A Perfect Blood Wallpaper

It’s Tuesday!  For the last few weeks, Harper Voyager has been treating you to a new chapter of A PERFECT BLOOD, but this week, they have a wallpaper for your screen instead. Soon as the wallpaper pops up, I’ll change today’s post to include it.

And here it is!  I’ve got it set up at the web site.  Just click on the thumbnail for a high res, beautiful picture  [click to go to website]

(Click for chapters one to four)  Chapter five will be released next week, and then the book will be on sale on the 21st.  (Dude, it seems very close now!!!!)

Meanwhile, the tour is starting to take a very definite shape.  Guy and I have added a few give-aways in addition to the usually freebies with almost 100 posters to give away at our first store in Michigan, Schulers in Lansing, and a mess of charms, signed cover flats, freebies from last year, and maybe even a few T-shirts for our last out of state signing at Portland.  Your choice.  Pick something!


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37 responses to “A Perfect Blood Wallpaper

  1. *reach* not read….yeesh.

  2. How did I miss the charms?! And the red hand print….dang. Hope you still have them when you read Denver.

  3. Sounds like some fun giveaways for the tour!

    Speaking of tours, I was at Nicola’s today and saw that they are hosting their first ever Skype author event tonight with Sara Paretsky, a mystery writer. Apparently they’ve got a video conference set up so fans can come to the store and interact with the author via Skype. Ever thought about doing something like that in addition to your regular tour?

    I know there would be lots of details to work out and potential problems to overcome, but a virtual tour might be a good way to let more fans have the personal touch of an appearance without the cost and stress of an actual tour. Of course, it wouldn’t be as good as an actual in-person appearance, but I think it would be better than no appearance at all.

    • Ahhh, I don’t skype. It would have to be something very special for me to do it. I’ll take questions from skypers, but I’ve got that little camera on my laptop pasted over, and it’s going to stay that way for now.

  4. Amber

    Oh!!!!! I am so excited this year I get to go to another book signing!! The last on e I went to was the FFDM in Rockhill SC and this year I am going to go to the Denver one…. since moving to Kansas City from GA I haven’t had a chance to get to a signing and I am stoked :-D. I have saved up my Audible credits for your book and just waiting on the release but I will be buying the classic hard copy as well just for this. Thanks so much for continuing to bring me a light at the end of the crazy tunnel every Feb. Amber in KC

  5. OOOhhhh….Burning Bunny pin…….only thing I don’t have. Hmmm, now I feel stalker-ish, lol. 25 days until Atlanta, WOOHOO!! Bring an extra trunk, I’m stowing away!!

    • The only thing I’ll have in Atlanta is the tattoo, Stacie. Portland is the only store that I’ll have the other give-aways, but I’ll see you in Atlanta!

  6. Denise Keef

    Thank you for the wallpaper…wish you were coming to Chicago! I have just gotten hooked on Pinterest and of course I have a board for “The Hollows” started. Can’t wait to get it finished!

  7. Pyromaniak72

    Aww man! I wish you were gonna be near MO so i could meet you and get some merchandise. The men and women of MO love kim and rachel!

  8. Robin

    Love the tomato! Wish you were coming back to Joseph-Beth in Cincy or Lexington area. Wanted to get the newest Tour shirt but I think I missed the deadline. My daughter and I were staying in downtown Cincy recently and as we walked around Fountain Square we kept talking about Rachel, Trent, Ivy and Jenks! Yes, we are crazy for The Hollows! 🙂

  9. Love the wish and the handprint

  10. Glad the tour is shaping up nicely! I’m hoping to make a trip north (sans a blizzard) for one of your signings. 🙂 The weather has been so quirky that I wouldn’t be surprised by a deluge of snow.
    Looking forward to changing the Pale Demon wallpaper for Perfect Blood. 🙂
    Great minds think alike (well sort of)…I was thinking just last week that I missed getting the charms when I had the chance. Thanks for the opp!

  11. Fortunately I already have all the anthologies and all charms 🙂 btw, will you ever make some new ones? But signed cover flat sounds reeeaally interesting! What book and can we non-US/non-signing-visitors somehow get them? Oh and when will the Harrison anthology approximately be out? So looking forward to give my father (who took the photo for the Insider contest) his German copy of the Insider 🙂
    Have fun on tour and stay safe!

    • I think we’re done with the charms, Amy. Guy just can’t handle the work load, and we don’t want to do Cafe Press.

      The Harrison anthology is due out this September.

  12. Love the tomato. Love the wish. Love the butterfly. Love the burning bunny. Love to make it to the San Diego stop on March 4th. Working on hubby for a quick road trip from here in the high desert hills of north central Arizona to the Pacific shores of southern California. Cross your fingers.

    • Hope to see you at one of my stops, Jeannie. Just want to make sure you understand that the charm give-away is only in Portland. Sort of a last fling kind of thing.

  13. ~Lynn from Haverhill

    Very cool! Now a wallpaper I can do.
    I have the last 3. I wish I had the first 3 too. I’d love to get my hands on them to add to my tomato.
    Been having some weird dreams. All of them involving babies. (0.o)

  14. SinnerElla

    I would absolutely LOVE to have one of the charms, though I’m in Florida, not anywhere near your planned tour spots. 😦

    • The two Florida stops are probably the closest I’m going to get to you for a while, Ella, but the charms are only going to be available at the Portland event.

  15. Vampyre

    Happy Wednesday,

    Not much going on here. I found out the play Wicked is based on a book(isn’t everything?) So I bought the book, WICKED:the Life andTimes of the Wicked Witch of the West. I think the book is shorter than the title. I’d like to see the play but it’s wicked expensive. 🙂
    There is a movie due out next year. I’ll watch it, if the Mayan clalender thing is all wrong and there is a next year.


  16. StormieEyes

    I have to agree with LauraM about getting one of the items. I am in love with Ivy’s wish charm. Happy Tours! Looking forward to A Perfect Blood!


  17. LauraM

    Hi Kim! Oh I wish you were coming to the Carolinas! We love you here 🙂 Is there any way to get the charms if we don’t have a tour stop near us? I would love the butterfly charm!

    So excited for the release! Thank you!

    • I’m sorry, Laura, but the Hollows store is closed and giving them away at Portland, (traditionally one of my larger stops) is a last attempt to get rid of the bits and remainders without the PAIN OF SHIPPING THEM.

      I hope you like A Perfect Blood when you find a copy. 😉

  18. If you think you might want to go to the aquarium here is their website….. oh and they have a sharks and rays petting tank… ever wanted to get to pet a shark? (they are just little sharks and of course are plenty well fed so not likely to munch on people petting them..) … and they have a massive penguine area all that is built around the base of the giant tank and all the other displays sort of spiral up around the giant tank…