And I was moving along so well, too.  Yesterday I came to one of those nasty spots that my current work is becoming known for, and I fell asleep last night going over the possibilities.  I still don’t know which way I’m going to go, but I distinctly remember hitting this same spot on the rough draft.  Now that I’m in the rewrite, you’d think I’d be set.  But no-o-o-o-o.  Clearly something isn’t rubbing me right, and I have to take another look at it.  I can get rid of an issue and move forward hoping it goes away by the time I hit the end, or fall back and incorporate it into the earlier text.  The first will smack me hard at the end.  The second is going to take finesse and attention to detail–and it might not work when all is said and done.  Decisions, decisions . . .

Also, three of my favorite writers have an e-book title on sale if you partake in e-books.  Interested?  You need to hop on over to your favorite vendor and hunt them up, but for $1.99, it’s worth a little hopping.  (Unfortunately, this might be open only to US vendors.)

Harper Voyager e-book sale  (click for all the titles)  But here are my favorite three.  😉

NIGHTWALKER, Jocelynn Drake
SANDMAN SLIM, Richard Kadrey
THE SCENT OF SHADOWS, Vicki Pettersson



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32 responses to “Thunk

  1. When I read about your “thunk’ moment, I immediately got this mental image of Wile E. Coyote racing along the road, crashing into a brick wall, and slowly sliding down to the bottom.

    Good luck working your way around, under, over, or through the tough spot. And be careful if you have to use those Acme dynamite sticks to blow it up.

  2. Victoria Eskey

    I cast my *blind* vote for option #3… Give Al more page time. haha. Sorry just trying to be helpful. ^_~
    I’m currently stuck in my own story, I think i spun my net too wide, and I am finding it very hard to get everyone who needs to be there in the same room. And to do it plausibly, without it feeling like I cheated. If everyone’s supposed to end up in Orlando, but have different points of origin. Why on earth would they wait for the Girl from Seattle?

    • Mmmmm, if they are in Florida, maybe someone slipped out to go swimming or looking for shells. I’d turn it into a surprising romantic moment until the Girl from Seattle got there. -grin-

  3. AKR (Trinidad)

    Thank you Ms Harrison …
    I just asked my Dad to call the bookstore in Coral Gables and talk to them, maybe he’ll just buy the books there.

    Well he’ll definitely be in for a treat because he’s never been to a book signing before, and knows absolutely nothing about The Hollows … except that both his daughters are totally hooked on it …

    Ohhh I’m going to check those ebooks out … they sound interesting…. 🙂

    I hope the ‘thunk’ doesn’t last too long …. but then again you’re awesome at what you do … if anything it may take you along to the path of something wickedly tantalizing, that will have the rest of us drooling about it … 🙂

    AKR (Trinidad)

  4. rebnkc

    Think I’ll have to hit up that old Sandman Slim. I’ve read the other 2 series… due to your recommendations. Both are great reads, guess that just means Sandman Slim will be too!

    Thanks Kim!

  5. i hate tose bumps!! having a few myself!! thanks for the ebook suggestions!!

  6. jkh

    OK, our dear Vampy mentioned viewing the movie of the first Stephanie Plum stories, “One for the Money.” The books are addictive, and it appears that the movie did a credible job. Might have to go see it.

    Now: Has anybody seen “Tintin?” How about “War Horse?” Comments, please…

    • I read Warhorse but didn’t see the movie. I get embarressed crying at movies, 🙂 I’ll see it and Tintin when they come out at Netflix.

      One for the Money was good but too short. I hope it does well and they make more of them. I loved the casting.


    • Sorry, no-go here. I’ve been kind of busy . . .

  7. theweightofsilence

    Hmm. I hope you work through that spot soon!

    I’ve always said that I would never buy something like the Nook. I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to books. I love the smell of them. I love holding them in my hands and turning the page (and breaking the binding with every page I turn in a paperback…). I love really old books, like from the 19th and early 20th centuries. However, I’ve lately been thinking about buying a Nook or a Kindle. Still thinking, lol.

    • I don’t have one simply because I am digital all day, and I don’t want to relax digital. I don’t read enough to make it cost effective, either, but I am envious of the advantages.

  8. I’m sure you will find the right balance. Allow yourself to take the time to think it through. You’ll hit the nail on the head.

    I’m still trying to wake up today. I feel like hibernating. Maybe I was a bear in a past life.

    I’m looking forward to this weekend. My nephew is turning 1 and we got him a “little people” batman and robin set. I even want to play with it. 0:)

    • I’m not a big believer on cutting out of the office to mull things over, but that’s what I did yesterday, and I think I’ve got a direction that won’t give me misery.

      Have fun at the party!

  9. Linda Lou

    Hey Kim-
    Seen any groundhogs lately? It usually goes from Winter right to Summer down here so at least we’re having a Spring this year…in January. Oh well -it’s good for my tennis game.
    I am soo jealous of everyone that gets to go to your tour! Not depressed about it anymore, just pouting a little.
    Love the office pictures. Looks cozy.

  10. All three books are excellent reads. I’ve been enjoying Richard Kadrey’s series lately. ( I have to read something in-between the Hollows) 😀 Great deal on the e-books.

    I hope you’re able to get through the ‘nasty’ spot in the re-write quickly. I know you’ll reconcile it all perfectly!

  11. Lesley

    I love Sandman Slim! The narrator of the audio versions is simply incredible. I’ll have to check out the others you’ve posted here too. Thanks for the recs!

  12. twiser

    I got 2 of those last week. Read Nightwalker and was hooked! Baught all 6! That’s how they get you!!lol Give you the first cheap and your itch’n for more 🙂 Oh and please leave the Hollows with a little more closed then the “Dark Days”!lol 6 wasn’t enough!!!

  13. Howdy ma’am,

    I thought I had Nightwalker but I don’t. All 3 of these titles are .99 for the Kindle. I don’t look at Nook prices, my Kindle gets mad at me if I do.

    Sandman Slime and Scent of Shadows are both very good and a steal at these prices.

    Currently, I’m taking a break from Stepheny Plum(5 books in a row) to revisit DWW. Ivy, Jenks and Rachel are sitting at that table in the dark corner of the bar. They have come a long way since then. Maybe their last scene together should be at that table reminiscing/recovering from their last adventure.

    Akk I kinda got emotional just visualising that.

    Stay happy…fewer characters die when you are happy.. 🙂


  14. Lisa Z.


    You had introduced me to Rich’s writing a while ago and I am so glad you suggested him. Not only are his books brilliant, but he, as a person is incredibly interesting – his photography is insane! Thanks so much for suggesting him and I hope other people get to “know” him as well.

    So… people – read the Sandman series!

  15. MelanieS

    I haven’t read any of those authors. Thank you! I’m always looking for new books to fall in love with. I hunt around usually. In fact, a group is how I discovered your books.

    Good luck with the problem!