Dude, it’s finally Friday!

Yay.  I’m just going to say yay that it’s Friday.  I’m excited about the chance to get into my yard and pull out the last of the dead leaves and do a general tidy.  I’ve already been out to my home improvement store but they have no plants yet because it’s too soon to move even bushes and trees, but I ah  . . . did get some plant supports.  Tomato red, single stem, four feet tall, gently undulating plant stakes.  They look striking on their own, and if my tomatoes don’t grow on them, I’m going to line up some humming-bird feeders on them and call it yard art.

And speaking of tomatoes, I told some of you while on tour about the new all blue tomatoes that were supposed to be commercially available this year?  The ones that they inserted the genes that make blueberries blue and are full of antioxidants?  I can’t find them.  I’ve found the ones that turn blue in the sun and have pinkish violet flesh, but not a true, solid blue.  Maybe I misread the article and I have to wait a few more years.  The Turn is coming, guys.  I’m telling you, the Turn is coming!

Hey, I’m working up something with my editor for inclusion into the mass market of A Perfect Blood, and we are both scratching our heads over what might be fun.  Easy choice is a short story, but I’m wondering if we can’t do something different like sticking a more professional tattoo in the back, or a disk of music or maybe an unfolding blueprint layout of the church. You guys have any ideas of something special you’d like to see?

P.S.  For those of you who noticed the PO box location is the same as the spate of tornadoes that went through MI yesterday, we’re all good, though I still do not have phone, internet, or TV.  (I’m using my Verizon card this morning, the one I use for traveling.)


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  1. Claudia

    Hi Kim!
    I love the cover of Into the Woods. I’m really looking forward to its release later this year. There are so many ideas of what you could possibly include in the mass market of A Perfect Blood. It’s so hard to pick just one. I like the idea of the church layout and the tattoo. The ideas that the readers have suggested are also very good. I’m going to continue brainstorming to see if I can come up with something good.

  2. nycita

    Hi Kim,

    maybe a Piscary (R.I.P.) Pizza recipe?
    But – not – with blue tomatos, please!! 😉



  3. Sean W.

    And also, pretty sucky about the tornadoes. I hope you’re able to get everything back up and running soon.

    The blue tomatoes sound pretty interesting. I’d never really heard of them before. I wonder if there’s any difference in taste. Maybe someday i’ll get some and try making some fresh blue salsa…Hmmmm <.<

    • Thanks, Sean. We were not effected by the tornados, actually. We lost everything a few hours before they were a factor, but the storm slowed the repairs up. Can you imagine an entire city functioning on cash and getting information by way of phone and radio? That was us for a while.

  4. Sean W.


    “…Easy choice is a short story, but I’m wondering if we can’t do something different like sticking a more professional tattoo in the back, or a disk of music or maybe an unfolding blueprint layout of the church.”

    Maybe even all of the above :D?… *crosses fingers*

    I already have the hardcover version neatly tucked away onto my shelf of awesomeness, and gotten the ebook version to read to avoid any accidental marring of it’s pristine pages, but with enough incentive, i might even be willing to spiral into utter book redundancy for the chance at some epic extra stuff 🙂

  5. Hey! I believe you kimmy! The Turn is on its way! 😉 I think it would be great if you showed a picture of suite that Belle made for Jenks.Or Trents green house/garden.Or perhaps the graveyard in the summer!Ooooh,yes I would love to see that.Anyway Im sure whatever you choice will be awesome!
    P.S. MI has its tricky weather.Last week tornado and flood warnings were popping up on my tv screen.Luckily it was just the strong wind and rain making very loud noises.My lights kept flickering on and off so I just turned them off and lite some candles. Happpy St.Patricks Day Everyone!

  6. hellokitty654

    I think it would be really cool if you had “signatures” from rachel, ivy, al, and jenks all around the front page with the title of the book. although i don’t know how hard or easy that would be to do. 😛

  7. Chiming in on a Sunday afternoon to agree with most who would like to see a layout of the church, graveyard, the pixie lair and garden. Also agree with DH87 about Bis – I love that little guy, too.
    Sorry to hear about the power outage but glad to know you’re safe. We’ve got a gorgeous snow storm today – it’s been a dry season and this moisture is most welcome – I can hear the trees breathe deep sighs even though their buds are shivering.

  8. Hmmm, extras. Maybe some kind of character interview, something like the transcript of a debriefing Rachel, Ivy, Jenks, and Trent have had with the FIB, the IS, or the men-who-don’t -belong after some escapade or other.

    Or any of the suggestions others have made–I imagine I’ll be happy with whatever it is.

  9. Hi, glad to hear you’re ok. Our weather in Canada has been weird too. One idea for an extra treat might be a picture from your next grahic novel, maybe autographed?

    *demons need love too*

    Thank you.

  10. Mmm fresh garden tomatoes are the best! And if you do ever get blue ones I hope you give us a treat with a pic!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and yours!

