Better late than never . . .

If you are planning on attending the event at Dark Delicacies.  The time has been shifted to 1:oo pm from 2:00 pm

I know . . .  I’m posting really late today, but I had a fairly early flight, and not a lot of chance to put the latest pictures together.  But they are now up!  The picture below has most of the roadies in it, but we did miss a few.  It was only after the first fifteen minutes of signing that I realized we could pull everyone out of the signing line for a quick photo and then return to their same place.  Boston people are great.  🙂  It was a long line, and everyone was still smiling at the end, even if they almost did have to kick us out.

Also, I have a few media bites for you!  I did a phone interview with the Miami Herald before I left, and though it won’t be in the physical paper until Sunday’s book page, it did go live on-line today.  Check them out!

Rachel’s Older, Wiser, more Powerful

For Hollows writer Kim Harrison, it’s an urban fantasy come true

Tonight I’m in Baltimore, more specifically BAM at Arundel Mills.  Hope to see some of you there!


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49 responses to “Better late than never . . .

  1. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Just dropped in to say I hope you and Guy are having a safe and wonderfull trip.We are having lots of snow and rain.Smudge is curled up on her pillow near a hot air run and glares when enyone even looks like moving.

  2. Going to the gym, engaging the kids in a noodle war, packing a saddle bag and hitting the road to Miami to drool and gawk like the unrepentant Kimaholic I am (happy sigh).

    I’m trying to bribe my kids with the Miami Zoo and a Lion Country Safari in West Palm Beach so I can do two of your book tour cities (LOL). We shall see who wins the wee people debate. The All Star game in Orlando may actually get them out of my hair for a Girlie-Girlie day adventure with my Mojito blogging buddies (evil grin). Either way, looking forward to seeing you again. Enjoy the warm weather, Kim. 😉

  3. Vampyre

    I made it home…ALIVE!

    I had so much fun meeting so many other avid readers. What did Trent grab in the elevator? That was so funny.

    It was so good seeing you two again.

    V ^^^^V

  4. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you, Kim! You even inspired me to blog about my experience!

    Safe travels, and I can’t wait for Million Dollar Baby! 😀

  5. Oh jeez. My big moment meeting Kim Harrison and what did I do? I froze. Totally blanked. Apparently my mouth moved and words came out but I don’t even remember what I said. I THINK I at least said that it was really great meeting her. Brilliant huh? I know. Head-desk-THUNK! It was so exciting meeting fellow fans in person(waving at Erika and Virginia). Kim Harrison can stand proud and say she truely has the greatest fans!
    Well if I did not say it last night , “It was great meeting you Kim!” Hoping you come back east again. Continued blessings for safe travels.
    P.S. My daughter Kimmy thinks you so totally rock!

  6. It was great seeing you yet again at the Hanover/Baltimore signing Kim! That makes it meeting #4 and each time is a different yet awesome experience. I always meet new Hollows buddies which is the best thing of all! I was *really* happy to see such a fabulous turnout, and waiting 2.5 hours didn’t even bother me. Hope to see you here again! But as you well know, I’m willing to travel!

  7. The Balt. book signing was one of the most organized signings I’ve been to yet! Thank you so much for the great evening and most of all for signing my lovely books and the Kisten arm band =)

  8. NickinColoma

    Kim–WOW! you do have a lot of roadies. Glad to see so many people are turning out for the signings. Thanks again for being so accessible to your fans-especially those of who show up again and again (and again..) NickinColoma

    PS– Thank “Guy” for me for the other book.

  9. Chip

    Just wanted to say thanks again for coming out to the DC area for a book signing. Was #3 in line tonight at Arundel Mills, and I’m looking forward to coming out to more book signings in the future. Also on the lookout for any more news about the Hollows on TV, so keep us posted on any good news coming on that front. All the best to you and Guy, who was great.

  10. Yay the fam pic looks great! And so do all the bunny cam pics too. hehe! It was so much fun! I hope you like your green tomato burning bunny. I’m still on cloud 9. It was such a pleasure to have met you. I enjoyed talking to Guy also. I’m a little embarrassed that the first thing that came to mind to distinguish myself was the “where’s the beef” commercial comment. LOL oh man, I am such a dork. Anyway you both are so very nice, down to earth, and easy to talk to. Guy and my boyfriend Justin made me giggle with their super-hero talk. We both have great fellas.
    Boston loves you! 🙂

    • The bunny is squished, but making it Lynn! Thank you so much. -grin- I hope I can get out to Boston again. The people are great, and it was so wonderful to meet you!

  11. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms.Kim-its Jim from Warren. everybody should know, but I’ll say again,we have Ben Franklin to thank for bifocals. He invented those after he invented electricity.With-out them we couldn’t see.I used them gratefully for years. Don’t help now,my retnas are gone from retna distrophy,but kindle and magnifiers are working.

  12. Missy and I can’t wait to see you in Burbank. We don’t have shirts 😦 But we’re planning on it.

    ~Suzi and Missy, too

  13. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    I manged get a surprise for you get to. Decataur. I hope you like it…(evil lol)


  14. Omg, Kim! I hyperventilated when I realized I had missed the release of “A Perfect Blood” but then I made a victory dance when I realized you are coming to California (Burbank specifically! I’m like 20 minutes from there!). I’m attending, so thank you for letting us know of the change in time 🙂 I can’t wait to meet you and have you sign my book! I’ve been following your books for a while now, and I’m super excited!
    By the way, the pictures are really nice!

  15. Jennifer S

    Thank you for visiting Boston! Had a great time at the Q&A and in line at the signing.

  16. MelanieS

    I’m seriously impressed that you’re blogging at all while on tour! Super author, away! Can’t wait to see you in GR.

  17. AKR (Trinidad)

    … lol I told him Miss Harrison …
    So he’ll be sure to let you know he’s my Dad ….
    He called me a while ago to tell me he bought the books (2copies) …
    Boy do I have a cool Dad … 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing more pics as you make your way ….

    AKR (Trinidad)

  18. Jan V.

    Wow!! The pictures from Boston are awesome. And the place looks huge. Looks like a fun time.
    As for back here in Michigan, where the weatherman predicted 3-7 inches, we got a dusting. Of course, you’re farther west of me. So maybe you got a lot more. Like..I don’t know, an inch?? LOL. But I agree that winter is not done with us yet. I have a picture of my parents house back in May of ’69’ with a foot of snow on the ground. And my snow-blower is eager to come out and play. So I say….bring it on.

    • MelanieS

      I’m in GR. We didn’t get much snow either but around 11pm we were getting freezing rain. Then it decided to dust snow over it. All the kidlets got a snow day from school. haha.

    • Jan V.

      Back when I was in school, it was rare to get a snow day.
      I remember back in the ’80’s’ we had a major ice storm. And not only did they not cancel school (which had no electricity), those idgit’s wanted to teach us by candlelight, instead of letting us go home…LOL
      How times have changed

    • jkh

      JanV, they should call them “ice days.” Most vehicles can get through snow or plowed roads, but ice is another situation entirely. And I think schools close more often because people are more likely to sue if their children are endangered.

    • So far we are keeping clear of the snow. I hope it stays that way!

  19. Tine

    I’ll be seeing you tonight.