A Perfect Blood Tour Recap

I have so much that has happened over the last couple of weeks, I want to take today and do a recap of sorts.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.  All the bunny cam pictures are up on the website along with a few you-tubes and a couple of candid shots of me while on tour.  I’m going to send you to the main page, but from there you can get to the photos from each event.   A Perfect Blood tour

Dead Witch Walking has been spotlighted over at B & N, which means the e-version is on sale for 99c.  Most of the big retailers have followed suit, and to get in on this, jump to Tuesday’s post for the links.

There is a cage match going on over as SUVUDU where characters are being pitted against each other.  I believe the current match ends tomorrow?  Check it out here.

Freebies are again available now that Guy and I are home.  To get your temporary Rachel Morgan pack tattoo, hop on over to the website.

Interviews, podcasts, and such are still coming in, but to see what’s made the pages so far, I have a list at the web site at the media room.  This will take you right to it.

Yesterday I gave you the cover to the upcoming Harrison anthology INTO THE WOODS, which happens to be up on the boards for pre-order along with BLOOD CRIME, the next graphic novel.  I updated a few of my pages, and I now have a slew of covers for Prom Nights From Hell for those of you who are curious as to how everything translates overseas.  Click for covers.

I’ll be spending today going over my rough outline for the 12th Hollows book and deciding what to do with that last floater book.  I did a rough plot of 12 yesterday and realized it’s going to be one of those books with three plot lines that somehow all relate in the end.  Mmmm, this one is going to be fun.  I wrote up about four pages of synopsis yesterday, and today, I’ll be starting to break it all down into chapters, deciding on settings and supplemental characters with the help of my character grid.  I do like my potting.


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18 responses to “A Perfect Blood Tour Recap

  1. I was thinking the same thing as Sisi. We did alot of coverage of the Dexter Tornado, I hope you and your family made it through safe.

    • We are all good, Michelle. Thank you. No damage but for my crocus getting a little punched from the hail. Others were not so lucky. We don’t have TV yet so I have no idea what really happened but for a two minute clip on the Internet.

  2. warsoldier79@yahoo.com

    Hi, I’d love to get a pack tattoo by sending a SASE. The link provided doesn’t list the address to mail it to. Where should we send them? Thanks!!

    • OMGosh, I’m a dunce. I forgot to put that back up when I took it down when I thought we wouldn’t have enough to get through the tour. It’s back now. Sorry about that.
      Kim Harrison
      PO Box 498
      Dexter, MI 48130

  3. Hope you and your family stayed safe during the wild weather this evening. We had torrential rain and lots of hail along with the thunder and lightning, but no damage–at least none I can see from the window. The pictures of the tornado damage in Dexter are horrible, so many houses completely destroyed.

  4. Hiya Kim!!
    I am actually going to get the pack tattoo tattooed ^_^ So I am going to send you a SASE… but I was wondering, if I send you a card, and enclose a SASE, will it still work for you? Or would you rather I send it business envelope inside business envelope? You know me, I like to send cards! They tend to make people smile. 🙂 I will send you pictures when the tattoo is done.

  5. vollzin

    Hi, Kim, I’m Brazilian and we got Prom Nights From Hell published here, as well. That’s the cover http://bit.ly/FOpkew. I want a lot that The Hollows get published here, too.

    • Oh, that is beautiful, Vollzin! Thank you for the link to that. I will add it to the web site today or this weekend. I would wish that The Hollows would get published there, too.

  6. Sabrina

    Hmmm, Kim, that’s been a good one. “A Perfect Blood” has made it to my personal Hollows top four list. Reading it felt like coming home after being away for too long with all your friends welcoming you back. Thank you for an amazing read!

  7. Love the flower pic.
    12th book sounds very cool. I like when a book has different directions and then somehow they all meet up in the end.
    Today feels like a great day for creativity. The sky here in MA looks like a blank canvas ready to be colored. 🙂
    The tour pics are great! I’m still very pleased to have met you and Guy in Boston. I’m your first (and possibly one and only) “oopsie”. So I hope you don’t remember me as your mistake.. lol, when you said “collectable” it made me feel better. I have a pic if you’d like it.

    • -grin- Hang on to that book, Lynn. I’m being doubly careful now not to put the wrong name on the wrong book. My goal is for you to have the only one like that. It truly is one of a kind.

  8. trish collins

    sooooo how dare it suddenly turn warm…now flaming bunny blankie goes into closet for awhile(though if u need it for inspiration!)the tour was a blast tofollow along with and I look forward to the next one…this time wth partner in crime(sister) in tow. may i just add i hope number 12 is good and looooong a 4 day read atleast! thanks again….o I should ment machine washable gentle tumble dry on low or line dry whichever suits you any soap but no bleach.

    • Oh, he’ll be out for a while anyway, Trish. I like my toes warm. 🙂 Thank you again. I can’t believe you really put that much time into it, and I appreciate it.

  9. James R. Fox.

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Happy writing to you. I know we’ll love it. Never can wait for more Ivy,she’s really snuck up on me.(I know never let a vampire sneak up on you)