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I’ve got something fun for you today.  Harper has made A Perfect Blood part of their Book Perk program, which means they’re offering bookplate-signed copies with one of Rachel’s pack  temporary tattoo for the low price of $16.99 until they run out.  (Price includes domestic shipping, making the offer available only in the US.)  So for the price of two paperbacks, you can have a hardcover right now and skip the wait until October.  Feel free to pass this on!  🙂

Book Perk Offer  Thanks, guys!  Books are gone!

I had a great day at the keyboard yesterday, warming up and finding the mindset of dialog, text, eat, sleep–dialog, text, eat, sleep.  I love writing rough draft, but it can be grueling even as it’s exhilarating.  It’s often like reading a book for the first time where you know what’s going to happen, and then something different does, or a look between two characters turns into something you weren’t expecting, and you get to write it as it unfolds, naturally and without expectation. But first . . .

I’ve got the line proofs from the next graphic novel Blood Crime scheduled to land on my desk this week. (Due out the last day of October.  Click to pre-order).  I have a cover to show you now.  Isn’t it beautiful? and the copy-edit for the Harrison anthology Into The Woods is going to arrive as well.  (Due out October 9, click to pre-order.) I’ve got a cover for this one, too!  So I’m not hammering at my first chapter as hard as I otherwise might.  Once these two are out of the way, there’s the editorial rewrite for Ever-After, AND THEN I’m rocking and rolling on this latest book.  🙂  But the outlining is done.  All that’s left is the actual work.


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  2. Lesley

    Ooh ooh ooh Piscary….He was never sexy in my head, when I read the books. Purrrrrr. Love the cover!

  3. October is looking like a good month!

    Sounds like you’ll be busy with a variety of writing stages for a while. Is it easy for you to switch your mindset from one task to another, or do you need a decompression zone as you move from outlining to line-proofing to copyediting and so on? Is there a part of the process that comes more naturally to you than others?

    • OMGosh, yes. I didn’t know they could do releases that close together, but it can only help, right?

      Switching gears isn’t hard, no, but I’m avoiding doing anything much on chapter one right now, hoping that I get my edit letter before I finish the copy edits. I’d rather not shift back and forth, and back again.
      What comes naturally? Gosh, each stage has their own joys and frustrations. I really don’t have a favorite.

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren.So glad you are battling your way through the first draft.Have you considered having Guy fix you a Cat Cora Kiwi/berry parfait with non-fat greek yogurt purely for medicinal purposes? Take a champaigne a layer of crushed graham cracker in the bottom,then a layer of non-fat greek yogurt,then crushed kiwi/berries or both, then another layer of crushed graham crackers,repeat untill full, chill for 30 min

  5. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    This libra is very happy both will be available in October. =)
    Keep up the good story. I’m always axiously awaiting ur next masterpiece.
    O.. and Kim, I think its great ur not giving out any spoilers. With sealed lips.. err, fingers?.. it’s more exciting that way!

  6. I get to replace my audio with the bound book. Only allowed to keep signed versions and since you haven’t been allowed to come to this side of the lake, *shrug*

    Now I have to order a couple more books and wait. BTW, would you be doing more graphic novels after the end of the Hollows Novels?

    I love it when you get excited about the next stage of your writing. No matter what stage! 😉

    • Hi Mud. Ahhh, I think I’m done with the graphic novels. The don’t give me the scope (and control) that I’m partial to. I don’t like seeing glaring mistakes and knowing I can’t do anything about them. Bugs me.

  7. Surfin4Disney

    OMG that cover for Blood Work is freakin’ hot. I love the body language on display by the two actors/models.

  8. First time subscribers (which I just subscribed less than an hour ago) to BookPerk get a 20% off code for use on their first purchase, but when you go to use it, it says it’s expired or invalid. That’s what happened when I tried to redeem mine, since A Perfect Blood is my first bookperk purchase. Without it I don’t have enough to get the book ( I fall about $1 short, til payday), but with only 23 copies left, looks like I won’t be able to get one. Guess I’m stuck waiting til October, or later. What a bummer. Too bad more copies weren’t available.

  9. I already have a copy of A Perfect Blood but I just could resist ordering the Bookperk offer with the bookplate hehe! Figure I’ll give a copy to a friend 🙂 Happy Tuesday Kim!

  10. Elissa

    I’m very excited! Thanks for sharing the covers – as always I LOVE THEM!

  11. I already have two copies in hard copy (plus one on audio and a fourth on Kindle) of Pale Demon … and I was stuck in the hospital full of tubes and wires during your signing in Boston, so I can’t see buying another copy, no matter how much I love your work. Too bad. I really planned to come into Boston, but my oncologist had other plans. I’m fine, thank you, but they really didn’t want to let me out of there. Everyone complains that they don’t keep you long enough in the hospital anymore. I seem to have problems getting them to let me go. I suppose I’ve missed my one and only chance to meet you … maybe i’ll score a signed copy of your next book somehow. Ill health really sucks. It also seriously messes up ones plans. Sorry I missed you!!

    • jkh

      Ahhh, Marilyn, you’re going to be around for the next time Kim’s tour is in your vicinity. In the meantime, strength and courage to you. Been there with that scary word “oncologist,” believe me they’re rooting for you, too!

    • Thanks. Used to be that if something wasn’t quite “right” they assumed it was not big deal. NOW they immediately assume I’ve got a giant brain tumor or something similar growing somewhere else. Enough to make a lady twitchy! But at least I now know what I don’t have … and that’s worth a lot. And hopefully, there will e a next time!! Thanks again!!

    • You never know, Marilyn. Once I go to a place, I usually go back, even if it takes a year or two to get there. I’m sorry to hear about the hospital stay. Everything is so disconnected there. It’s like you’re in a holding pattern. I hope you’re out now. Maybe our paths will cross next year. 🙂

  12. Loree

    Love your Hollows series I have read every book.I’m not to keen on the graphic novels though.

    • Thanks, Loree. The graphic novels have a definite flavor, but I’ve been enjoying seeing some of the expressions and visuals on paper that I’ve been seeing in my mind for years.

  13. twiser

    I thought you weren’t teasing any more? “A look between 2 characters turns into something you weren’t expecting”…. TEASE 🙂 How many new stories in ITtW? Sence you seem a litlle more open(at the Will Rachel GET some action in EA? I’m not asking who just if? 😉 Thanks. Happy writing! And if you need a proof reader I hear I’m

    • Hi Twiser. I think I’ve got four novellas and one short story–if I’m remembering correctly. Hold on. Yup. It’s a chunk of new stuff, all from different worlds apart from the one Hollows novella.

  14. Jenille

    Hello, from the cubby hole in the midwest! I know this may be a silly question, but what is included in ITW? I’m excited and can’t wait for October. 🙂 It will definitely be a great month. Yay! Have a great day, Kim!

    • Hi Jenille.
      Okay! I’ll write it all down. 🙂
      We’ve got the Trent and Jenks novella
      A novellette about a guy who works in a pet shop
      a short about dryads
      another novella about Meg,
      and one about Grace.
      🙂 I know that’s not much.