    Glad to hear you and your fam are safe. Mother nature can be scary.

    Hmm.. trying to come up with ideas. Yours and everyone else’s are very good! And I think it’s safe to say any extra is a good extra.
    ..what about a drawing of Trents elf porn statue. 0:)
    or ..a few secret journal notes from any character
    or ..a drawing of AL with some friends in the ever-after

  11. DH87

    Kim, Thanks for asking for our input. Here are my ideas for “bonus” content:

    A biography of Bis
    Bis paper doll or action figure (some assembly required)
    Bis’s family portrait, composed at the basilica
    Photo spread of attic, complete with Bis’s shelf and belongings

    A Bis fan

  12. traelynn69

    Hey Kim, Glad to hear you and yours didn’t get hit by any tornado’s. I would be one of those crazy people trying to chase it down and take a picture! lol
    I have always wondered about the layout of Trent’s compound. Just the size of it sounds massive! Another thing I would absolutely love is a group picture of everyone in the book. It would include major characters like Ivy, Al, Cerri, and Jenks as well as minor characters like Belle, Holly, Minias, and Matalina. I loved the pictures in The Hollows Insider!! To see them really made the characters come to life for me.
    Have a great weekend!!

  13. NickinColoma

    Kim–Glad to hear that you and guy are safe..Weird march so far this year. NickinColoma

    PS: I like the music idea, maybe a track from each characters list on the page.

    • Thanks, Nick. The weather is going to get erratic from here on out. It’s not who is the most fit who survives, but the most adaptable. I think Darwin said that.

  14. Howdy ma’am,

    Is this the tomato you seek?



    WordPress is trying to make me log in

  15. B Samples

    Hey! Glad the tour went well and your home safe. About the book thing, I thought about maybe a picture of the characters together in Rachel’s cemetary and Al sneaking in in the background. Thanks for the good reads can’t wait for the anthologies book and the graffic novel!!

  16. jkh

    Tornado? Eeek! I can deal with earthquakes (they aren’t even noticed unless they’re over 4 on the Richter scale) but those twisty clouds are spooky. So glad you’re OK.

    Doing my happy chair dance ‘cuz my turn at APB will happen soon…so eager to read it. I’ve resisted all temptation to read the first chapters and I VERY MUCH appreciate everyone keeping the spoilers out of the blog.

    I’ve used those curly tomato stakes; they’re fun, but you need to encourage the young plant to wrap its stem around them. And the idea to hang hummingbird feeders on them is just gorgeous. I may dig out a couple of mine and do just that.

    • James R. Fox.

      Hi JKH its jim from Warren-Smudge and quigley say try hiding under the bed with your back against the wall. Its safer, and thats what they do when we have tornados (Youngstown-Warren area is the local tornado alley)

    • Excellent! I hope you get your copy soon, jkh! I know how hard it’s been avoiding spoilers.

      I think I’m going to put beans on most of them, and one with tomatoes.

  17. Glad to hear you’re safe. I will spend the weekend yelling at my laptop (copy edits). Bonus content is *so hard* to think of. I love the ideas of the maps, maybe character interviews — or Rachel’s file from either the IS or the FIB?

    Have a great weekend!

    ~Suzi and Missy, too

  18. Zeenat

    I’m glad you and yours are safe. Do you like using the wireless cards? I used to have one a few years ago and found them slow. Maybe they are faster now?

    As for the paperback version of A Perfect Blood–How about a map or layout of other places? Mainly I’m thinking of Trent’s house and grounds. It’s so massive–whenever Rachel talks about the setting I have this elaborate house built up in my head.

    Oooh, or maybe a newspaper article. The Hollow’s Insider goes till Pale Demon, so maybe one for A Perfect Blood?

    Okay that’s all I can think of for now. And you’re probably thinking “this crazy woman wants me to do all that work?” LOL. Sorry!

  19. Joy Whiteside

    Glad you are ok.

  20. fitzcoll

    Hi Kim, Glad to hear you weathered the storm! Like Colleen above, I find myself wondering about the geography of Cincy/Hollows, so maybe a map? I don’t remember if a map of the area is in your Hollows book. I know a schema of the church is… On a side note, I keep thinking about the action scenes in Perfect Blood. They are great! Rachel at her best. Thanks for them. Enjoy your weekend!

  21. Not sure about the Turn (Tomatoes have been GM for ages). I can see if there are research seeds around on the AEGRC list. I like the weird. If the email that asked the person who left biohazardous waste in the autoclave room would kill, clean up and dispose of it…

    Scientists get so cavlier. Maybe we will Turn into the Interlanders. I’ll take up raising tomatoes. *Laughs* I can’t believe you had tornadoes over there. All we have so far IS HOT. Greenhouses are pinning at 99. UWM is close enough to the lake to not generally require cooling other than opening the vents. Opening windows, effectively.

