Not enough caffeine in the world

Yep, the snow is gone and it feels like spring.  Mostly, anyway. (Can you hear the snow gods laughing at me?)  I’ve solidly switched my focus from writing to promoting, and I’m missing it already.  My writing in February and March is like the dry spells of July and August where everything just hangs in wait for the rain.  Yesterday, though, was productive, and I’ve got all the pages set to drop in the tour photos, spots to fill one by one in a steady progression ticking the days off until I’m back at home.  I really questioned if I wanted to do the bunny cam this year, but caved at the last moment.  It’s a pain in the butt (and takes about an hour between flights and sleep) to drop the photos you guys take in line onto the website, but I do so love to see all the smiling faces.  So there it is.  Bunny cam is back on the agenda.

I’ve been busy taking phone interviews as well, so hopefully I’ll have a few places to send you soon.  Even though the count-down says five, I’m at one and in full panic mode as I scramble to get my act together.  Tomorrow I’m out the door on a one-day event at a book buyers meeting.  Speach-a-fying, as opposed to taking Q&A, is so-o-o-o-o-o not my forte.  It should be interesting in a terrifying sort of way to see how far I get before I crash and go to Q&A.  I’m guessing five minutes?  Anyway, it will get this tour started with a jolt of adrenaline.  Once tomorrow’s over, it’s a piece of cake.

Not enough caffeine in the world . . .


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  1. Here’s hoping for 13 books and beyond…!

  2. Nice article in the Freep, Kim. I had no idea that you went to SVSU. Also, they mentioned it will end at Book 13…is that right will there be a 13th book for sure? (fingers crossed “grin”)

  3. Linda Lou

    Hey Kim-
    It’s raining like crazy here. Geez -it’s either drought or flood. Oh well -good sleeping weather.
    I wanted to thank you for your words of wisdom about my V-day blues. I definitely have some “solo” work to do, I’ve got a worse track record than Rachel -ha!
    Anyway – good luck on your tour. I know you’ll be brilliant! Wish I could be there.

  4. Howdy ma’am,
    Only 3 days showing on the release day timer. I still have half of “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West:”(by Gregory Maguire) left to read. It’s very good. I can’t afford the play but I can afford the book and it is of course much better,

    I’ll be at work when Amazon releases the Kindle version of “A Perfect Blood” at 3 AM.


  5. Jennifer Sparkes

    I can’t wait for the new book Kim! I know i don’t write on here a lot anymore but i still read your posts everyday. I am still living in Michigan so i will be seeing you at the Ann Arbor signing! I’ve been needing to read this new book. I was starting to have real withdraws there. 🙂 Even with your world book and insider out. Anyways, Hope you have a great tour this year Kim, see you soon! Jennifer Mi.

  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Smudge and I are having a classical weekend with Janis Joplin.I highly recommend her, if some of these youngsters of today heard Ms.Janis doingÏ Dont’ Have You”or “Ball aand Chain”or “Bobby McGee”they might learn something about music.(I only have everything she ever recorded, which isn’t much,she was so young when she commited suicide cause she couldn’t take the pain anymore.

  7. Counting down the days and driving hubby nuts with my pending trip to see you. Looking forward to it (happy silly grin). Been quiet as a church mouse since Jan 14th (silently lurking while editing like a lunatic). Time to take a break and make some Kimaholic noise (LOL). Best wishes, mad love and drooling with anticipation to read what you created. Have a fabulous book tour. 😉

  8. James

    Good Luck on your upcoming tour!
    Can’t wait to meet you in Burbank!!

  9. Tracey P.

    How is your garden fairing in the mild weather? I’m in Toronto and my tulips are already poking through. Man, are they in for a shock when the snow comes back.

    • I’ve got a few daffs and Crocus poking up, but no flower buds yet. I buried my tulips deep this year. So far, they aren’t showing. Yep, we are not done with winter yet.

  10. When I was out walking around today it didn’t really feel springlike, more of a sneaky kind of cold. But it didn’t really seem like winter either, based on the melting blobs or ice left over from the Ann Arbor ice scupltures. Just a gray, damp, chilly day.

    Good luck with your speech, and don’t think of it as crashing when you switch to Q and A. Just think of it as going with your strength–engaging your audience.

