Monday, Monday

I’ve got my outlines and chapter breakdowns in hand for  book 12 of the Hollows.  It had a few surprises along the way, and I’m looking forward to finding even more as I go along with the rough draft.  It still feels a little light, coming in at about 24 chapters, but I know it will plump up as I go.  One of the best parts is I’m not introducing any new characters at all, except perhaps a few walk-on demons.  Bad part is from here on out, I’m not giving any hints as to who is there, who isn’t, and so on.  And asking me to do this or that isn’t going to help because it’s outlined and it is what it is.  If you thought I was closed-lipped before, you will probably be somewhat peeved when I pull out KSR1 again.  (Kim’s Standard Response #1-I’m not telling.)

So this morning I’ll be cleaning my desk of all the eraser rolls and turning on the computer for a good stint of work.  It’s not had a workout for about a month between tour and plotting, and it should be interesting seeing chapter one firm up from my one page break down.  I can’t wait for all the surprises.  Ready, set . . . go!


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  1. I will totally live with KSR1. The book are always such a huge surprise even when we know a little of what’s coming, like PD. I was floored. I can’t wait to read what’s coming next. I’ve been really busy with actual school work lately so I am not as far in on my novel as I had wanted to be, but things are slowing down for the next couple of Weeks and I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone and pound out as much as possible. 🙂

  2. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am

    A few weeks ago, I saw a trailer for The Hunger Games while I was at the movies. It gave me chill bumps. I have read the books and have been looking forward to seeing the movie for quite a while. My sister, her grand daughter and I went to see it Monday afternoon, the chill bumps were right. I always get them for movies that I think I’ll really like. It was a very good adaptation and well worth seeing.

    Happy writing…


    • Very cool, Vampy! I’ve not seen it yet, but I’m not boycotting it or anything. I know it’s going to blow me away. I just haven’t gotten out between chilling after tour and then the warm weather dragging me into the yard.

  3. Hey Kim!

    So if your answer is I’m not telling, can we bribe Guy? Cookies,beer??

  4. Gail S

    Well if the official KSR#1 is up on the board that means the waiting is ramped up to ‘can’t get here soon enough’. I’m feeling like I’m a kid again in the backseat of the car…Are we there yet? Huh, are we?? 😀

    May your fingers and mind fly through chapter one. 😉 Have a great week!

  5. Hey Kim, I was just a little curious as to how you actually compose your chapter/book outlines. I find that sometimes doing so can be kind of tough with all the ideas swimming around.

  6. Hi Kim! This may be somewhat off topic, but I met you at your GR signing and have just recently started the Hollow series. I just wanted to tell you that I love the way you write and I’m absolutely loving Dead Witch Walking! I’m very much looking forward to reading more of the series. 🙂

  7. *SQUEEEEEEE* I know better than to ask, I’m all too familiar with reading KSR-1. Besides, I don’t want to know. It’s just torture until I can hold it in my hands and read it. 😉 Ahhh…. how I already long for you, new book!!

  8. Surfin4Disney

    Hmmm…seeing a few KSR1s here already. Hope you enjoy writing it, Kim. I know we will enjoy reading it.

  9. No – not KSR1 !! Not even one little hint? One? — No? Okay. I can wait (impatiently) but I can. 🙂

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  11. jkh

    Now that is the definition of doing what you love, and getting paid for it: Being all fired up about getting back to “work.” Not many of us have/had that experience in our “careers.”

    • I’ve always said it’s easier to find a way to make a living doing what you love, then finding a way to love what you can make a living doing. And even that isn’t easy. But what good thing is?

  12. Shanda

    Good evening(well morning when u see this) Kim. I remember you saying that the Hollows would go out to either Book 12 or 13. Are you leaning toward ending the series with Book 12 now?

    • Hi Shanda. 12 feels like an ending for me, but we’ll see. I might have something left, something that needs to be said that can be done in the context of the Hollows.

  13. Linda Lou

    Hey Kim-
    Totally enjoyed APB! I thought it several times while reading and I’ll say it now -“damn you’re good!” But I really miss the interplay/”tease” thang between Ivy and Rachel. The dynamic duo with an awesome twist. I know -the ship has sailed -get over it. Yeah-yeah. Hmmm -I’m gonna need a minute here…aahh-mmm-yeah…o-o-o-kay…over it! Hee-hee. Well maybe it’s just me.
    The heat’s on here in SE Texas. We’ve gone straight to summer. But I’ve got some beautiful sunflowers around where I feed the birds and I didn’t plant them. Must be bird poop -ha! Gotta love it!

    • Jacque

      I’m with you Linda! I would love to see Rachel & Ivy resume their relationship now that they have both been developed & grown so much as solid individuals.

    • I am thinking I’m going to be getting back to TX this next tour, Linda. Fingers crossed! Last time I was there, the bluebonnets were just starting.

  14. Jenn D

    Hi Kim,

    Would you be willing to share a page of an outline for one of your older works for those of us who are curious as to where you start and where you end up?

  15. sounds good but its bittersweet knowing its almost over!!*sighs*

  16. Happy writing. It sounds like you are as excited to write this one as we are to read it. 🙂 And we are excited.
    I’m currently editing a WIP and just re-found your character grid. It is the most helpful thing I’ve found so far. Not only is it great for keeping track of who is on the page, but it shows where the plot is moving forward and where it isn’t. Thanks again for sharing it.

    • Oh, excellent! I’m so glad you are getting some use out of it, Chelle! I find I have to have it now. It also helps me keep my character count down and therefore my writing tight. Good luck on your WIP!

  17. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. I hope you have a Very creative week, and break a finger,or however writers wish each other luck.Fortunately, since you are still a have much to look forward to. And maybe if you can’t find a good dojo,you could locate a tái-chi master. Regular exercise is a must,I can watch it for hours.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-Our local forecast says that all the flowers are gonna freeze their bulbs off. I hope yours make it O.K.

    • Hi Jim. Thanks! I’m hoping for a productive week. It’s been a lot of work with little to show lately. I took a class on Tai chi once. Very cool stuff.

  18. Diva

    Once more into the breach.

    I’m on pins and needles already. 🙂

  19. I don’t want or need to know! I avoid teasers and exerpts at all costs. They actually ruin the experience for me so this is all good in my book! 😀

  20. Hope you have fun writing it 🙂

  21. Jacque

    Hello! I have been a faithful reader for 11 books and loved A Perfect Blood, which I just finished last night. Not asking for any spoilers, but PLEASE can you finally get Rachel and Ivy together? It has been the longest tease since Ross & Rachel. I think that both characters have grown enough that they are finally ready….I just need you to know that too;)