Tis the weekend, but I still have stuff!

Hanover MD just outside of Washington was a stupendous signing event!  Unfortunately the store was not set up for a Q&A, but I did allow for extra time at the signing table for questions.  We ended up having to cap the line an hour before the store’s closing or I’d be there still.  (My apologies if you got there late and were turned away.  They can’t keep the store open after the mall closes.) Fortunately we were able to bring all the roadies out of the line temporally to get our family photo!

We got a little rowdy ourselves by the end of it . . .  But it ended well.  -laugh-

More Hanover BAM photos

I’m busy today catching up on everything from my daily stretching to curling my hair, to touching up my nails.  Not to mention all the questions you’ve been shooting at me while I’ve been out of internet connection.  Yesterday was a bear, but with some creative luggage control and a top-notch escort, Guy and I got through it just fine, leaving us this morning to relax until tonight’s event out at Books and Books.  We did have some time before the event to tour some of Atlanta’s oldest residential areas and get to see some beautiful homes from the outside.  I am so in agreement with the man who designed the layouts of the neighborhoods.  A park within walking distance.  Yes.  You’d think it was a no-brainer, and I think it is responsible for some of the more once-forgotten neighborhood’s recovery.  Anyway . . .

Yesterday’s Atlanta event drew people in from Savanna, and Tennessee, if you can believe it!  It was a tremendous crowd, and the number of roadies was overwhelming.  Somehow we all managed to squeeze into the fairly large signing room that Eagle Eye has in the back of the store.   Q&A (pictured below) was great, and we had to cut it off after about 20-30 minutes.  This is actually only half the crowd.  If I’d been thinking, I would have taken one to the right as well.

More pictures are here.

Also, if you are going to the Dark Delicacies event, the time has been changed to 1:00 pm


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35 responses to “Tis the weekend, but I still have stuff!

  1. Maureen

    Thanks so much for coming to DC, Kim! It was great to have a moment with you =)

  2. Ruth

    I was one of the lucky ones that got to the Hanover BAMM early and was able to get all of my books signed! yay!

    Kim, thanks for being so freakin’ awsome about answering questions and spending a couple of minutes with me.It’s really appreciated! *off to continue reading my new book*

  3. Hi Kim, it was so nice to see you in Atlanta. I was one of those who crossed two state lines to get there. I live in NW Florida, so I traveled through Alabama to Georgia. It was worth it, a sort of mini-vacation for me.
    *waves ‘Hi’ to Guy* Great to meet you–now I know who I’m emailing for the Manic Mondays 🙂
    Oh and ‘Hi’ to Vampyre as well (I’m the girl who was right behind you on the second row. That cookie was yummy later, btw, thanks!)

  4. twiser

    Is ‘ Ever After’ ganna pick up where this left off or is there ganna be sometime in between? I was just wondering if Takata would be in town for the winter solstice concert? Will you ever do a novella of the solstice they spent together at 14?
    Good to see the tour going so well! Keep NE in mind for next year 😉

  5. Carra Morrell

    Ms. Harrison, would absolutely LOVE if you could ever make it out to Oklahoma, or Texas. I keep looking for you. But, at least I still get to read your amazing work! Thank you so much for sharing Rachel’s story with us.

    • Hi Carra. I hit Texas last year, and the year before, so I’m going to guess chances are good I will be back next year. Fingers crossed!
      I’m so pleased you’re enjoying the books. Thanks!

  6. Chris T.

    OK So I ordered a signed copy from Schuler’s the day of the release. Couldn’t wait so I got the Kindle copy to read. However, since we’ve been busy with our new batch of little ones, I also got the audiobook version so I can continue reading when I’m on the go. Call it crazy but it was all worth it. Just finished the book and you’ve done it again. I love it Ms. Harrison! THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Now to go back and re-read the series until your next one comes out. Glad you are having a blast on your tour. You and Guy stay safe on you trip!

  7. James r. fox

    Hi Ms. Kim Glad to see so many people value a good author. Hope it stays this good-Jim from Warren,and Smudge and Quigley too

  8. Glad to know your journey is going well. I do not envy you all that traveling!

    I have a request for your thinking cap: how about after finishing #13 might you be willing to write a text version of “Blood Work”?

  9. Vampyre

    No worries Kim, I understood. You had miles to go and planes to catch. I had a wonderful time and I’m pretty sure every one there did as well. I hope you can make EAGLE EYE BOOKS a regular stop on future tours. I loved how people thought I worked there. It was too funny.

    I was temped to drop in on your Florida stops also but, I really do have to work. The magic M&M’s can’t help anymore. 🙂


  10. Alas, a late day Friday kept me from stopping by the signing up in Hanover, but I’m glad you enjoyed yourself there!

  11. Thanks Again for sharing your wonderful stories and your time:) (tagged you in my fan girl moment picture- wasn’t sure how to get it on to Hanover tour picture area)

  12. Wow! I am so thrilled so many are turning up for your tour. We are all there for the same reason. We all love your work. Rest when you can Kim. I’m amazed with how much you do in the time frame that you have.
    Oh, hand and wrist massages are a must!

  13. Sean Sullivan

    You are looking Great Mrs. Harrison

  14. Still waiting for you to make a trip up north to Toronto!

  15. Kris Owen

    I am new to your series and I am on book 3 of the Hollows and I love it!!!

  16. Judy B

    Glad you got yourself a little down time.
    Melanie and I enjoyed meeting you both the other night(waves to Guy).
    Enjoy the rest of the tour.