  11. jkh

    Dear Kim (and Guy) We appreciate SO MUCH all you do for us fans — or should I say fanatics? — with the tours and freebies and T’s and such very personal, individual attention. I hope your scrape together isn’t too fraught. Remember you’re bound to forget something. Just pack the roll of soft loo paper and the comfy flats first!

  12. I’m camera shy.. but glad you are doing the bunny cam. I’m usually not able to attend this kinds of things. So the cam plus the pics kinda makes it feel like your there.
    I always wanted to do debate in H.S. cause I think I’m rather good at arguing my point, but couldn’t get over the fact I had to stand up in front of everyone while doing so. Probably why I didn’t do much with drama either. But I do remember after doing these kind of stage things that made my palms sweat, heart flutter, and tongue tumble.. feeling exhilerated that I did it. Kinda puts a flame under your ass.. but in a good way. Have fun tomorrow and enjoy your weekend.
    Caffeine is a life saver 🙂

    • For all my complaining about the time it takes to put the pictures on the website, I do love it. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t do it at all. 🙂 I hope you had a great weekend, too!

  13. Mike

    Hay kim looking orward to Tuesday. :)today while giving blood the nurses were talking about the hollows, seems like everyone is chomping at the bit. Have a good tour.

  14. I finished the Hollows Insider and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a wonderful addition to the series. I hope that you continue beyond Perfect Blood with more Hallows insiders stories. I would love to see the graphic novel, the prequel, done as a full text version book. I love your clear, detailed writing!

  15. dearest kim
    its been a while feels like forever,i still read you drama box just dont have time normaly to comment (thanks kids,puppy,hubby and work life etc!lol).
    well i had to say ive just finished a perfect blood (yes i no early but i can sweet most folks lol)all i will say is,i read,i loved and I WANT MORE!!dam why do i read fast and ive either got to wait untill sept or feb next year doh.well done it is a fab read and intresting developments and and and i better not say 😉 dont want to spoil things.hope you enjoyed the dog show iam trying to talk hubby into going crufts this time and take our beagle,not to enter just for kicks.let you no if we go

  16. Vampyre

    Happy Friday!!!

    I saw your little joke about stalker me. I’m happy to hear I’ve not crossed that line. I don’t want Guy to hurt me or be banned from signings. 🙂
    I like and respect you guys too much.

    I’m glad you went with BunnyCam2K12. I like seeing the pics.


  17. Hi Kim! I just wanted to stop by and say how much I’m looking forward to reading this book!! I got lost in a slight timewarp last week when I tried to insist to the B&N girl that it was already out and I WANTED IT! Yeah…*sheepish grin* I was wrong. Oops. I would LOVE to come to one of your signings, but they’re all just far enough away from Columbus to make it unlikely. 😦 Best of luck, though!! I know you’ll have awesome turnouts!

  18. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren.Maybe they have caffene patches, If you don’t like Red Bull or one of those pills. I find 2-3 mugs of pu-er tea does the job if I make it strong enough to leap out of the cup and run laps around the table.Sounds like this is where you go for the diva contract,masseuse,imported swiss chocolate,caffene I.V. s and so on

  19. cathydboyd

    Good luck Kim!!!

  20. Holy cat! One more week! I re-routed my B&N pre-order to my sister so I can buy a copy at BAM. I thought that was so nice of me until I realized my sister would be reading APB before me! Not fair, not fair! I broke my pledge to not read the preview chapters(I am sooo weak). I can not wait to get my hands on this book! So looking forward to meeting you and other fellow fans next Friday. Blessings for safe and healthy travels!!

  21. Sabrina

    I wished you’d cross the ocean just once to come and visit us poor souls in Europe who are missing out on all the tour fun. But I know this is not going to happen soon so I’ll be looking forward to the bunny cam pics. And to calm your nerves just put on a Coldplay CD while you’re frantically trying to get everything ready. I didn’t hear you mention if you liked their new album. I love it to bits! Especially “Charlie Brown”. It simply makes me feel happy everytime I listen to it.
    P.S.: Yay to the caffeine gods!

    • I’m sorry, Sabrina. Not this year. Maybe next. There are so many places in the US that I’ve not been to.

      I’ve got my crickets in right now, but yes, Coldplay would be a good alternative.