I hear crickets

No, seriously, I do.  Today is a cricket day in my office, where the music is switched off and the hour of cricket sounds just keeps looping.  All.  Friggin.  Day.  🙂  I’ve got a handful of bits and pieces of stuff to finish up, and this makes an even backdrop of white noise that reminds me of summer.  It feels like spring out there, by the way.  I know it isn’t, but it feels like it.  I know better.  We’ve got at least one 6-inch snow storm yet to go.

I don’t really have anything for you today, but I would like to repost the links to the signed/personalized copies of A Perfect Blood that I have available.

In Ann Arbor: I will be signing A Perfect Blood in Ann Arbor on February 22.  Nicola’s will cheerfully ship overseas.  (Note, because she takes your order by phone, please tell her if you want me to simply sign it, or personalize it with your name and a note.)  Call at 734-662-0600 to order.  They also carry signed Blood Work, Pale Demon, and might have some Hollows Insiders as well.

In Seattle:  I will be signing A Perfect Blood in Seattle on the 7th at the Signed Page.  I believe Shawn will ship overseas, as well.  To order, follow the instructions at the online form here.  Kim’s online form.  Patricia Briggs will also be signing Fair Game at the time, and her online form is here.  Patricia’s online form  Please don’t order personalized books after the 7th.  I won’t be there to sign them.  But I’m sure there will be some generically signed books for a span.


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36 responses to “I hear crickets

  1. jkh

    Melanie: My sincere commiseration on your nasty infection. I went through one this past summer (parotid gland plugged itself and brewed up ugliness). I didn’t look like a Cabbage Patch doll, more like an orangutan. And the IV anti-B’s “blew out” my veins in about 18 hours so I had to have a new IV insertion 3 times in 4 days. I agree, no noise at all is better than the bleeps and buzzes and alarms of a hospital ward.

    • jkh

      Shoot, that was meant to be a reply under Melanie’s post.
      Anyway, I fully understand about “catch-up” days where when you’re done, and congratulating yourself, it doesn’t look like much unless somebody knows how many files you’ve closed, loose ends you’ve knitted up, etc.
      Hope you enjoyed the dog show and the nachos. On to the next big thing!

  2. Denise Keef

    I love the sound of crickets so much that I keep real crickets in a critter cage in our family room! Actually I really do have them in here but they are used to feed my two Bearded Dragons. Every once in a while I will get a few that “chirp” really loud it sounds like summer time in here…lol! I try and feed those to Harley and Rockie first. Have a great book signing tour and I am still hoping that you will be able to make it to the Chicagoland area for the next one =]

  3. Howdy ma’am,

    I wish I could get to the Seattle signing with you and Patricia Briggs. I love her books almost as much as yours. Maybe some day she will get within my zone and I can go see her.

    She doesn’t know me like you do. I’ve never sta…err followed her like I do you, Snowgirl and Showgirl.


  4. I would love to come to a signing but I live in NZ & you don’t travel this far. Have ordered Perfect Blood e-book so I get to read it sooner:-) If there are any signed copies around I’d love to receive one….

  5. Hey Kim! Soooo…how did you like the result of the Dog Show? Let me preface this by saying that I love animals and would never consciously hurt any of them, but if there were no Pekingese dogs in the world, I wouldn’t miss them! They can’t do anything! They remind me of a pair of fluffy slippers I had when I was a kid. I would have preferred any one of the other six to that Pekingese! BTW, sorry to anybody out there who actually likes those dogs. This is just my opinion.

  6. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim its Jim from Warren,We are having a danger day here-I got a Viennese lemon tart. We don’t need no stinkin’ pancreas. Also Smudge is chortling over the news article about the vast overstock of Chiahuahuas. They are being flown to shelters in mass air lifts! She says it serves them right for abolishing the chiahuahua toss at dog shows.

  7. Kay

    I love the sound of crickets and ocean waves.

    Right now I am addicted to the Fireplace in Your Home video that Netflix offers. No music, just the crackling of the log. If I turn my head to the right, I see a fireplace with logs in it, burning. If I have a small hot flash, it’s like the tv is throwing out heat.

  8. Next week Kim! w00t!
    So.. for any fellow New Englanders going to the Boston signing I have news from the Library and Pandemonium. They are easy breezy. Both say you can buy your book there or before. (also, they do not mind you bringing older books you want signed) Pandemonium says they have a TON of books to sell, and IF they were to run out, they have another store with issues to back them up. No reserves and no places in line.. but they did say they typically allow a line to start up about an hour before. Hope this helps anyone looking for more info.

  9. Yay! This time I’m not missing out on the signed books! Can’t wait for A perfect Blood, can’t believe it’s only 1 week to go!
    I would love to get Patriccia Briggs’s signed book as well but I haven’t read her Alphaand Omega series, I’m hooked on her Mercy Thompson series so I might as well wait for the next signing.
    Do you want to know how we realize spring is coming? As of today I found some bird poo on my car… *sigh* but yay! =D
    Hope you and Guy had an awesome valentine’s day!

  10. When I was young and so was the world, I worked at the college radio station. We had a continuous loop cassette (remember them?) of crickets. It was very popular and became a signature of several of the deejays. Now, living in the midst of a woods, when the dawgz aren’t barking I can hear them all summer long. .

    I GOT THE TEE SHIRT and I LOVE it. I wish it were warm enough to wear it alone, but maybe soon. We’ve had no winter so spring may come soon. I am determined to make it to your Boston signing. My wonderful husband says he will do whatever it takes to make sure I get there. He gave me a perfect red rose yesterday to remind me he loves me. In case I could possibly fail to notice.

  11. Linnea

    Hey Kim –

    I have a special request. My sister is, to put it bluntly…she’s dying (well, we hope not, but maybe). She introduced me to your books which are *the bomb!* and I would like to buy her a signed book, but can’t make a signing and would like one that is a little more personal than just her name. Is that possible? Just curious. Thanks.

  12. Brenda Mossbarger

    How I long for spring! I have been looking through all of my pictures of flowers from the last couple of summers, trying to beat the winter blues.

  13. Jason

    I live in Northern Michigan and just wish you had a signing a little farther north. Little hard to get down and back before my daughter gets out of school. Five hour round trip, ugh!

  14. Diva

    I’ve got four kids but I don’t think the sounds they make qualify as white noise. lol

    It’s very cool that you’re doing a signing with Patricia Briggs. I’m just starting her Mercy Thompson series and I’m really enjoying it.

  15. My niece in Ohio has spring bulbs coming up! It truly has been a strange winter but I bet we don’t get that 6 inches. I keep a radio on low in my office for the noise. I work w/ doctors who are in surgery all day and I don’t need white noise, I just need something, anything to break the quiet.

  16. MelanieS

    I think the sound of crickets would be lovely right now.

    I got to spend three lovely days in the hospital with a serious bacterial infection that made my face look like a deranged cabbage patch doll that got a blistering sunburn. Your beautiful office with the sounds of crickets going seems like a holiday! I don’t have crickets but at least I’m not hearing the many chirps of stupid IV machines now. YAY for being home.