I was cheering for the commercials

The Super Bowl is a big deal at my house.  We have chips and dip, wings and chili, and all that goes with that.  We sit around the TV and stuff our faces and talk while the game is on, wincing at the hits and yelling when something spectular happens.  Like yesterday when the offence played beautifully and opened a hole ten yards from the line big enough to throw a cat through, and the ball carrier turned around and sat down just inside the inzone.  (Loved that play.)

However, when it’s all done, I don’t care who actually won the game.  I’m watching for the commercials.

This year, I’m giving them a 7 out of 10.  Maybe an 8.  Points off for the teasers telling you to go to their website to see the rest of the commercial. And where were the dogs barking the theme to StarWars?  They didn’t seem to be as many inventive spots as I’ve seen in the past, but the ones that were, sparkled.

Clint’s halftime pep-talk was my favorite, followed by the yogurt head butt that caught me completely off guard.  The vampires were FABULOUS!!  (Love to see them being used to sell anything, but I had to explain them to my mom.) and baby-slinging grandma was a hoot.  I liked the play on Bueller’s Day Off, but heard that it had been out already.  Our only difficulty was keeping my dad from muting them.  He’s so automatic with that clicker.  😉

Oh, and Madonna was super.  I liked seeing her up there.


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  1. Jan V.

    Hey Kim,
    Been so busy, I’m finally able to stop by and post something. And check out the newly revamped Website, which btw, looks fabulous.
    Beings I’m a huge sports fan, I look forward to the Super Bowl every year. Mostly because my brother and I are always rooting for different teams, and we love to trash talk. However, this year was a win, win situation for me. I liked both teams. Even though I was rooting for the Patriots to win, I was happy for the Giants. So it’s all good.
    As for the Commercials…so many good ones this year. I was running to the bathroom during the game so I wouldn’t miss any of them. How weird is that. I love anything with animals. The vampire one was too funny. But Clint stole the show for me. Coming out of the shadows with that distinctive voice, gave me the chills.
    Born and raised in Michigan. Detroit always gets a bad rap. Love hearing anything positive about my State.
    Oh…and the half-time show?? Awesome

  2. Hey Kim! My favorite was the dog buying the owners silence with Doritoes. I also loved the Clint Eastwood talk, but I must admit, I thought of you. 😉 But I also watch mainly for the commercials. After a while I played Modern Warfare with the Boy (15) and had a great night. Can’t wait for a Perfect Blood. Much Love.

  3. Denise Keef

    I did watch the game to watch New England get their butts kicked! I’m sorry just not a fan of theirs…guess it goes back to being originally from Buffalo and they being our rival and also I just don’t like Brady. He is the most arrogant man I have ever seen! OK…enough said about Mr. Brady. My three picks for best commercials: 1.) The yogurt commercial with John Stamos! Had me laughing so hard when she head butted him. 2.) The Vampire/Audi. When they started poofing up in smoke was too funny. 3.) The M&M’s…had me laughing so hard. We also did the snacks while watching and kept it low key. Did enjoy a Bloody Mary that Steve made for me…yum..yum! I thought Madonna’s half time show was so good.

  4. Howdy ma’am,

    Sounds like we need a TV show to show all of Sunday’s Super
    Bow(e)l commercials. I’m not a sports person so I didn’t see anything.

    I’ve been searching for more info about the CW and the Hollows but nothing new is coming up. Anything you can tell us about it?


  5. Jessica S.

    I’m all about the commercials too! That’s my purpose in watching the game since I’m not a sportsfan. Wanted to see the dogs barking the Star Wars theme too! Saw it online earlier and loved it! Was also hoping for a a better Busch beer commercial with the Clydesdales but didn’t see that either. Oh well.

    • I saw one commercial with the Clydesdales, but was an average commercial, not like last years (?) when the dog got the young colt muscled up to pull the wagon. That had heart.

  6. I bake our wings on a sheet pan in the oven (hubby removes the batteries from the smoke alarm first). We ate during half time but I loved Madonna’s program. Commercials were okay but I was disappointed in the polar bears, the Budweiser horses, and the E-Trade baby this year. I did enjoy the vampires, the M&Ms, and the yogurt head smack.

    Oh, and the game was excellent! Go Blue!

  7. I thought they were mostly pretty silly but my wife found them amusing. One thing I will say is that they were not what I was used to and I am one of those people who has seen every Superbowl plus the two (2) NFL Championships that came before. I do agree that Madonna was great but I could have done without Celo Green. Just another ad for obese is beaautiful!

