It’s going to take all my two weeks

I usually give myself two weeks to plot out a new book, but I rarely use every hour of every day for the process, allowing myself generous downtime to mull things over in my mind.  But this last one I’m working on now is going to take every hour of every day, I believe.  I’m fighting myself, trying to keep the story simple and yet bring in all the characters we’ve seen in the past.  I like a sparse character list, and so I’m mentally cutting scenes just to get rid of them, and then questioning myself because this is the last we’ll see them and I know you guys want closure all around.  It’s starting to feel like a “very special Happy Days” and I’m about ready to say the heck with it.  You guys get what you get, and you’ll like it or go hungry!  -laugh-

So I’m looking at my half outline this morning, going over it to see where I can trim and where I can realistically bring someone else in without it looking contrived.  I’m using index cards for the rough plotting of this one, which is weird for me.  I’ve used cards before, and they were a godsend while plotting out Peri with her multiple story threads.  This one has that same feel of multiple threads, so I’m not surprised I’ve turned to them.  Soon as I have the flow of events down, I’ll go back to my handwritten page per chapter, but for now, it lets me look at multiple items all at once, and that’s what I need.

Wish me luck!

PS  Cage match at SUVUDU is still going on.  If you feel like voting, go vote.  I think you can vote daily.  Rachel is losing badly, and I’m not sure if it’s that much fun anymore if it’s turned into a few fans sitting around and clicking buttons all day.  Cale vs Morgan


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36 responses to “It’s going to take all my two weeks

  1. AKR (Trinidad)

    Good morning Ms Harrison
    Working on book 12 already … Wow
    Have you decided yet whether that would be the absolute last book of the Hollows series? I’ve noticed that when asked in the past you’ve always said 12-13 …lol .. always 12-13 ….
    For some reason that idea made me think of platform 9and 3/4 in the Harry Potter series ….lol and whether you would sneak us an extra book or two …lol
    Ah well …. just thought I’d ask ….
    I’m happy to hear of your successful tour, it was fabulous ….I’m so happy with my signed book, thank you and my Dad always asks about you now ….
    The nest step would be to get him hooked on the series …. (insert devilish grin here) lol …
    Have a great weekend …

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • Hi AKR. It’s 12-13. Ask me at the end of the year, and I can tell you better. 🙂

      Oh, that would be lovely to know your dad was reading the books. I will never forget him. He was so pleased to do that for you. You could just see his love. 🙂

  2. I will absolutely take whatever you have to give us Kim. Hope the plotting goes well. I keep going to this poll, and we’ve edged out ahead right now, at 10:54pm PST 51.04% (4,009 votes) …. so here is hoping we hold the lead. Had the scenario been written differently, LOGICALLY, Rachel would win by a landslide. *grumbles about what’s his face’s fans writing biased fanfic* ya ya… I know. I’m way biased myself. -shrug- What can I say, I belong in the Hollows.


    • The plotting is going really well, Faith, thank you.

      I think they closed the loophole of voting more than once, so the madness is going to end. It’s all over today at 5:00 EST, anyway. It really isn’t fun anymore when it becomes that intense.

  3. Natalie

    Wait… this is the last book in the series?!?!!!? I am one sad panda indeed… but I’m certain whatever you move onto next will be just as awesome

  4. Denise Keef

    Kim…thought of you today! Brandi brought me the first dandelion of the season that popped up over night in our backyard. It has it’s place of honor in a shot glass on the cupboard…I hope she never out grows bringing me the first one. I have all my family logging on and voting and Brandi is spreading the word to her friends…hopefully Rachel will come out as the winner…GO TEAM RACHEL!!!

  5. I hope your plotting went well. Based on the comments here, we’ll all take what we get and be happy about it! I also agree with those who would prefer to have more time with the original core group rather than try to cover all the characters you’ve introduced.

    Maybe the “extra” something for the paperback version of the final book could be one of those epilogue things they include at the end of some movies (like Animal House–showing my age again) that lets us know how/what all the characters are doing in the future.

    Or you could write 13 books. That would be okay with us, too.

  6. Good luck Kim!
    I will like whatever you give.. I’m not too picky.
    Glad the index cards are helping. But please make some time for mental breaks. The idea of your thoughts consuming every hour of every day has me thinking of slurpee brain freeze. Tastes so good.. but ouch!

  7. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Fuzzy says. “Thanks.”. she only brings home the best looking animals she can find.

    Kindles and I’m sure most of the other E-readers do have a progress line at the bottom of the page. It will even read out in percentage complete.

    If the user looks at the home page where all the books are listed, there is a line under each title showing progress as well. even so, I have experienced the unsettling effect of reaching the end of a book without realizing it.

