Ahhh, you gotta look at the whole sentence.

Ahhh, there seems to have been some confusion over yesterday’s post.  The charm/shirt/cover flat give away is only in the Portland event.  They are traditionally my largest signing, (if Cincy is not on the tour) and I was trying to reach the most people I could.  Guy and I would love to have a huge manic Monday and just give them away for S&H, but he can only handle addressing about 50 pieces of shipments a week, (with all the other stuff he’s doing) and we want them out of the house.  My apologies for any hurt feelings at the misunderstanding.  Just because you can’t take advantage of a give away doesn’t mean I don’t like you or that I’m dissing you.  I’ve simply got a bunch of stuff and I need to get rid of it as painlessly as possible.  Rachel’s pack tattoo will be available at ALLLLLLLLL the signings, as usual.


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26 responses to “Ahhh, you gotta look at the whole sentence.

  1. A.N.

    Hello Ms. Kim!
    How are you? I’m reaping the fruit of my anger. Thank you for your note, it was a nice surprise (and helpful after the storm). Anyway, I sent Mr. Guy an email with payment for the Tour’s T last Friday. I hope he received without problem. Well Ms. Kim, have a nice day.
    Be Happy! A.N.

    • Hi A.N. Oooooo, I hope everything has settled down at your end of the world. I’ll ask Guy about the T. He hasn’t mentioned it, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have it. 😉 You have a great day, too!

  2. Hi Kim,

    So excited, got my tickets today for the Lansing stop. Cannot wait for February 21st.

  3. No worries Kim. I had a late start with collecting your cool stuff. I’m glad to have what I have 🙂

    Cheers to new beginnings!

  4. AKR (Trinidad)

    Hi Ms Harrison ….
    I didn’t think it was ambiguous … but no worries .. all clear now …

    So I have a lil question, …
    Since my Dad has agreed to to go your signing on my behalf …
    Lord help him (I don’t think he knows what he’s got himself into) lol

    Is it better to have your own book to be signed, or to purchase a book on the night there …
    In this case “there” would be at your Coral Gables, FL stop …
    I’m a newbie to all of this …so I was just wondering

    Damn I should have let him keep the tshirt til after the tour … 😮
    Oh well … 🙂

    Feb 21 can’t come fast enough ..!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    AKR (Trinidad)

    • Oh, he’s going to be in for a lot of fun, AKR. It’s not a boring lecture, but a rather fun Q&A. 😉 I would suggest buying it there if you can swing it. Some store have a buy-it-here-or-else policy, and I don’t have the particulars yet.

  5. theweightofsilence

    If I could I would totally have Ivy’s wishcoin, haha.

    And I know that no one but me can help me…it’s a block in my own mind that I have to get past somehow. Maybe once/if I take some writing courses in school I’ll be able to push past it 🙂

    • jkh

      Sweetie, just start with a little journal. Give yourself a few minutes at about the same time every day or evening, and just write what happened, the weather…then you can drift into wishes, hopes, lists of things you might want to do someday…then you can dare to write down a scene, a snappy bit of dialog…before you know it you’re sketching out a plot, and away you’ll go!

    • You are absolutely right in that you are the only one that can get you moving again. Good luck.

  6. Denise Keef

    Awwww…don’t beat yourself up over the confusion…My life wouldn’t be complete without it! You do so much for all of your followers and I know I appreciate it. Being able to communicate with you is such a BIG bonus for me too! I’m thinking people will be so happy getting to meet you at the signing that not getting a “freebie” won’t even cross their minds…I know I would be! have a great rest of the day =]

  7. I didn’t think the charms were offers at all stops, Kim. I just like them all

    You give so much as it is with your stories; what more do we need? Much love and all the best to you and Guy during your upcoming tour.

  8. It’s all good 😀 Just getting my book signed is a boon!

  9. Vampyre

    Howdy ma’am,

    Don’t get too wrapped up in trying to please everyone. It can’t be done. No matter how hard you try to avoid it someone’s feelings are going to be hurt. It’s sad part of life. You are just one person doing the best you can. Your best is pretty amazing.


    PS I saw One For the Money. Not amazing but still pretty good.

  10. Surfin4Disney

    With or without the freebies, I will be in ATL rockin my too-cool tee, hoping to absorb any little bit of information I can. #excited

  11. *le sigh*
    Confusion is all there is to my life…If only I had the money to travel. Freebies seem like a great reason to go to Portland.

    I updated the screensaver on my computer just before it overheated. I’m trying to find something to read to intrigue me until APB comes out, but I have no money to buy anything… aaaaaand the UofI library has nothing available… everything good is checked out or missing.


  12. James R. Fox

    Hi Ms. Kim-its Jim from Warren. Since I can’t go anywhere, I don/t get nearly as confused. Of course, you could always have a Really Rural tour, and come to Warren,just turn left at the first haystack outta Michigan.Then you could meet all the people that read for pleasure(There’s 5 of us, so be braced)

    • Last year, I went to a small military town, and had a fabulous turn out. Then hit one of my usual hot spots, and had a third of my usual numbers. You just never know . . .