Joint signing tonight: Kim Harrison / Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison 2011

I’m going to put my magic hat on and predict that it’s going to be standing room only tonight at the University bookstore in Seattle when Patricia Briggs and I sign and take your questions.  I’ve signed with Patricia before, and having two of us there is great when you have writing/technique questions.  The entire event is going to be live streamed as well, so if you can’t make it out, you can at least watch and listen.  It might be a good idea to log on and make sure your machine and Harpers are talking.  There’s also a way to get a ping before we go live in case you’re like me and you tend to forget.  Link to live stream event.

You also have one last chance to get a signed and personalized book from The Signed Page.  After tonight, the ordering will be closed.  You can get Patricia’s book as well.  The Signed Page.

And here is something kind of cool.  Rachel is part of a March Madness cage match going on over at SUVUDO.  Rachel VS Eskiath from Richard Morgan’s THE COLD COMMANDS. Go vote for your favorite. The longer Rachel survives, the more of these we can enjoy. 🙂 Cage Match.

Last night was San Bruno at the Barns and Noble.  We had a great event with all the chairs filled and lots of familiar faces in the crowd.  I had a nice chunk of time to relax in the back room, which was cool, but once I hit the floor, we rocked and rolled!  More pictures are at the website.

Click for a high res copy.


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40 responses to “Joint signing tonight: Kim Harrison / Patricia Briggs

  1. The live streaming last night was great–I’m glad my internet service was back up and running. It looked like you two were having fun, and you still have lots of energy after being on the road for so long!

  2. That was a very entertaining live stream! So awesome to see you both! You had me cracking up. And the live chat with fellow streamers was a lot of fun too. So how many people were in attendance? Were you guys signing for hours? Before you came up all I heard was tons of chatter. Made me wish I was there even though I’ve already met you both.

    • It was wonderful, Erika. Patricia and I always have a great time. It looked as if there were 150+ people there, and we didn’t get out till about ten. Not bad!

  3. Aw no! I wanted to stay up and watch it, but I thought it was 7 eastern! Western was clearly to late 😦 Hope you guys had fun!

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-its Jim from Warren. More votes in for Rachel ! I notice she has about 1000 more than what’s his face.(Cant remember the stupid name,always a loser in my (feeble author) opinion

  5. Fanny H

    Petition for the release of Volume 6 of the adventures of Rachel Morgan in French.
    We want to hear the further adventures of Rachel!
    That all the fans come to our aid! Feel free to send the address to as many people.
    Thank you all!
    (A signature of Kim Harrison itself will be an honor ^ ^)

  6. Claudia

    Hi Kim!
    It was really cool watching you on the live stream. The readers asked some really good questions. You and Patricia Briggs gave some really informative answers. You were both really funny too. Some of your comments/answers had made me laughing out loud. It was super fun!
    Your Happy Author Dance is the best 🙂

    • Claudia

      Oh, I just noticed that you’re once again offering the freebies through a SASE. I’ve already received one pack tattoo through a SASE and I wanted to ask if it’s okay to send one more SASE. Thank you Kim:)

    • Hi Claudia. You bet! Send away! And yes, Patricia and I work a crowd pretty well. 🙂

  7. Jan V.

    Hey Kim,
    Just watched the Live Stream Event, and thought it was awesome. PB is 1 funny gal. Her road trip story was cracking me up. But for me, the highlight of the evening? Was you doing your “happy dance”…(grin)
    Loved it

  8. twiser

    Yeah! That was awesome! Well I couldn’t make it to one in person, but you and PB fed off of each other and that was cool. You two were funny and entertaining. 🙂 Almost done with this tour 🙂 😦 The teaser about an idea for 13 gave me Can’t wait for ‘Into the Woods’!

  9. That live stream with you and Patricia was awesome. Never done one before. The people in the chat were great, and you two had me smiling and giggling the whole way through. Also, I want to thank you for answering my question. Mine was the last web one.. “This is Lynn from your blog Kim.. and I was wondering if any of your characters are based on Guy? O:)”.. and your answer was perfect. I was too shy to raise my hand to ask you in Boston.. so it made my night to ask you there. /blush. Thanks bunches!

  10. Amber

    Oh I am sooo bummed out! I didn’t make it to the Denver signing because of all things I had a case of H1N1 Flu!!!!! Of course it would have to be the weekend of the signing but I hope it was a great turn out and I look forward to making another one maybe next year. I did spend the week in bed reading though and crazy I was reading Perfect Blood and then listening to Patricia Briggs. Then what do I see but a double signing from the both of you in Seattle OMG I can’t live closer :-(. The tour looks like a lot of tired fun though. Congrats on another great book! Amber in MO.

  11. I spent my entire morning reading APB and am about 3/4 through and am probably going to read late into the night and finish it or fall asleep trying!
    Your tour sounds like too much fun. Teaming up with Patricia Briggs is so-o-o cool! I voted for you in the cage match – never heard of such a thing but love it and hope there’s more down the pike.

  12. Hi Kim,

    It was so nice to meet and talk with you! Thank you so much for putting on such an intimate and fun Q and A and signing event at the San Bruno Barnes and Noble. And a special hi to Guy in Leather too!


  13. Connie

    I so wish I could be there, unfortunately, I live just south of the Wisconsin border (as in 5 minutes away on the IL side), but you never come here!!!

    Two of my favorite authors and I STILL can’t get to a signing. AND I’ll be in class at the time, so I can’t even stream it. (Yes, I’m 31 and currently pouting).

  14. I’m sooo sorry I can’t be there!! 😦 I lived in Tacoma, then Olympia and spent so much time in King County, it feels like home…… I hope you are having a blast! and getting enough chai tea to function 🙂

  15. mudepoz

    A) I truly wish I was there. Two favorite authors under one roof? Two willing to answer the endless writing questions I have? Wow. I love multiple ideas and this just sounds…

    B) Cage match. Um. Okay. I have no idea who the other character was, but that was a Rachel Doppelganger.

    • Hi Mud. Now you’ve got me grinning. All your questions? -laugh-

      The cage match is over, and we’re on to the next one! Rachel won, so she keeps fighting.

  16. jkh

    Are you getting any “time off?” I don’t mean in-flight time with attendant airport drama–that’s not a respite at all. I hope you do get some free time, and if you don’t I for one will expect you to take a break from blogging when you get home, to recharge your spiritual batteries, etc. Although we would miss you, we’d understand.

  17. I’m going to be there and I will get there early!!!

  18. oh would I love to be there You and Patricia in one place how awesome*sighs*