Harrison Anthology INTO THE WOODS is up on the boards!

Yes, I’m late posting this a.m.  My apologies, especially when I promised you yesterday that I’d have a cover for you.  I took the a.m. off as a personal morning to get some of the muscle tightness of two weeks on the road and signing all your books worked out.  Wow, it is amazing where the tension and stiffness went.  All sorts of new places.  But it’s feeling better now, and even more important, I’ve got a cover!

Isn’t is beautiful?  I’m loving it!  It’s feels too soon to be letting this lose to you guys, but it was leaked early and since I’ve got you all here . . .  why not?  If you have not heard, this is the Harrison anthology that will contain all the shorts and novellas previously published in various formats.  It will also contain a lot of new stuff–stuff that I pulled together as possible series material for after the Hollows.  (More on that later.)

The novella of Jenks and Trent’s elf quest to steal Lucy is in here in its Trent POV glory.  I’ve also got a novella revolving around Grace.  Long-time haunters of the drama box may remember me talking about her before.  This is not the Grace I would be writing about, but a younger, less jaded Grace.  There’s a third novel-length piece concerning Meg, another possible series.  And again, Meg is much younger than she would be if I pursue her story.  It’s her mom and grandmother who this story revolves around, but we do get to see her.

A few other shorts round it out, so there is a lot of new stuff to go with the old.  It’s already up for pre-order, if you can believe it, though it won’t be out until October.  And yes, I do believe it will be released as an e-book.
B and N

Oddly enough, I don’t think that any of the novellas I wrote up to give my editor a taste of what I might like to do after the Hollows is actually going to be what I focus on.  Ahhhh, Peri. . .  She took the best of everything, and I’m really enjoying writing her–even if I won’t pick her up again for almost a year from now. I’m back to writing the Hollows.  Yesterday I re-read book eleven (Ever-After) and today, I start to plot!


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  2. Indy

    Love the cover!!! I’ve been looking forward to an anthology appearing. I know I am missing a few shorts from my collection. :)~Indy

  3. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    It’s beautiful Kim! I’m a big lover of trees.. and ur work. Together is perfect 🙂
    Sounds like u could use a good massage or a dip in a jacuzzi.. perhaps both?
    How goes book 12? I know I’m going to cry when we reach the end. The characters are so near and dear to my heart.
    But I’m very much looking forward to what u have in store for us with ur new work.

    • Both. I’ll take both. 🙂
      Book 12 is moving forward. I’ve picked out the color of the folder, reassessed the name, done a 4-page synopsis, and now I’m starting the nitty gritty.
      I’m not going to cry. I’m going to CELEBRATE!!! One of my characters finally found her happy end!

  4. You know, you really could’ve taken a whole day off after your tour 🙂 Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    The new cover looks great–very eerie and beautiful and mysterious. I’m looking forward to the new Hollows stories, of course, but I also can’t wait to read about Meg and Grace (and, someday, Peri). I’ve enjoyed hearing about them on the blog. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I haven’t actually read any of their stories yet!

  5. I have all the books to the Rachel Morgan series. I worship the story and hope you never end it. Why end a story that millions of fans adore. You have plenty of story left so just keep adding more. Its a huge money maker for you and we all love it. Just keep rachel Morgan alive and Al and Trent and Ivy and Jenks and we will continue buying them!!

    • Ahhh, I loved all my characters, Kelley. But if I hadn’t ended Alissa’s or Tess’s story, we never would have met Rachel. I think you’ll like Peri.

      Besides, we have a few more books to go.

  6. Tinesakura

    Ha, Jenks not Jenx 🙂 I’m a dork.

  7. Tinesakura

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read about Trent and Jenx’s adventure in Trent’s POV!

  8. Victoria Eskey

    Love it. Love it. Love it!!! Can’t wait to dig in and enjoy the worlds you create for us! 🙂
    My dog is getting better with his anxiety! Not ripping up the carpet anymore… Haha.
    I’ve passed the Hollows onto my co-worker. She’s halfway through TGB&U. I have to bite my tongue every time she asks me a question. It’s hard to answer them, without blowing the plots to the other books. I bow to your awesomeness and patience when it comes to our questions.

    • Thank you, Victoria! I like it, too.
      No carpet ripping. That’s good. Yes. Almost better than getting someone new hooked on the Hollows! -grin- Thank you!

  9. I love the cover!! Am so looking forward to it being released. I’m not looking forward to the Hollows coming to an end! I’ve read and re-read the entire series way to many times, but I never get bored with it!! And it is sooo not fair that YOU just read Ever-After!! ;oÞ But I guess that is a perk of being the author …. lol!!

    • We have a ways to go before we get to the end, Traelynn. I’m so glad you’re enjoying them! Thanks!

