Dead Witch Walking spotlighted at B&N

The burning bunnies of A Perfect Blood Tour.  I seem to gather plot bunnies where ever I go–which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I’m going to need them as I bravely sit down this morning and start to make out my wish list for book 12.  OMGosh, this is going to be one of the trickiest books I’ve ever had to craft, taking every tool in my toolbox.  I’m so-o-o-o-o glad I’m doing this right after a seat-of-the-pants ms.  The attention to detail is going to be excruciatingly Ivy.

But the big news this morning is that B&N has chosen Dead Witch Walking as their spotlighted book this week, offering the e-book version to you for .99 cents for a limited time.  You gotta check it out at their site.  They put it on a pedestal and everything.  -grin-  B&N Spotlight

And if B&N has Dead Witch Walking on sale for their Nooks, you know the rest will follow.
For Books-A-Million
Amazon Kindle
Kobo  Kobo especially is kind of cool because you can read it on just about anything, so if there is someone you are trying to get hooked on the Hollows, this might be it.  (The first one is almost free.  -laugh-)

Also, I have another really good interview pop up that I did for Denver’s Examiner while out at Dark Delicacies: An Interview with Kim Harrison, author of A Perfect Blood.

Tomorrow I’ve got the cover to show you for the very first Harrison Anthology, INTO THE WOODS, that is due out in October.


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33 responses to “Dead Witch Walking spotlighted at B&N

  1. Whenever you talk about your plot bunnies, I get excited, because I hope that you’ll write them down one day. : D

    And wow, anthology! *_*

  2. So glad to see a bunny I gave you up there with the bunch! They all look so cute 🙂
    Thanks for the heads up on the steal of a deal offer for DWW. I got it on my Kindle today.
    Just got back from John Carter tonight with friends. Do you enjoy going to the movies?

    • Ooooh, that’s one I want to see. I have to make a “date” to get out to the movies because my weekends fill up so fast, but yes, I love movies. TV, not so much.

      Thank you again for the bunny! He’s looking good there. 🙂

  3. Got mine!!
    It’s 2.89 because it’s international But I don’t care.

  4. KAT

    Take it to the turn, what a fantastic offer and so kind of you to pass it along to us your adoring devoted fans.

  5. OMGosh I really love the pedestal – how cool does that look!
    I have just got a friend of mine hooked on The Hollows, she has read them all back to back and is now up to A Perfect Blood which is great as I now have to someone to talk to about my obsession!

  6. Jen

    Jeez, I must be an addict, I have this in paperback, on my NOOKcolor and in audiobook, heck I have all of them like that.

  7. Kay

    I got DWW (ebook) for a discount (or maybe it was free?) … but since then I’ve bought every book (and others from other series, too) … so it is a good way to get new readers for certain. 🙂

  8. Eric

    Woo, awesome. Even though I have everything in hardback, I’m trying to get the various series I enjoy most (like this one about a red-haired witch…) on my Nook. Great to see this!

    (And thanks for an incredibly fun series.)

  9. izzybella

    I’m so glad!! I already have the paperback book, but I’m trying to add my favorites to my nook. This is perfect!

  10. The interview we did showed up on also.

    Del Howison
    Dark Delicacies

  11. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-Its Jim from Warren. Congratulations to You!! I always knew you could do it! DWW is what made me a Hollows addict. Also more votes for Rachel. That guy was a push-over.

  12. Yay! I’ve been meaning to get the series on my kindle; I already have all the hard covers 🙂

  13. kym

    Thanks for the tip… I just downloaded it! Yay!!!! LOVE The Hollows Series (even tho I am *still* missing Kisten)

  14. Carey

    Awesome! I have the hard copy but I just added it to my kindle!!! Pretty soon I’ll have all of the Hollows in both versions and I can read, re-read, etc anywhere.

    • I had to get everything a while ago, rofl. I love having the books as collectors items (especially with Kim’s personalized John Hancock on nearly all of my hardcovers), but the text search function, bookmarking, and highlighting just make the ebooks invaluable.

    • That’s excellent, Carey. I like the idea of having the e-versions for quick referance.

  15. Kelly

    I love the collection on bunnies photo! If you are writing book 12… I guess you already wrote book 11. It is sad to know the series will come to an end, but I know you will write another amazing series that we all will enjoy.

    • Yes. EVER-AFTER is already waiting for the editorial rewrite, so I’m starting book 12. I think I have what’s coming next already in my cabinet of awesomeness. -laugh-

  16. MelanieS

    I had to look to see if you were joking… it really is on a pedestal. haha! That’s great! Sadly I already own all of the books so no sale prices for me but I’ll make sure to spread the news around.

    And Ooooooo!!! I look forward to an anthology. Keep us busy until next Hollows book. Yay!