” or “Chapter Breakdown, cp 1” I usually sharpen about five pencils in the morning and one by one, drop them into my pencil cup when they dull down. When the eraser is gone, the pencil is trashed. Oddly enough, I usually only ever refer back to the chapter break down pages, but just writing info down helps cement it into my head.

  13. I love it when that happens – or when you are handed a solution in a dream which you (miracle of miracles) actually remember when you wake up.

    My poor garden is being overhauled this year so it is being completely neglected at the moment and my roses are covered in afids even with my kids putting every lady-bird they can find on them.