      Mmmm, reading Ever-After, yes, but it needs work. 🙂

  10. James R. Fox.

    Hi Ms. Kim-Got my pre-orders in! Now all I have to do is sit by my Kindle and suffer. Rachel is already more than 1000 votes ahead of Mr. Strange, goes to prove once again what I already knew,Never disparage a lady’s trowsers. Specially when she’s packing.And you were right,wordpress fixed your question page so I could ask a question of earth-shattering scientific import.

  11. WOOOOOO!!!!!!! Hiya Kim. In case you couldn’t tell, I’m SUPER EXCITED for ITW!!! I love it when you go into plot mode. Magic happens. Can’t wait for the Hollows AND non-Hollows work to come.


  12. Martin

    Cool cover!! Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to the content.

  13. Brandy

    I love the cover and can’t wait to buy it and read it!

  14. A Perfect Blood and this cover are so perfect. I hope the rest of the book covers are done in a similar fashion. And I can’t wait to read this!

  15. Love the cover, it looks awesome!

  16. love the cover was worth the wait hope you get those kinks out

  17. crystal

    Let me know if you need help editing EVER AFTER. I could really help you! 🙂

  18. Jennifer S

    Love the cover! I can’t wait for the book to come out 🙂 Adventures in the Hollows are always fun and exciting. The other shorts sound interesting too.

  19. gloria

    this cover is awesome! I cant wait to own it! My sign copy of APB is on its way. Please dont ever end this series. (and lets rachel and ivy hook up sometime :p)

  20. Diva

    Awesome cover! The atmospheric mist…I love it! Can’t wait to read it.

    Did your re-read of APB spark anything new?

  21. Howdy ma’am,

    I am happy to report that pre ordering for Amazon Kindles is already working and I did it. If they are taking ereader preorders already, I’m willing to bet the others are as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing your nonHollows work..


  22. debi

    Can’t happen there can’t be an after the the Hollows. I will be devastated I love this series.

  23. Jacqueline Smith

    I just finished A Perfect Blood. I thoroughly enjoyed it! The cover to this new one is fantastic! I eagerly awake your next book 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work and your wonderful stories

  24. Loree

    Just finished the last book and am waiting for next Rachel Morgan adventure

  25. Thank you, Kim for your amazing stories! You are one of my all time favorite authors and I never tire of your characters! I can hardly wait for this new arrival and am thrilled to hear of potential new characters in the future. You rock! 🙂

    PS – I hope it’s not too late to order signed copies of your books. My brother (who lives in Seattle – I live in Minnesota) was awesome enough to take two of your books to your Seattle signing, but having three small kids waiting at home had to leave before he was able to get them signed. He felt bad, but I told him it was ok because your awesomeness is just too great for a “quick” signing!! 🙂

    • Hi Joanne. Oh no! I’m so sorry. Yes, the events generally lasted about three hours with all but 30 minutes of that with signing books. I’m so sorry he didn’t stay, but I totally understand. Family comes first. We occasionally sign and return books from MI. Give Guy an email at vampcharms@comporium.net

  26. ~ap~

    Awesome! Will we get a Marguerite Gavin-read audio book?!

  27. would the trent pov include some of his feelings about reachel…ever after what’s that?

  28. I love the cover itself, though I’m not a big fan of the font (the color maybe? Not sure) but whatever, it’s written by you, so I’ll preorder it. *grin*

    And wow, the content! *drools over keyboard*

    Is it normal to be jealous of the author of a book because they can read it before the rest of the world does? Argh. *ashamed face*

  29. StephanieL

    I love the cover, it looks great! And I have to say I agree with Chelikins, it comes out for my birthday as well so I know what my b-day present to myself will be. 🙂 Can’t wait to get it.

  30. whitney

    nice cover!! i’m almost done with “A Perfect Blood,” you’re such an amazing writer. i got the pack tattoo tattooed on me about two years ago (in my point of view atleast)…i love that she finally got the tattoo in this book!

  31. Yvonne

    I got this reply from Amazon just now: Thank you for your purchase. This book will be auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle on October 9, 2012. So, yep, it’s available on Kindle! I’m all ready for the Ever After but dreading the end. I love this series, these characters. I got my whole three-generation family involved reading these stories and these people feel like friends. Our vocabulary includes lots of jenks-ism and I always save the sword from sandwiches just in case a pixie happens by. Thank you SO much for The Hollows, Kim, we are very grateful readers!

    • Wow, that’s very cool, Yvonne! And you don’t have to do anything more than that!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Hollows. Thank you! And thank you for getting so many people hooked. It’s fun when you can talk Hollows with someone.

  32. MelanieS

    Ooooo! That cover is delightful. So mysterious looking. I look forward to the anthology release.

  33. Chelikins

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited!!! Hollows stuff and new stuff!! I am so psyched! and it is near my birthday… so I know what I am getting! 😉 And teasing us with YOU getting to read Everafter… sigh.. you do it so well! lol!