Mysterious Galaxy event

Yesterday was San Diego for Guy and myself, with a signing out at one of my favorite independent stores, Mysterious Galaxy.  Patrick had the fabulous idea of gathering up EVERYONE at the signing for a huge family photo outside their new store front, and I of course, was all over that!  The roadies got to be up front with me, and we smiled until our cheeks hurt!  If I posted this right, you should be able to click the photo to go to a high res copy to snag it for yourself.  I left lots of signed copies, so if you’re interested, give them a call! They ship worldwide. ((858) 268-4747)  More pictures are here

Tonight I’m at another of my favorite stores, Borderlands out in San Francisco.  Both Borderlands and Mysterious Galaxy are one of the first stores that my publisher sent me out to when the Hollows started gaining momentum, and they are always a treat to speak in.  I can’t wait to see how the new cafe at Borderlands.  I’ve been hearing about its possibility for what seems like ages, and I’m looking forward to talking in the new area.

Also, if you are not aware of it yet, the joint signing with Patricia Briggs that is coming up this Wednesday will be live streamed.  I’ve got a link to it here, but it might be a good idea to check in and make sure your machine is talking to Harpers before the event and it gets busy.  I seem to remember we crashed the system last time.  -laugh-  Live Streaming Event


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20 responses to “Mysterious Galaxy event

  1. genki

    The coven must have heard that you were in the SF area and set off that little earthquake for you yesterday morning…!?!

  2. Love the pictures!!! Especially the ones you took from the plane. And Yay! yesterday I got my copy!!! Nichola was so surprised of my order. LOL but they were super friendly and fantastic.
    Also I’m loving the book! xD

  3. R Gardner

    I just now finished Perfect Blood. I read as slow as possible because I knew I would miss these characters when I was done. Loved, loved, loved the book and can’t wait to read about Rachel’s next adventure

  4. Great idea for a group pic outside! And I love the plane pics you took. Bee-utiful 🙂
    But when you say Borderlands my brain goes right to Lilith from “Borderlands” the game. She is a sharp shooter from the planet Pandora, that I like to kick ass with!! Anyhoo.. have a great night tonight!

  5. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim Its Jim from Warren. Glad to see you are having Southern Calfornia fun.While you are in a bookstore,New York magazine has a really good set of articles on surviving zombie attacks,best weapons best survival gear,best tactics, etc

    • I’ve heard about that, Jim! It’s actually a clever way of getting people to think about how to prepare for real disasters. Sounds good to me.

  6. Chelikins

    On another page you said Guy gives out to many spoilers… can we have a Guy Page… lol!! Glad you all are enjoying the book signings. Sad you didn’t make it near me this year.. but hopefully next year. I so enjoyed last year as I got to meet up with my sister to meet you!

  7. Dawnn

    Me and my friends are coming to see you tonight in SF – should be fun!! Wish you were coming back to Sacramento, but maybe next book.

  8. Missy and I had such a great time seeing you on Saturday. We hope you liked the cupcakes. She worked hard on making them sparkle. 🙂