  8. theweightofsilence

    I actually thought the commercials were a bit weak this year. A lot of them, the ideas were overdone. There were a few I liked, but my favorite was the Pepsi one with Elton John and Flava Flav. The makeup on the background actors was fantastic!!! And the ending was hilarious.

  9. Linda Lou

    I was totally rooting for the Giants -yay!
    My favs were the M&M’s and the 2012 Mayan apocalype -hee-hee. Liked the polar bears too and Bueller…Faris Bueller.
    I’m with your Dad about muting commercials, ’cause I end up with some silly jingle stuck in my head all day. But not during the Superbowl!

  10. [removed by request of poster]

  11. Maureen

    Just popping in to say counting down the days until you come to DC/Baltimore! Trying to scramble up some hardcovers for books 1-4 before you get here (I like to get my favorite authors signed in hardcover) =) So excited!

  12. Seriously, can Betty White do anything bad? All that woman has to do is walk into a room and she’s got control of the whole audience! I just hope they can modify that commercial so that it can play more than just on Super Bowl Sunday. Also loved the VW dieting dog commercial. I wish I had that dogs will power!

  13. peanut

    All of the ads are available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. I really liked the sketchers one with the moonwalking dog in shoes.

  14. Marsha

    Don’t you have to wonder joe all those tats on Beckum are going to look on 30 years? They look pretty good right now.

  15. Random Thoughts

    Didn’t watch the supper bowl, but I;m glad ya’ll enjoyed them!

  16. I watched the first half for the commercials. Loved the vampire one but, honestly, felt they feel a little flat…. So I went to bed before the halftime show. Oh well.
    I figure, can watch them all on Hulu if I really want to.

  17. Someone told us it was super bowl Sunday. We’re in the mountains with no TV, cable or the internet bandwidth for viewing. It is an interesting take on the super bowl, watching it for the commercials. I’ve heard the commercials are often very creative.

  18. kym

    Like most, I loved the vampires & Betty White. I also think Budweiser fell short. doritos was pretty cute w/ the gorgeous Dane w/uncropped ears… I did feel bad for the missing cats, tho.

    And while I appreciate the single nod to the male-loving audience (thanks Victoria Beckham!), I felt like that single ad prompted 100 counterparts. I really don’t remember seeing so many bikini’d girls in so many ads before tonite.

  19. RavenMeyers

    I also like the Weego one.. but being a animal lover, and not a beer one. I was thrilled to see a big company give props to rescue one. I am also in fear of these new brighter headlights.. My eyes are already light sensitive enough!!! ACK… But the commercial rocked. We DVR the superbowl every year and fast forward thew the game just to watch the commercials LOL

  20. Mendi in STL

    Heyde Hey Kim!

    I loved the National Anthem, for once. All that was missing was a fife and I would’ve felt completely engulfed in the American Revolution! Kelly did good, nothing over the top but strong.

  21. Mike

    M&M’s was funny just gotta love a guy who steps into a party and rips of his candy coating. BTW bummed your not headed to Cinci area this yearand that dreaded WORK will keep me away rom cleveland. There’s always next year I guess.

  22. Kelly

    LOL KIm, I loved the vampire/Audi commercial and the Budlite ‘We go” Dog.

  23. Becks was purty! Loved the M&Ms and the baby sling shot. Clint’s pep talk was inspirational and loved it.

  24. Kim Pope

    Yup too many car commercials, the partials stunk and no I’m not going to their web site to see the rest of it, duh…if you can’t pay for the spot to show the entire ad then don’t bother. I did like the M&Ms and one other that my brain is locked out of…

  25. Syndi

    I liked the Chrysler Half-time commercial and find that it is being talked about a lot. I give a thumbs down on the GM ad. This is not the time for Detroit automakers to have a smack down. They need to work together. All in all this was a lackluster year for the ads.

  26. Toya

    Glad to hear my Dad’s not the only one who mutes commercials with the remote. He’ll fall asleep with his finger on the button!!

  27. KB Manning

    I always say the best part about the Super Bowl is the commercials. I didn’t think so this year. I did enjoy some of them namely the Coke Bears (I drink Pepsi), Betty White is always a standout and the vampire commercial. Budweiser was certainly lacking this year and I didn’t appreciate all the ads for the movies. I won’t give them a rating but am very disappointed this year.

  28. Tanja

    I did like the vampire one as well because it was funny, but at the same time I was quite concerned for my vision. Headlights are bright enough to blind me while driving at night as it is – I don’t want “daylight” bright headlights coming at me.

  29. I think the vampires was my favorite but it’s hard not to like David Beckham 😀 There were far too many car commercials this year and no real stand-out that I thought everyone would be talking about today. All in all I rate the commercials a 6.5!