    Maybe new greenhouses next year on the roof of the old hospital we acquired. No tornadoes, please.

    And, from Faith designs: I love this, so showing off:

    • Please ignore my friends comments. Really. It concerns what I hung the pendant from, which incited much laughter.

      Is the card like the MiFi I have from Verizon? I use mine on the road, originally for my Ipod. LOVE it. Very fast.

    • Ack! I can’t see what you posted, Mud!
      I’ve been keeping a close eye on my office since it functions like a big greenhouse, pulling shades and such.

  22. I was wondering about that, I am really glad to hear you & yours are safe, albeit without phone internet or TV. It looks like I may be getting the tattoo this weekend, the artist is trying to squeeze me in. I’ve been looking up some fun facts about the dandelion, from a Pagan perspective, It is representative of the circle of life. And the 3 stages of life, coming full circle beginning to end. It means stubborn, steadfast, and faithful. It is the only flower that represents the 3 celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars. The yellow flower resembles the sun, the puff ball resembles the moon and the dispersing seeds resemble the stars. It opens each morning to greet the day, and closes each night, through it’s entire life. So it’s pretty special all around, especially considering my system of faith. I am excited to finally get it done, with a minor spin. With all the other tattoos I have, I’m struggling where to put it!!

    In other news, much to my dismay, the recent closure of bookstores in my community has left me entirely without access to A perfect blood. Walmart and Target neither one have it, so I am going out of town to find it, today. It’s that or amazon. 😦 I refuse to go digital, I vow to read the printed word!! Lol. Wishing good weather, and light & love & happy energy to you this weekend.


    • Kindles are your friend…very handy and cheaper than having to drive all over the place burning up gas or pay shipping costs. I still love printed books as well.


    • ps

      I looked at your bio thingy.. I lived in Visalia for quite a while after I got out of the navy at NAS Lemoore. I spent my GI Bill at COS. 🙂


    • OMG! I was stationed at NASL too!!! OC1… VFA-125 & then VFA-122, Bachelor’s Degree completion program, rotated out on medical in 02. What squadron were you with?? That’s so awesome, small world there Vampy. Visalia is a littly hole in the world, what are the odds?? I spent plenty-o-dime myself at COS. And I’d do well to get a kindle, but reading the printed word is a must for me. I have to smell it. 🙂

    • I am going to ATTEMPT to post my picture of me with “A Perfect Blood” …. my love found it for me, and bought it!!!!!!!

      *please work*

      I’m so excited Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read 7 pages before we left the (very small) parking lot. -_-

    • /Fail.

      Attempt 2:

      -or- Just in case (Since there is no preview mode…)

      Because a picture is worth a thousand words. 😉

    • Hi Faith. Another interesting dandelion fact. It is not native to the US, and was brought over with the pilgrims, where it settled in and spread.
      Happy hunting!

  23. Silvia Campbell

    I thought an actually drawing of the tattoo that Rachael got would be nice. It’s kind of hard to picture it in my head. The lay-out of the church is good too. Thanks for everything, from answering our questions to actually considering our ideas/suggestions.

  24. twiser

    Well, it’s good that it was just line damage and not more severe for you! The tornado damage so far this year is just crazy and scary as to how much more is possible. I think “the Day after Tomorrow” will beat the “turn” 😉 As for a bonus with the book…hmmmm. All of the of the above 😉 Have a good weekend and here’s hoping for safer weather and damage repair.

  25. denise selleck

    Thanks for mentioning about the town Dexter! When I heard that I immediately thought of you!

  26. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren.I noticed and am so glad you guys came through O.K. I know Alex and Zander were brave-just like Smudge and Quigley are when we have them (as long as they are under my bed with their backs against the wall) Today we are having thunderstorms and winds 40-50 mph, time for all brave readers and writers to stay indoors and read and write. Have a great,non-stormy weekend.Have you checked with the local ag office? Many states control or at least register GM foods.

    • James R. Fox

      Hi Ms. Kim-I forgot-I’d love to see a layout of the church and graveyard-specially Piercs’grave.

    • James R, Fox

      Hi again Ms. Kim-I think Mud has what you want-KOO_EL! I bet they make all interlanders turn blue. And I really would like a good layout of the church,with Pierce’s grave,Jenk’s stump,Rachel’s old desk,belfry,and kitchen.

    • James R. Fox.

      Hi Ms. Kim-almost forgot,we(Smudge and I) are having real corned beef to celebrate St Patric’s day. Does Rachel do that or does she get migraines?.

    • I hope you made it through the storms okay, Jim. 🙂 We’re looking at spring weather here now.

  27. The sky was slightly green and the air dead calm but we didn’t even get a drop of rain over here. Glad to hear you are all ok. I would enjoy a lay-out of the church as an insert. I am reading a series set in Alaska and had to print a little map of the state so I could at least get a rough idea of where everything is.