    One way to handle all of those loose characters, put them all together on a bus, plane or social event and have an ‘accident’. 🙂

    I’m sure we’ll like what ever you come up with. No one wants to go hungry.


  8. Martin

    Ms Harrison, if you have to write a thirteenth book to wrap up all the characters and plot lines, I don’t think we will complain much.


    • jkh

      I second that vote, Martin. But Kim knows how her story arc is flowing, and we’ll just have to abide with it.

      (You know you’ve got the Hollows fever when you start fussing about when the pixies will wake up and deal with our ailing rhody.)

    • 🙂 I totally agree Martin, and I just might do that.

  9. I just voted and there’s not much in it now 😉

    Wow you’re planning sounds incredibly organised!

  10. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren-Note to world famous authors.when someone says they see your double you are supposed to intone “How very reassuring” . That’s what Queen Elizabeth told a fat over-excited subject who told her she looked just like the Queen. (Liz was out for a walk at Windsor service village. She is Very good at deadpan sarcasm) Also we need more votes! Smudge and I are voting but the vote ends tomorrow Mar 22 at 5:00.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi again Ms. Kim-its jim from Warren. I always take what I get as long as its served with sour cream chocolate cake. My mom refused to make it for years,because it was always gone so fast,sometimes before supper. (My dad was co-conspritor alon with us 4 kids)

    • James R. Fox

      Hi again Ms. Kim-I think thats a Betty Crocker reciepte

    • I hadn’t heard that story, Jim! Love it!

  11. izzybella


    I appreciate you blogging here as it’s really interesting to learn more about the process of how you go from imagination to paper. I used index cards for all my term papers in college, but never thought about it for a novel. It certainly makes sense considering how many characters you have. Trust me, I’ll be happy with whatever you give us!!

    • Thanks, Izzybella. I have some things I use every time, but for the complex plots, I use different things. I like the cards because I can put all the plot points out in front of me and pick them up in logical order.

  12. Tine

    I didn’t realized that I could vote daily. I have done so again and will keep doing so.

  13. traelynn69

    I can’t imagine trying to wrap up story lines for such a successful series. Kudos to you Miss Kim!! I have to agree with Diva’s statement that I would prefer to see more of the core characters since it’s the last time we will see them. I would say that for some of the side characters, such as Nick, just a brief note on what happened to them would be fine. Personally I would love to see Nick trapped in a cell!
    Personally I’m curious about Jasmine. I haven’t read A Perfect Blood yet so not sure if she is mentioned. But I’ve been very curious about Trents interest in her!!

    • I’m tending that way, Traelynn. I’ve got a good character list now, and it feels comfortable. Ahhh, Jasmine never made it out of the camps. Sorry about that. I don’t think I ever mentioned it directly in the story lines, but I did allude to it. I think.

  14. Stephanie C

    Is there anywhere we can see one of the outlines for a past book? I don´t know if authors ever post things like that, but I am curious as to what one looks like. If we dont see the many other characters return then I vote for as much Tren and Rachel scenes as we can get 😛

    • It’s a 30-40 page document, Stephanie, handwritten and messy. Not easily deciphered by even me after a year or two.

      Trent and Rachel. Oh I got them in there. 🙂

  15. Diva

    I don’t envy you this task. Speaking only for myself though, I don’t have any need to see every (or even most) past, or tertiary character before the end. I just want to see our core group of Rachel, Jenks, Trent, Al, and Ivy with some sprinkling in of Belle, Bis, Quen, Ceri and the girls. Knowing that we’re getting to the end, I am becoming much more aware of page time and I selfishly want the mother lode of it to go with these core characters that have been there all along. Because once the story is done…it’s done. So yeah, I will happily give up seeing Nick again or Alice and Takata, etc. if it means I get just a few more precious pages with the core cast. That’s my vote anyway, for what it’s worth. 🙂

    • I’d love to see Takata, but he fell out. Same with the rest of the family. Sigh. The core characters are already there.
      Thank you for trusting the storyteller.

  16. MelanieS

    Ouch, poor Rachel! I’ve never even heard of this character she’s up against. Rachel has my votes.

    I do a lot of plotting in the bathtub. Seriously. With five children, the bathtub is the only place I can get some peace and quite, and even then there is a good chance that someone is going to knock on the door like it’s the end of the world while screeching, “Mooooom,” to which I sigh and holler back, “You know your dad is out there. He can help you too.” 🙂

    • jkh

      (laughing) I didn’t have 4 kids, I just had half the kids in our cul-de-sac. They’d start showing up before breakfast and sometimes I’d end up walking a couple of them home at supper time. Where did their moms think they were all day? That was something I didn’t miss when I moved.

    • OMGosh, Melanie. That’s were I was Tuesday night! I think I plotted an entire book in the tub about five years back when the boys were at a very noisy age and the house was really small.