Hollows Graphic Novel Blood Crime

Blood Work has been out for a while, and the word is that Blood Crime will be out October 31st.  Yay!  I’ve been waiting for ages for this to come out, having finished the script over a year ago to allow for the original artist’s slow pace.  But alas, he was unable to take on the project despite my efforts, so Gemma, the woman who did the coloring in Blood Work, took on that responsibility, and the style remained unchanged. I am delighted with her work, and it all turned out fabulous.

Like Blood Work, this one has a few special add-ins at the end where you can see an actual page or two of script and how it was translated to pictures. I don’t plan on going anywhere to celebrate the release for Blood Crime, but I will try to arrange at least signed books through Nicola’s.  More on that as we get closer to the release date.

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I had a great day yesterday at the plotting, and had a huge surprise when Rachel got caught by a curfew and had to go home on horseback . . . through the ever-after on the surface.  I have got to paint the picture of Ivy with her cup of coffee, blearily staring out the kitchen window and shouting, “Why is there a horse in the graveyard?”  Can’t you just see it?  The sun catching the horse’s whiskers and the steam from her breath.  Pixies darting over her and her ears going back when they got too close?  Yes . . . I can see that.


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34 responses to “Hollows Graphic Novel Blood Crime

  1. I wish I had time to paint. I can’t wait for the next THREE hollows books. My mom had just gotten them so I’m really looking forward to discussing them with her. And I’m really going we can get out to a signing together!

    • Wishing doesn’t get you there, Stephenie. You have to want it jealously, or it won’t happen. But I hope you find some time.
      That would be fantastic to see both of you at a signing!

  2. Linda (germany)

    Oh my god, Kim! That sounds amazing. Can’t wait for it 😀

  3. O man, I can totally see it! I love love love the glimpse you gave. When I picture it, it reminds me of my warlock horse in W.O.W.
    I loved Blood Work and can’t wait until I can go down to my friends comic shop to pick it up. It looks great!
    Kim.. you bake your own bread? YUM!!

    p.s. Once again, me and my boyfriend Justin had an amazing time meeting you and Guy in Boston. Tonight he opened an email from Guy that had us both grinning ear to ear. Please give Guy a BIG THANKS! I can’t wait to see Justin strut around sporting FIB. You guys are awesome! 🙂

    • I’m sorry, Lynn. I can’t see it. (pout)

      Actually, Guy baked it. We’ve had a bread machine for almost 20 years, and it never gets put away for very long.

      I’ll pass that on to Guy. 🙂 He’ll be tickled.

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim its Jim from Warren. Is that Ivy on the cover? Looks great.I’m glad you got Gemma,I thought her coloring was great! The dialoge I envisioned was Rachel”We gotta get those guys” Ivy:Wait I got a plan!” Bad guy takes aim at Rachel with AK,Ivy throws cement block across clearing,clocking baddie, Rachel :EWWW! Ivy :Did I kill him?” Rachel “Kinda”Ivy”Oopsie”

  5. Melissa

    Kim, you are such a tease! I love how you write, even your teasers immediately put me in the Rachel’s kitchen! Thanks for being fabulous!

  6. jaime

    Cool!! Gemma’s colores were just beautiful and that was the saving grace from the dispraportionate figures done by the penciler! Don’t get me wrong I love your work,but I have been collecting comics all my life and have seen really great comic artist in my time.It was very apparent that he was inexperienced.Time will make him better! He was really good at keeping the facial likenesses very consistent with that.His backgrounds were really good! I hope Gemma is better with the anatomy! =)

  7. Nancy H

    I am loving the visual of Rachel on horseback and am assuming there is a certain elf involved. At the same time I am thinking, “Oh Kim, you tease! We won’t see this for several years!” I am smiling by the way. Thanks for the preview!

  8. Antonio

    😎 You know, for an entire year before BLOOD WORK’s release, you would answer all “Kisten” questions with the reply “I’m sorry, I miss him too. But you can see him in the upcoming graphic novel taking a bath!” Sure, he’s in a bath alright, but the real draw, as far as I’m concerned, is Ivy in the bath with him! You always neglected that detail. Your such a girl. (added note/detail: a yellow rubber ducky is also sharing the bath)

    Q>Speaking of the EverAfter, I’ve alwas wondered if the EverAfter we see is the “actual” EA that was once the Elves and Demons homeland, or is it a new reality they created. I know it’s been explained how it was isolated in time, but is there yet another 3rd reality, their actual ancestral homeland, that is now cut off from them?

    • Hi Antonio. I asked for that duckie. 🙂
      The reality of the ever-after is the one the demons created. The truth of it is that demons and elves both evolved in reality. No third reality existed.

  9. …. and Jenks yelling “Tink’s titties! Stay away from the tail!!”
    Howdy ma’am,
    I’m still thinking about peanut butter. One of my favorite things is hot pan cakes covered in peanut butter and hot syrup on a cold day. For an extra treat add some sliced ‘nannas.. Now I’m really hungry..

    Got my Blood Crime pre-ordered.



  10. mudepoz

    Great word picture. Nice sleek horse…Of course, with my predilection for Gypsy Vanners…

  11. Debi

    Yea I can’t wait I love this series!

  12. Diva

    Is that supposed to be Piscary on the cover? I always pictured him older.

    A horse? Now where would Rachel find a horse in the middle of Cinncinati? Unless a certain elf is short one horse from his stables…

    • Hi Diva. Yes, that’s Piscary. I see him as older as well, but this guy sells books better, and that’s what a cover is supposed to do.

      And yes, Trent is involved. 🙂

  13. Surfin4Disney

    Lol @ the horse in the graveyard…I can see an infamous Ivy smirk waiting to find it’s way into that exchange somewhere…

    Can I just say again that that cover is freakin hot…so hard to hold on to someone when they’re reaching for another…

    • That is such a good way to describe that cover! It’s awesome! I have to admit I didn’t really like the artist’s style in Blood Work. I’m a nerd and read a lot of graphic novels and I guess there’s a certain something I look for. The body shapes didn’t work… the hands were off and Kisten wasn’t hot enough :p I miss him 😦 I almost cried when I saw him in Blood Work (even though that wasn’t anywhere near how I imagined him). I didn’t write him though so I give leave to his creator for okaying his design ^_^

      I can’t wait for more!

    • Mmmm, I like that. Hard to hold on to someone when they are reaching for another.

  14. twiser

    Horse, curfew, surface? Was there a hunky elf rider with her? 🙂 TEASE 😀 But still great picture! Too bad it’ll be like 2yrs to get the whole effect.

  15. I love pixies! The little buggers darting in and out with their high pitched little voices ….. my favorite!

  16. Nicky

    Any Robin’s nest updates?? And Kim! your horribly fantastic for that Ivy tidbit!