Sneak peek chapter five of A Perfect Blood

Chapter five of A Perfect Blood is up for your reading pleasure at the Harper blog!  I hope you enjoy it!

Want a signed book and I’m not coming near you?  I’ve got two options this year!

(To see if I’m coming near you, check out the event’s page.)

In Ann Arbor: I will be signing A Perfect Blood in Ann Arbor on February 22, and won’t be back until March 10th.  Nicola’s will cheerfully ship overseas.  (Note, because she takes your order by phone, please tell her if you want me to simply sign it, or personalize it with your name and a note.)  Call at 734-662-0600 to order.  They also carry signed Blood Work, Pale Demon, and might have some Hollows Insiders as well.

In Seattle:  I will be signing A Perfect Blood in Seattle on the 7th at the Signed Page.  I believe Shawn will ship overseas, as well.  To order, follow the instructions at the online form here.  Kim’s online form.  Patricia Briggs will also be signing Fair Game at the time, and her online form is here.  Patricia’s online form  Please don’t order personalized books after the 7th.  I won’t be there to sign them.  But I’m sure there will be some generically signed books for a span.


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49 responses to “Sneak peek chapter five of A Perfect Blood

  1. Jeesh, what happened to the page? Cool! Just wanted to say that my German Insider arrived today. It’s in black+white which is not as cool as the full-color-hard-cover-glow-in-the-dark version, but cool nonetheless. I’m looking forward to my father’s face when he sees his name in the credits. yay! Tell you what he said later 😉

  2. Kim, this is a great new look! 🙂
    I am so excited for A Perfect Blood in a few days! I ordered it as soon as I was able to on Amazon, and my family laughed about the book order on my account (for months) with a ship date in 2012!!

  3. Howdy ma’am,

    The best way to get signed books is face to face. If I ever make it to another signing, I’m gonna have to bring a wheel barrow!

  4. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren I liked the after vid of Gisele swearing at the Giants fans.In english too! I didn’t know they learned stuff like that in Brazillian supermodel school! Today I fortfied myself against cold and wet by making a huge pot of corned beef and cabbage, you ought to try it before going on your travels.Smudge says its whisker-likin’good.

  5. I just turned on the tv and the head-butting yogurt ad was on. It made me laugh again.

    It’s nice that you’ve made arrangements to send out personalized signed books for folks who can’t make it to a signing. I plan to be at Nicola’s on Feb 22, but I’m glad there’s a backup plan in case something comes up and I can’t make it, like the illness that kept me away from last year’s Borders signing. Or snow. Or winning a free trip to Florida that day. (None of these seem likely to happen, but I’m still glad to know I have options.)

    • 🙂 I do think that was one of my faves.

      I understand how hard it is to get to a store at times, especially on a specific date and time. And it really helps boost my relationship with my local store, too. Hope to see you there!

  6. jkh

    So far I have resisted sneaking peeks at the new book. It would just make me even more anxious for the whole thing. I have pre-reserved it at the library, though.

  7. Great now I have to wait seemingly forever for the rest of the book. No chance at all more chapters will be pre-released? *bats eyes*

  8. Your so awesome to your fans Kim! I’m still not peeking though 😉

    The bday party went great and the lil guy loves his batcave. I was playing with it singing the television theme song and making the BANG! POW! noises, lol I’m such a dork.

    Is it Friday yet? I’m looking forward to this weekend. Gonna be a creature of the night and stay in Salem for a couple days. They have a wine and chocolate thing going since V-day is approaching. And like I’ve said before.. nothing says romantic to me, like a bit a spooky fun.

    Have a great day!

  9. Sandypants

    *drooooool* I am so stoked for this book. I may petition to make the release date a national holiday. Oh Trent…. =)

  10. Kay

    You are too kind! I am anxiously awaiting release day! So this is really fun. Thank you!

  11. Mirja

    I’ve read all the five chapters now, and I’m just bursting! The 21st can’t come soon enough, and I really hope I get my book on time (I live in Finland so I’ve ordered it ages ago from a local store). I really hope Rachel and Trent get together in this one, but regardless I know I’m gonna love it. 🙂 Thank you for writing the most awesome books out there!

  12. Jan V.

    Not one to read “Sneak peeks”, but I have to say, this one is getting to me.
    I keep seeing Trent’s name, and wondering what that sexy elf is up to, and I am sooo close to breaking.
    ( Stops….takes a deep breathe..think will power, it’s not much longer now)
    Ok… I feel better now…lol

  13. Sara

    My wonderful spouse reserved me a copy on Amazon just a few days ago! Yay! The release date kind of crept up on me (makes no sense since it’s been released pretty much the same time every year, sheesh), and I panicked when you started putting up sneak peeks. :p

    One day I’ll actually be able to wait for a signed copy from one of the stores that ships…ah well, ’til then they’re piling up here until I can bring them to you in person! Good luck with your tour! Congrats on being awesome! 😀

  14. Kim, if I haven’t already told you, I absoultely love your publisher! I’ve already preordered A Perfect Blood but, the chapter sneak peaks are awesome.

  15. Elizabeth

    I refuse to read the published chapters on Perfect Blood, because I know I’m going to want more! 🙂 Aside from that, my hubbie and I are making a trip to Denver to see you Kim! I have the Hollow’s on speed delivery and will be buying the PB hardcover even tho I have a kindle! I’m still trying to figure out how to get my kindle signed without losing the signature? Hmmmm…LOL!
    Anywho…thanks for the Jeaniene Frost recommendation as well, been devouring that Night Huntress series while waiting on PB! 🙂 See ya in March Kim!

  16. Just read Chapter 5. It has me so pumped for the release of the book. AAAHHHHHHHHHHH Trent! (grins)

  17. Brenda Mossbarger

    I will have to cancel my order through and call up to Ann Arbor!

  18. Lizzy

    Just wanted to give a thank you to your publisher for having a different price on the ebooks this time around. I know there are many complaints of purchasing an ebook at the same price as a hard cover. Personally I can’t afford to do that, and often can’t buy the ebooks until (if ever) they go down. So it was fabulous to see it at $12.99 this time. I might actually be purchasing this book when it comes out, rather than reading it at the library, and then waiting to buy later.
    I know you don’t have any say in the price, but if you have a chance to pass the thanks along. I, for one, am very happy with the new pricing.

    • Thank you, Lizzy. I’ll be sure to pass that along. E-books are still trying to find their feet, or rather, the industry is trying to find out how to work with them. They get along just fine without us.

  19. [removed at request of poster]

  20. MelanieS

    Yay, this is just what I needed. I’ve been stuck in the hospital since sunday night. Hoping to go home today. It was nice to see your link and get some laughs.

  21. Melissa

    Thank you Kim for the opportunity to get a signed book. This is just what I was waiting for! I will be placing my order very soon! 🙂

  22. Wow, too bad I’m nowhere near there. I really like Patricia Briggs too!

  23. twiser

    Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for book recommendations. Vicki Pettersson’s Zodiac series is so original!(and emotional 😥 ) Well, have fun on your tour! Wish you were come to

    • Diva

      It really is such an original concept. And VP sure put poor JoAnna through the ringer, didn’t she?

    • Jan V.

      Don’t know how far you are in the series Twister, but all six books are excellent. Never read anything like it.
      I think I have “Thanked” Kim a million times for recommending VP.

    • Oooh! Great! I love hearing that! You’ve got to check out her latest in her new series, The Taken.