San Francisco Interview

I have two new things this morning for you.  When I was out in San Francisco, I did a fantastic radio interview with Rick Kleffel.  This guy’s questions really tested me on both the books and my writing style, so if you want in on a few things that I’ve never been asked before, take a listen.  It starts with me reading page 268 from A PERFECT BLOOD which is kind of cool.  This is the page I read before all the events, and I didn’t flub even once!  -laugh-  The Agony Column 3/2012  

The second thing I have is also kind of fun.  March Madness character cage match is still going on over at SUVUDU.  Rachel has mastered the two of her first matches, but is faltering in the third.  Paul Kemp has rallied his readers and Everes Cale is putting up a valiant fight.  Rachel might just lose this one.  Regardless, this is a great way to get a taste of a new author if you haven’t read Paul’s work before.  He crafted the write up and so you can get an accurate feel for his work.  Here’s the link if you want to vote, and from there, you can go to SUVUDO’s home page and find the rest of the matches.

As for me, I’ll be plotting again today.  I found a few interesting things yesterday, and need to go back and slow down.  I’m in such a hurry to get to the climatic end that I forgot to smell the roses.


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26 responses to “San Francisco Interview

  1. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Its a close match! I have my boyfriend and a good friend voting right now. They love u and Rachel.
    And remember slow and steady.. roses smell divine. 🙂

  2. Tine

    I voted. Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for you and Rachel.

  3. Thanks for posting interview link–it was really interesting. So in the magic that is The Hollows, there’s some biology, a pinch of fairy tales, a hint of martial arts and lots of hard work? I’m always fascinated by the way people (especially writers) pull together different pieces of their lives to help create something new, so thanks for sharing this!

  4. Cyn

    Kim, I swear I saw your twin today at Treasure Island in Las Vegas! I had to do a double-take!

  5. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I’m listening to the interview as I write this. It’s one of the best ever. The interviewer is really sharp and gets away from all the usual/redundant questions and sounds like he really gets it.
    Here is the pic of the glass snake. I pretty sure that’s what it is. They are also called legless lizards.

    Here is a pic off the Internet. It’s almost identical to the one Fuzzy brought me.


    • Thank you, Vampy. I really think it’s my best interview ever. Rich made me think about my work in a new way, and coming up with answers was a challenge.

      Ahhhh! That is a beautiful animal! Thanks!

  6. The vote is within one percentage point right now – so-o-o close!!!

    It’s a good day for plotting. And planning. And watching the snow melt here in the high desert hills of north central Arizona.

  7. GREAT interview thanks for cluing us in. and thank you so much for putting inscriptions in the books purchased from the literary scribe guild feather…???gosh brain fog. i was pleased to have you write my thought inscribed back to me in your I was giddy when i finally got the book and opened it up as it was quite late when i ordered the book because i had a case of serious let down from reading my first novel, A Perfect Blood on MY KINDLE. It was a loss thats hard to explain. So I knew in my weary sleep deprived addled brain i had to hold and touch the book and read it again. I must admit I still will always want to hug and hold a book. The Kindle is very non tactile sterile treasure chest of electronic persuasions but other than the teasing swoosh of the finger to urge the page ahead, while the husbands snores, the dog yawns and the cat beats her tail against my swooshing hand leaving white tufts of fur all over the kindle. The most frustrating is not being able to see before i read and knew i was on the last page. That never happens with a REAL book. Real books you can manipulate, contemplate and drop on your face as you fall asleep into your own everafter. “Save the everafter, jump the leylines with Kat”. Thank you for giving us such places to escape into and out of our own reality. Kat

  8. Heather Kongira

    Kim I just have a quick question. All of your books titles are a play on Clint Eastwood movie titles. What movie is dead witch walking a play on? I can’t find a Clint movie that is similar and all I can think of dead man walking which stars Sean penn

  9. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim- voted! You forgot to put the link up yesterday(or I didn’t see it) and I forgot to vote,We chronologically challenged persons rely on you youngsters. It’s the cerebral atrophy,you know.

  10. twiser

    Maybe you should drag it out to 13 then. 😉 Already voted for our girl. Where do they come up with the story for those matchs?lol Well, good luck plotting! Need any help just ask *grin*

    • I’m thinking about that, twiser. I’m seriously thinking about that.

      And thanks for the vote! This particular story line was written by Paul, the creator of the character Cale.